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  1. onya999

    Server Problems

    Yep, cant log in
  2. onya999

    Collections, well collecting duplicates....

    Sorry am I missing something here, just trade 5 dups for the one you want
  3. onya999

    Krupp and Sigma Explained

    Nice post mate, Ichase has a good vid on this below and you can also check the sigma values for ships using http://wowsft.com/WarshipStats
  4. onya999

    Skybuck's X-Files 003: Torpedo travels under mutsuki ?!?

    Re plays do show they missed but your fps is showing some weired numbers, have you edited your engine_config_xm file at some point as it looks like a server/host sync issue to me.
  5. Someone Stop Him Posting Oh and sorry about the double spacing, I was trying to make a point.
  6. onya999

    Sick of This

    Spend less time on the forum and more time learning to play , Maybe learn how to focus your AA? or turn away from TB's as soon as they are in site? or even when your about to die set ur attack planes on a target so you have a slight chance of doing damage.
  7. onya999

    Going off this game quickly.

    nicely said Awesome @ Hannibalurg yes the moderators do read the posts especially if it has a high ammount of reply/views, The more people that question a specefic game item the more chance you have to get it changed, As a Beta Tester you should know this lolz.
  8. onya999

    What is BAD and what is god in this game.

    Take out the auto aim and input a degree system for shooting, Click and fire requires very little skill
  9. onya999

    Going off this game quickly.

    Disagree, how will we get them to change unless we complain about it????
  10. onya999

    Going off this game quickly.

    Its easy to fix match making (ship level/Gun Range/Class/HP Pool), how hard is that. This game is so much more around team work than any other aspect, for instance in WOT i am happy fighting 4 vs 1 as you can use side scraping gun elevation and terrain to make a difference however if you are up against 4 vs 1 in WOWS its near by impossible. I agree my win rate when in platoons is a lot better (75%) but its not possible to plat all the time.
  11. onya999

    Going off this game quickly.

    I am in the same boat , MM is so broke it is unbelievable, That along with 75% of players with no basic understanding of team work is putting me off the game fast. I would rather be in queue for 1 or 2 mins to have a fairly matched game than enter a guaranteed loss.
  12. onya999

    I simple love this game

    Love the graphics but hate MM and the click to shoot aspect, at least give ppl the chance to use manual aim on ships by setting the degrees of the gun and also individual crew skills (gunner,Captain,Repair).
  13. onya999

    A bit worried about the population

    Well in my opinion the population is decreasing due to the game been 80% based on MM,and as we all know MM is broke. If you think about it the whole game is 2D based and the islands in place are simply obstacles to sail around, but i have to give it to WG the Gameplay might suck as its mostly click and shoot but they do well on the graphics front.