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  1. onya999

    login problem

    Morning All, Had the same issue, Started in safe mode and all good. Then as per Leo_Apollo11's information i removed the extended carousel mod and it worked :) Thanks Leo_Apollo11
  2. onya999

    Thank you WG for that nice number

    Works fine for me, Mods maybe?
  3. onya999

    EU Server Gone Down?

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/video/wows-data-centres/ so top spec DC's? No point if the underlying arch cant do its job
  4. onya999

    EU Server Gone Down?

    I really dont uderstand how a company like WG do not have multiple registras per region but they can say the AFK BOT system works
  5. onya999

    EU Server Gone Down?

    still cant get in
  6. onya999

    EU Server Gone Down?

    So SNMP doesnt make WG aware of issues?
  7. OP, Im sorry the game lets you level so fast that you didnt learn the basics, No offence but if you cant pull a 50% WR in a T5 why move up?
  8. onya999

    WG OK with bots?

    Dude i agree but WOWS like the number of players so they dont really care about BOTS, Its sad but true
  9. onya999

    Gameplay on higher resolutions.

    Hi Mate, 2560x1440 works fine for me, specs below
  10. onya999

    Should these kind of players get Insta perma ban?

    I agree there needs to be tougher penalties involved if the user is proved beyond doubt to be acting inappropriate as its clear there are some " special people" out there, I am confused how the auto detect system fails to pick them up like the below example.
  11. onya999

    How does one make Ironium, exactly

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/april-missions-2019/ and FlyStrike event
  12. onya999

    Server Problems

    Yep, cant log in
  13. Sorry am I missing something here, just trade 5 dups for the one you want
  14. onya999

    Krupp and Sigma Explained

    Nice post mate, Ichase has a good vid on this below and you can also check the sigma values for ships using http://wowsft.com/WarshipStats
  15. Re plays do show they missed but your fps is showing some weired numbers, have you edited your engine_config_xm file at some point as it looks like a server/host sync issue to me.