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  1. victorem

    Historical Marathon

    no thanx, with my own navel is enough. I only check others if they are sexy.
  2. victorem

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    good for you. but i wouldnt pay 80 euros for the whole game. (or any other game) every one here has his own point. enjoy all that much you received.
  3. victorem

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    sorry, rather bad humor
  4. victorem

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    If they gave me all the money they got from boosters that now have a refund request, only that money, I will surely overreact. Lucky you that dont mind being lied to, cheated, scammed and all the things we get from our lovely full time job. over react?? they deserve a Fine so big they couldnt sit in months... but hey, you can keep calm.
  5. victorem

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    its funny how I could smell this from minute one, and decided to take a break. Im happy I did. Im not spending money since the CV re (work?) so I was not scammed , i invite you all to really NOT spend money.... after all is free to play .... ISN´T IT WG??? NOT EVEN GRINDING FOR THAT ........ ITALIAN CRUISER BTW , Alaska, Krondstad etc... are as good as, if not better. PR is going to be the most shot at ship. I always target expensive ships first XD
  6. same in western Europe mate. I can only afford a premium day every now and then just because I am not a Doctor. I should be a Lawyer or something like that to buy premium ships. Puerto rico is worth one months rent , you know... for a virtual good.... its nuts, I rather spend it on nice food and wine :)
  7. victorem

    KotS Camouflage Contest – Cast your Vote!

    cast yor vote on.....diswhat?? not voting thanks. did you really need to push us into discord to vote??
  8. victorem

    WoWS Show: Rasputin Attacks

    yet you always have time for a comment on a comment. enjoy the game, busy fellow.
  9. victorem

    0.8.10 - General Feedback

    Blowing DDs in one salvo is so satisfiyng to me. If you mean you cant sit back and set all bbs on fire while you do nothing for the team... well, i understand your point. Get a Smolensk, is the top ship for doing nothing for your team. Maybe cruiser players should try hunt DDs every now and then. Still the ships suck.
  10. victorem

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.9

    as if they cared....
  11. victorem

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    I guess the Guinea pigs that have been playing for 4 years dont deserve anything extra.....
  12. victorem

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    wowS a game about.... space ships?? If you like space ships, its ok. Play a space ships game. If you like 100 year old war machines, you dont want to see them firing lasers and being commanded by manga teenage semi naked girls designed for virgin freaks. You expect other kind of camouflages or commanders. BUT OF COURSE ITS AN OPINION .....demands? where?
  13. victorem

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    I do hope we are not FORCED to play game modes that we PERSONALLY find DISGUSTING And so I hope they dont do permanent camos out of that ugly piece of.... work? at least , you could spend money and pay REAL artists to do that thing, if you have to do it. Now we have: Manga ships Beer can camos Halloween monster camos More manga clutter post apocaliptic ships ships lined in national Flags and confetti-like stuff (french, russian and american) manga fluorescent ships Now, post-Hallowallistic camos .....and Ah! WWI and WWII ships! , almost forget those I know there are filters, but it would be nice to keep the game idea and leave those things for master of Orion or some other trash i ve seen.... The bathtub battles worked for me, that was almost 4 years back. But gets worse and worse every time.