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  1. victorem

    4-20 Recruiting.

    4 20
  2. victorem

    4-20 Recruiting.

    4-20 clan, recruiting people who wants to benefit from clan bonuses without worrying about being a unicum or having to play all day and night. everyone welcome.
  3. victorem

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    a Russian BB actually achieved a 38km hit once. ... or was that on paper??
  4. victorem

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    all i see here is *edited* people watching stats and talking rubbish. stats mean no crap , actually players playing for stats, ruin the game. so i die alone at cap and my stats go even lower while i am the only one actually playing as a team member. stats should be based on your position after a battle, rather than damage or victory... how many times losing a battle i hear the classic *edited* cruiser sitting at the back, i did that much damage..... useles damage that was, done in the time you earn while your team gets gangbanged one by one. then again you go check stats again and judge therefore. people with unicum stats are actually *edited* with no team orientation at all. meanwhile, enjoy sniffing peoples stats, you *edited* unicums. Edited: Inappropriate language/insults. Arty_McFly
  5. victorem

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.4

    are this so called developers the people responsible for CV rework, radar rework, AA rework.... and still show their faces? brave people indeed.
  6. victorem

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    I am short of insults everyday if i get deleted on minute one and/or all my team rushes to J10.
  7. victorem

    May Combat Missions: Bismarck in Action!

    Definition of expensive 1: involving high cost or sacrifice 2a: commanding a high price and especially one that is not based on intrinsic worth or is beyond a prospective buyer's means b: characterized by high prices
  8. victorem

    May Combat Missions: Bismarck in Action!

    we all agree, thats why you only see noobs playing these days ( its awesome to see all team in G10 behind some island) as if all the CV scew up wasnt enough... and all the newbies will leave when they get bored of spending whole games running away or hiding, soon there will be 12 cvs teams, enjoy .... I used to play hours a day, now i play a game or two every two or three days to inmediately rage quit for a few more days. but in the end, as i have seen you ignoring us for well over 3 years now, i am actually enjoying seeing you go down and eventually bankrupt. lets see what happens then.
  9. so everyone dissapointed because these ships never were made, then everyone happy about space battles, halloween crap, manga models and Hello Kitty commanders. the craziest player base in the world. btw when is Andorra´s ship line comming out? we ve been waiting for years.
  10. victorem

    Weekend Competition: Starfall

    have mine, about a hundred. im out of this ...
  11. they are probably introducing Hentai UFOs to counter that. Historically accurate ones, of course.
  12. the only game you had worth going to consoles is not going... lol Warplanes could possibly be played in PS format, who cares anyway, you ve built the warplane game into the ships game, or something like that. Not enjoying at all star wars and all the trash recently pushed into the game. i no longer know how to use my AA, or the radar ranges... bit hard to keep up to day in a game that messes everithing up every month or two. what a bad joke. i hope all cv rework dissapears after this never ending WG fools year.
  13. space what?? lol maybe amusing for some people. if i wanted to play an awful 2D space game, i guess id be buying a PS. or surely playing someting else. Im still recovering from cv rework , this is all wrong. but yeah, whatever. This is the year of the lost player base it seems, you can see how most players are new, what makes playing experience even worse. so upset you re ruining a game i used to like and so dissapointed all the time lost here. bye
  14. actually there is a mistake in all missions says only RN DDs, then you pick a ship that is ok for mission an dit gets done anyway.
  15. your article starts saying... Haven't the foggiest what Naval Battles are? anybody with a degree in english , please explain to me what this means, I am only a stupid foreigner. thanx