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  1. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    Your favourite CV and Sub

    CV : Bogue Sub : A sunken one....
  2. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    Are you enjoying these days without Submarines?

    Wouldn't mind subs if I could shoot them with his! VMF Orfey class destroyer Engels (ex Desna) displaying her 305mm Kurchevsky pattern “Dynamo-Reactive” recoilless rifle, 1934, USSR No, it's not photoshop.
  3. If i could stack them, maybe.....
  4. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    45 certificates exchanged for 9 Mega gift containers. 2x20 camo's, 3x30 signals, 12.5k coal, Marco Polo, Azuma and Poltava.
  5. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    What is your most played ship....

    To please people who like to delete smoke firing ships :)
  6. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    What is your most played ship....

    Missouri with only 257 games played in it.
  7. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    From Reddit: 250 Community Tokens Code...

  8. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Greatest achievement?? Doing something else than playing WOWS.
  9. It's not in the first one. But got it when it was free xp.
  10. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    Ranked bronze not lasting 2 weeks?

    My fault, thought it was bronze 1st sprint for 2 weeks, after that every sprint takes 1 week. But it is the other way round.
  11. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    Ranked bronze not lasting 2 weeks?

    Just started some ranked battles and somehow I am back at rank 10. Yesterday I was 3 stars away from rank 1. Thought the first sprint would last for 2 weeks? When i hover over the info it says : Ends in 14 day's.
  12. You'll get the SC for every Tier 10 you own or get during the event.
  13. 41 atm, working towards Dutch T10 Gouden Leeuw and the German T10 Elbing. Last T10 addition being the Bourgogne.
  14. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    [EXPIRED] EN Stream Code

    Works, thanx.
  15. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    gearing the climbing legend?

    Did see something similar yesterday with a Missouri. Wasn't moving almost the whole game. Until the end of the game, it looked like it was capsizing but wasn't moving at all.