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  1. Hello everyone, i'm looking for a clan to division up and have a great time, team battles is optional. My stats: https://warships.today/player/508821562/eu/FOG_Yamato I would love to be able to communicate with my teammates, preferably trough TeamSpeak. I mainly play CVs and BBs, but i enjoy playing IJN DDs and CAs as well.
  2. FOG_Yamato

    Running WoWs from external HDD

    Do you have the latest DirectX installed on that machine? That DLL is part of directX, without it the game won't start
  3. FOG_Yamato

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel: What's next?

    Well from the anime we have: Ise class (Hyuuga) Kongo class (Kongo, Hiei, Haruna, Hirishima) Myoko class (Myoko, Haguro, Ashigara, Nachi) Atago class (Takao, Maya) Yamato class (Yamato, Musashi) Nagara class (Nagara, Natori, Yura) Fletcher class (Melvin) Set-toku class (I-400, I-401, I-402) Type IXD2 U-Boat (I-501) From the manga we also have: Atago class (Atago) Ise class (Ise) Bismarck class (Bismarck) Lexington class (Lexington) Nagato class (Nagato) V-W class (Vampire) Renown class (Repulse) Type XXI U-Boat (U-2501) Kagerou class (Yukikaze) Shokaku class (Zuikaku) Judging by how the initial ships we're made, i guess only the anime one are going to be implemented.