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  1. OVanBruce

    When is the CV nerfing going to end ??

    People has the right to complain, nobody ever denied that. But at the same time people have the right to look for info about the source of those comments and based on that give them their due value. It's not the same considering the opinion of a professional athlete or an amateur jogger. Besides, he wasn't complaining about the state of CVs in the first place.
  2. OVanBruce

    When is the CV nerfing going to end ??

    Fortunately for us, his clan statistics are open for anyone to consult and yeah, it's just as expected: [PIPI_] has an overall WR of 48,56%. But wait there is more! Now I've never claimed to be good at maths but given his stats are the only one hidden in his clan I think we can get his WR like this: ( 46.9 + 51.76 + 53.06 +X)/4=48.56 (48.56*4)-(46.9+51.76+53.06)=X X = 42,52% So yeah... It was pretty obvious he has no idea of what he's talking about just from that comment but this pretty much confirms it
  3. OVanBruce

    When is the CV nerfing going to end ??

    Quality of Life for the CV player has dropped dramatically. It is frustrating, boring and unfun to play CVs now, sure I can get a good Winrate with them but what is the point of playing a game if it's going to turn out into a frustrating experience. To make matters worse you are overstimating the capacity of the playerbase to accept these nerfs. A lot of the top CV players have given up with this rework and now stick to surface ships, other have even started opening accounts on the chinese server given the old RTS style is still there. It is also the bane of any new player getting into the game and having with this extremely frustrating gameplay. You may destroy your own rework on your quest for "balancing" CVs with this rushed patchworks: a frustrating experience, high skill low reward gameplay, hard to master but pointless class, low active playerbase and worse of all: You'd end up with an objectively worse product than the old RTS carriers.
  4. Bruce, stop being a Tsundere and replay to Masaru, because as we all know getting ignored is the worst thing that can happen to a Modder.

  5. < HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PEROSN? Bruce was recently seen on a certain Razor channel before abandoning all his buddies without a word. If you managed to find him please return him to me, thanks. (Tip: a cute loli should work as a bail on him)

  6. Joyfully we greet his noble hall, where only art and peace shall ever dwell...

  7. Banned until January 5 for making "insults and derogatory terms" to those poor russian ultranationalists.

  8. My fücking heart... HHNNNNGGGHH

  9. That Beethoven doodle was really fun.

  10. とろ美 has such a lovely voice...

  11. Gosh, I love Kinugasa

  12. Please play the public test. You won't have to grind much and you'll see the great changes it will bring.

  13. Man, I want a second season of Jinrui so badly. Or at least give me the translated LNs ;_;

  14. So I just had my first match with Hosho since the OBT. Stock, not even retrained captain. Used the tricks I learned from Pape's stream. 5 kills, 100k damage.