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  1. OVanBruce

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    The only thing I need now after this announcement is some proper clariffication from WG about the future of this game with as much info and as transparent as possible.
  2. OVanBruce

    New Map: Voting Results

    Chose Kamchatka since it's a geography we haven't seen in the game yet: Faroes is too similar to Northern Waters, Iceland is too similar to Islands of Ice. Anyway, this is a great idea that could only be better if you guys pledged to add at least one new map every year, two would be ideal.
  3. OVanBruce

    WG fails even at APRIL fools...

    Makes sense that a british carrier is an April's fools joke given that Audacious is a joke of a carrier
  4. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    Never bother with secondaries on a CV except on Graf Zeppelin, learn to rely on your planes to sink everything.
  5. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    I think you should at least watch some of the carrier gameplay available in Youtube. There are lots of workarounds and strategies to overcome the points you exposed so it may be time to ask for tips and watching other people's gameplay, not buffs.
  6. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    You can't fix the playerbase tho, or at least, not until WG makes an skill based MM.
  7. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    I don't doubt, I've discussed this with him and I don't agree with his way of evaluating CVs.
  8. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    12 AA specced Neptune would probably win every single time against 12 CVs, even FDRs: Their combined continous AA damage alone would destroy pretty much anything. Even 12 AA specced BBs with good AA would win too: 2-3 straglers would be sunk but once all have convened and can push the CVs would lose because they won't be able to stop them, in this case not sure about FDR but FDR is a dumb ship that should have never been added to the game.
  9. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    The bar of each person's OPness is so subjectively silly that we'd be going in circles when it is about what is OP and what isn't. Plenty of ships have been called OP and plenty more will be called in the future. Now, if you want to discuss balance and if CVs should be tweaked in order to make them less strong, sure. I've said plenty of times that CVs might be ok if you take away their shared spotting and in turn gave them more damage, as I mentioned, CVs are powerful through their influence in the battle, not the damage they deal themselves.
  10. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    El2a is the kind of person who will tell you a team with 12 CVs will always win against a team of any other 12 classes so his opinions on CVs are almost always extremely skewed toward the "CVs are OP" camp. Yes, CVs are very strong, in fact the strongest class in the game, but they need a team that can make use of its spotting + crossfires in order to be useful. The CV by itself most times just enables its team to make better plays, that is what makes an unicum CV.
  11. OVanBruce

    Any Plans on giving Graf Zeppelin some Love ?

    Hijacking this thread for asking for Audacious buffs, give some love to the worse tier X CV too!
  12. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    Tier 10 Atlanta with HE, SAP and reload booster
  13. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    Who is that? Some Chinese knock off? Have some real japanese Kaga
  14. OVanBruce

    The Dockyard Experience as a free 2 play

    I just wish that all phases of the dockyard could be completed with any class
  15. OVanBruce

    General CV related discussions.

    Excuse me, what? You saying that around 12km air detection for most tier X CVs is too stealthy?