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  1. I know how infamous she was but now, with all the new torpedo stuff going on are there any plans for her to be added? 20km Deeper water torps on the Asashio please and she's golden.
  2. Detonation Cancer Extravaganza

    Let it go, you aren't making then yield on this. You already delivered the message, it's up to then to take it or ignore it.
  3. CBT has returned please sum up the last 2 years.

    Stealth firing is gone. Now you allways bloom up to your maximum range. Smokefiring now creates a bloom that makes impossible for battleships to do it, almost impossible for heavy cruisers, workable for light cruisers and barely a problem for DDs. Radar was introduced, ships have a consumable that lets the spot anything up a certain radius for some time. Works over smoke, works over islands, works over anything. You'll have to learn which ships have radar, their duration and their radius as it widely varies. AA is much atronger as it was before. Focus of the heavy AA damage passes from medium range guns to long range guns which makes the job of a CV much more difficult. All kinds of ships have AA barrage now, even CVs thenselves (to prevent CV sniping). You'll have to look up which ships have AA barrage besides cruisers. HE spam was heavily nerfed. HE shells now shatter if the thickness of the armor where the shell lands is greater than calliber_of_the_shell/6 your chances of making a fire remain the same. Take a good look at the captain skills because they have been totally revamped and there are new ones. Situational Awareness is now available automatically to everyone. There are plenty of other small changes here and there but game wide I think these have been the most significant.
  4. Please help me with Aircraft Carriers

    WG has done nothing to teach players about how CVs work, the gameplay at first glance is boring and uninteresting, and people usually give up after they have their planes repeatedly wiped out by AA (because no one taught then about AA barrage and which ships to avoid) or an enemy CV (nobody taught then about strafing, fighter positioning or fighter duels). It's all just a gigantic mess of missinformation and lazyness from WG. The thought of WG dumbing down to oblivion CV gameplay with their "carrier rework" instead of adressing their [edited]up makes me shiver...
  5. Please help me with Aircraft Carriers

    Meh, I sucked big time when I started playing CV, did it late (4 months after the start of OBT) and my first choice was USN out of spite toward the bunch of CV sealclubbers that were rampant back then. I'm now an unicum CV player despite playing solo most times. The key is simply knowing all the stuff that WG refuses to make evident about AA and having patience to learn from your mistakes while identifying why they happened.
  6. Please help me with Aircraft Carriers

    Honestly, the best you can do is post here your replays so we can point out what you may be doing wrong when playing Essex. After you do that we can start giving you some meaningful tips about how to play carriers at high tiers. Go play some Essex matches, give your best shot and post here the ones you found problematic.
  7. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    There is something that is called "latent problem". Something that never actually posed a problem until the circunstances of the game changed in such a way that said phenomena, which was minimal or devoid of inconvenience suddenly poises itself as a general problem. As you can see, I'm an Alpha player, I've been through most of the iterations this game have had and one of the most famous "latent problem" we've had was the state of carriers when the game finally entered OBT. We Alpha and Close Beta players could cope with the fact that carriers were as strong as they were back then because we had a higher standard of play bettwen ourselves. Once the game went live there were continous adjustments to CVs and their interactions bettwen thenselves and the surface ships. And that was supposedly a non issue to all Alpha and Close Beta players yet even nowadays the problem continues. I see you've liked and saw noo problem with some of those changes, to the point that you directly downplay the effects of some of then as marginal. Yet I'm still here waiting for an answer to my question. What makes a change to BB AP to ensure it only gives overpens something less deserving to be changed?
  8. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    You still hadn't answered my question. What makes the situation with DDs any less deserving to be looked at than the others. About wether those changes improved the game? It's a matter of opinion, but I'm pretty sure you agreed with at least some of those changes.
  9. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    That certainly depends on who you ask to. We've gotten plenty of "non issues" on this game that have been changed despite plenty of players crying about it: HE shells penetration, BB citadels over the water, individual AA being insuficient to stop a CV strike, stealth firing, smoke firing,etc. All of these were changed to arguably improve the game. Plenty of people find random BB AP pens on DDs to be a problem, including WG. What makes this problem diferent than the others?
  10. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    What's the problem then with WG hardcoding BB AP to allways overpen DDs? I happen to play BBs alongside all other classes and an smart BB captain knows exactly how and when to shoot at a DD in order to get at least one penetration so I'd argue that it is not 90% of the time.
  11. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    Just because it has allways been like this it doesn't mean that the game cannot be changed for better so a ship class that should supposedly be good against BBs doesn't have yet another reason to not get close to a BB for a torp run. They'll probably hard code BB AP to allways overpen DDs just like they are doing with the deep water torps but I suspect they are dragging their feet about this.
  12. At least from a historical point of view(?). All the changes Midway has received in her aircraft complement have made her so. Just to put a bit of perspective for those who weren't around when Midway was first introduced the planes she acomodated were: - McDonnell F2H Banshee as her fighter planes (JETS FTW!) - Douglas BTD Destroyer as torpedo bombers - Kaiser XBTK-1 as dive bombers Then WG decided that it was "conspicuously out of WWII era" to have jets in the game so they changed the faster than the japanese counterpart jets for the one we had until recently, the much loved Grumman F8F Bearcat. Then, they released Moskva. These 3 planes taking into account their development and introduction schedules would have been perfectly fine together from a historical point of view, wether it would have been the Banshee or the Bearcat. Anyway, just recently they changed Midway's planes again which has resulted in a rather comical state of affairs when it comes to the period those planes were developed and built. So now we have: - Vought F4U-4 Corsair as fighters. A development of a plane that was put into service in the middle of the war. - Grumman TBF Avenger as torpedo bomber. A plane introduced just when the war started and that was in production before it. - Kaiser XBTK-1 as dive bombers. A plane that got its first prototype flight as late as April 1945 and that never entered production. It makes you feel like giving a good slap on the heads of the guys back at ordnance.
  13. Why Aircraft Carriers feel unbalanced

    How many times have this same thread been done already? I'm kinda tired of explaining again and again what is happening t CVs. Furthermore, current GZ test seems to be the last (?) so the expertise showed in the ideas put into GZ make me quite depressed about the future carrier rework.
  14. USN CV changes next update

    I complained profusely about some of the changes on USN loadouts in the feedback thread for PTS and it was completely ignored. Overall I the only ship that is receiving a real buff is the Midway, the rest are the same or worse as they have been until now. Independence remains practically the same in its matchup against Ryuujou with its 111 setup. Ryuujou overall remains the better CV and now it will never meet a 201 independence again so in reality it is a buff to Ryuujou. Ranger gets another dive bomber squad in exchange of not ever having a chance at air control. Saipan, Kaga and Hiryuu will allways have better air control while your own strike, while potent, it is slow and against any competent CV captain it will be blocked with relative ease. This was like this before the changes but hey, at least you can claim it is a buff since you get a fighter in a Ranger strike setup lite. Lexington gets to have the new shiny AP bombs for the USN CV silver line and with then comes the terribly polarizing gameplay in which you can be utterly useless or a God in the battlefield. It will remain to be seen how it performs because it can't be comparable to Enterprise's 222. Essex, now this is the worst part, they have practically made a worse Essex than the previous one and the main reason are its downtiered fighters + downtiered torpedo bomber. The downtiered fighters greatly limit your own offensive capabilities because the combination of Taihou's better fighters and the overall murderous AA of the ships means that you lose your ability to bruteforce some engagements thanks to your superior damage and healthpool. The difference bettwen yours and enemy fighters' is greatly reduced. Your single torpedo bomber squad becomes mostly useless thanks to its lower healthpool and because you cannot perform crossdrops. Your only liability are your DB squads but even so they have never been special and the AP bombs are pretty much crap against enemy BBs if they are tier X. Overall this changes bring good things to the USN line but it doesn't compensate at all for the differences bettwen USN and IJN .
  15. Returning player from beta - CV Changes

    It is still an engaging and challenging experience to play CVs, it's just that it has become much more difficult and sometimes frustrating to play CVs. You can still get called Sky Cancer by the potatoes like the old days though.