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  1. Excsfuc.kingcuse me?! The ones complaining the most about CV balance are the CV mains, not the way around. They told WG how stupid Saipan was and is right now, they told WG that Kaga's strike potential was retarded, they told WG how Enterprise is without doubt the best competitive carrier on tier VIII, they asked for buffs to Ranger for AGES since it was a turd and it continues being bad, they complained about Essex being so outclassed by Taihou, they have complained with how horrible the balance have been since game launch and OF COURSE they were the ones who complained the most about the abomination that is Graf Zeppelin. FFS, What are you on about telling such a naked lie?!
  2. CV Rework Discussion

    At this point I've already accepted that WG will keep parroting the mantras the general playerbase have come up with to justify carrier removal from the game. It really did surprise me them saying that "playing carriers is very mentally challenging". It connects with the obvious lack of knowledge about carrier gameplay that the developers and even the game designer in the video shows. Connect the dots and you can arrive to a conclusion that REALLY makes you think
  3. What can WoWs learn from other games?

    I've got an even better idea for a gacha system in WoWs. What if tier progression can only be obtained through gacha? Each day you get 3 rolls that you can obtain like current containers. You pick to roll for a next tier ship after a minimal number of battles and your chances of rolling it are a base chance which can be modified by the number of battles you've done with the previous tier ships and your winrate on it. You can buy rolls That way a supah unicorn with 70% WR may get a 15% chance of rolling the next ship while a sub 45% scrub gets a 0,3% chance per roll. Can you imagine the amount of dosh WG will make from the whales?
  4. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Given that you are so keen on slapping your stats around I can tell you something pretty simple that most DD players seem unable to understand: DD players also suffer from the same "Lone Wolf" syndrome BB players have, except your punishment is the permaspotting and the crossdropping instead of just deletion. Hint: in a carrier match, ask your friendly and murderous 8km no fly zone from Worcester/Des Moines/Minotaur to keep away enemy planes from hovering over you when capping.
  5. CV Rework Discussion

    By purposefully making those less skilled have a crutch ship in order to be useful you are actually open the way for more ships of its kind for further dumbing down on the game. Conqueror and to a lesser extent Republique are 2 ships which require significantly less effort and knowledge to be played properly and I fear that the following tier X BBs will continue that trend until playing those become barely more than playing a rail shooter.
  6. CV Rework Discussion

    It's not a matter of it overperforming (and it is top in its tier in some areas), it's a matter of being a ship that is idiot proof as a measure to equalize the skill of players. You got a Conqueror and you can basically skip almost halve of all the stuff you need to learn for playing other ships like Yamato or Montana properly. Although, fair enough, I should have mentioned Stalingrad too.
  7. CV Rework Discussion

    lmao, they can't even balance properly a single ship in the upper tiers like Conqueror or Worcester. Now imagine having to balance properly 16 different ships across 6 tiers and the whole rework of the AA.
  8. CV Rework Discussion

    I laffed because this is exactly what has been happening in this thread for days. I actually have to commend @El2aZeR for sticking to all these people trying to explain stuff despite them saying the same like a broken record.
  9. Old skool CV Captains final say and thoughts

    Reminder that the russians were literally asking WG to make Stalingrad as broken as possible and they agreed. And here I'm still since the Alpha. I think I may have played only a thousand battles during the last year and I hadn't spent a single euro on the game too. These days I get tired of playing after 1-2 hours whereas back when the german cruisers were released I grinded them from tier I to IX in 3 days, without premium. Back then, I wanted to grind all cruiser lines to tier X, nowadays I didn't even care about the USN light cruisers or the french cruisers. Funnily enough, I think the class I have played the most during the last year are carriers because those allways gave me a sense of challenge and thirst for more than other classes didn't give me. I still had a lot to learn, I never really mastered counter strafing, I was only starting to dwell into the mind games of exit strafe counter strafing I feel like a whole path of enjoyment, challenged and fulfilment was closed in front of me. I will take part of the CBT of this "rework" but I will allways remind WG, at every single moment, that it was their fault and only their fault the situation we have now and that they have treated us like garbage before and now.
  10. CV Rework Discussion

    People who have played carriers for a very long time: "Hey, stuff will most probably be like this" People who have no or almost no idea about carrier gameplay and its nuances: "lmao no, everything is in testing and it will definetly not be like that, I trust WGs ability to properly balance stuff(lol)" And this is basically why I gave up on discussing anything in this thread
  11. CV Rework Discussion

    Mate, let's break it down so you can understand easily: - Send rockets - Spend all 4 waves of the squad in the miserable DD -As soon as all 4 waves are spent a new squad of rockets is inmediatly launched - Rinse and repeat. Oh BTW, did I mention that you are gettin 1-2 fires on your DD per each wave that hits and that it is extremely easy to hit with rockets too?
  12. CV Rework Discussion

  13. CV Rework Discussion

    That is debatable at best. Having talked with supertesters in the past I can tell you that most times the opinions of the supertesters are treated as badly as the opinions of regular players. Unless you are on the russian supertest.
  14. CV Rework Discussion

    I don't welcome it because it takes away more than halve of what a CV was about until now but the concept looks cool enough. The problem to be seen is wether it can really become something really challenging and engaging