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  1. OVanBruce

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    I have been getting this crash repitedly Also, why the hell are these crash dump files so big?!?!?!?! Tell me what you need me to send so I can erase these...
  2. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    It is incredibly sad and frustrating that this Bingo with problems in the previous test not only is almost full now but also can be filled with lots of other new problems that have appeared in this round of tests.
  3. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Can we please get a patch to fix the AI? Bots are sailing in straight lines and ramming each other, among other things @Sub_Octavian
  4. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Quick and simple feedback born from my experience playing exclusively on tier VI: - Something must be done to enable carriers to effectivelyy defend themselves from nimble and agile ships like destroyers or light cruisers. The moment you are caught you have no scape unless you get help from other teammates. Some of the ways to do this are: Having full control of your ship with wasd at any moment you need without having to return your attack aircraft allowing CVs to manually control their secondaries - No tutorial in sight. Most of my knowledge about controls and strategy came from third parties like CC or youtubers. How do you expect people to test your game properly if they don't know how to play it? - I believe that the current control scheme of attack squads can be improved. Currently you can change directions with your mouse and with wasd. I think that a better control scheme would be: Move your squad only with wasd Survey the surroundings and move the camera only with your mouse Once you give order to engage, make the planes turn and/or manouver to where the camera (mouse) is facing. Once the drop is finish return the full control of the planes to wasd. This will make navigation, surveillance of the surroundings and AA dodging much easier and consistent. Another adition would be the posibility to lock on the camera to a target just like the current lock on works using x button. These changes are aimed at making attacks feel much more smooth than they are now. - Adding a Combar Air patrol to carriers might deal with the CV snipe problem - flooding and fire chances of most attack airdraft aren't enough to ensure dot damage. Considering that it will be much more diffficult to land proper attacks when against human players I believe they should be increased. - There should be a button for cancelling a drop inmediatly and not having to wait until the timer for it runs out - AA power must be standarized in a ship by ship basis, without huge differences made by module and captain perks choices so there is consistency and ease of learning. - On the comparison Ryuujou-Ranger, Ranger is lacking characteristics that make it a truly distinctive carrier from Ruujou. Although some may argue that Ryuujou having deep water torps and AP bombs while Ranger hasn't is enough of a difference that isn't really the problem. Ranger feels simply like a bland and naked carrier with just the "standard" setup and that's it. It's got no personality. I'd suggest that ranger's HE bombs squads have 3 more planes so that each attack run releases 3 HE bombs instead of just 2. If possible the HE alpha may be higher given that USN planes move slower and doesn't feel that much more resilient compared to IJN ones. Besides, Ryuujou is pretty much a better carrier thanks to the higher alpha torps, faster torps and faster planes. Overall my Impressions of this rework remain negative We are at the beginning stage of development in this new idea so I'll refrain from going further than saying that the level of raw gameplay quality of the current RTS remains vastly superior, even with all its glitches, bugs and imbalances, than the current rework. The new rework has potential I must reckon, but only if it is done boldly and without being brought down by fears of not pleasing the potato playerbase that makes up the majority of players in this game. For now, my biggest problems from an enjoyment point of view is the inability to use fighters in any tactical or strategical way besides "droping them" in a certain area, the waiting times that sometimes I must suffer when changing squadrons and going back to the action, the inability to properly judge AA bursts locations, the anemic power of any other attack aircraft that isn't torpedoes. As an adendum, you should really comunicate your visions, ideas and design decisions to your testers in order to make them know which are your priorities on your tests, how do you envision the new carrier gameplay and important details about balance and development so we can have an idea about what is important for you and we can focus on that.
  5. server will be up in an hour. Is it that difficult to search 12:00 UTC?
  6. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Discussion

    lmao, WG gave a giant middle finger to experienced CV players already with their projected destruction of the current CV gameplay, why would they think their opinions would be more valuable than the opinions of the braindead potatos who this rework is catering to?
  7. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Discussion

    I wouldn't inmediatly believe that an experienced CV player will transition his current skills into the new carrier gameplay so someone who is horrible in carriers in RTS may be godlike in nucarriers and viceversa.
  8. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Discussion

    To be fair I should have moderated myself more back then because I wasn't being as constructive as I should have been but it was at that moment that the game might have been saved from the dumbing down trend WG was pushing for. I'll give my feedback for this carrier rework, try to not make it as braindead as it is turning out to be and most probably fail again because the level of the playerbase is so low that even the devs recognize they are too dumb to understand current RTS carrier gameplay. Anyway, cheers
  9. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Discussion

    They are appealing to the Azur Lane audience
  10. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Discussion

    Tier VI Ryuujou gameplay vid
  11. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Discussion

    Death by a thousand cuts . Remember, this is what you chose:
  12. OVanBruce

    CV rework - are they going to start at T6?

    >Imperator Nikolai without its only real counter >DD sealclubbers without its only counter A golden age might be coming
  13. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Discussion

    Where in the english forum is this being posted?
  14. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Discussion

    The funny thing is that I dunno any official english channel that has announced this delay in the test due to a bug. That's WG for you...
  15. OVanBruce

    CV Rework Discussion

    24 HOURS?! I was getting ready here to roll in 17 minutes