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  1. Are you in Pain ?

  2. MonkeEnjoyer

    Schlot Zitadellen ala Todesstern

    Versuch das mal außerhalb von Laborbedingungen zu machen, das ist wesentlich irrelevanter als er der Herr Flamu darstellt.
  3. MonkeEnjoyer

    World of Warships Classic Tournament Season II

    Bump for huge tour
  4. MonkeEnjoyer

    WGP2Weeb & WGP2Lolis

  5. MonkeEnjoyer

    Is WG pandering to DD players?

    [citation needed]
  6. Other than the already mentioned ones, I consider Harugumos UU to also be very good, the only thing holding me back from buying it is - ironically enough the Research Bureau itself. Since I am permanently regrinding the IJN gunboats I have Haru too rarely in port to even play in the first place.
  7. MonkeEnjoyer

    Decoupling ranks and rewards was a mistake

    Instead of people playing to save their star, now we have people throwing their ships as quickly as possible to get their rewards even with atrocious winrate. And on top of it, the reward/effort ratio also got reduced. Great rework 10/10
  8. MonkeEnjoyer


    Because you don't play big enough of a sample size for it to be statistically sound. And also because you don't play with exactly the same skill every single session, one day you might be tired and play worse and the next day you might play better cause you really feel like putting a lot of effort into gameplay.
  9. MonkeEnjoyer

    Ok, How to smaland?

    I mean, the person might as well just keep playing perm camo Halland then if they want to play a European torpedo DD, it would not cost them 2 mio free xp to get a gimped version of what they like. We don't see people running around trying to use F1 cars for cargo transport (cause it's fast so it must be good at transporting! ) or trucks trying to do endurance racing (they are big so you can save time by not needing to refuel due to big tanks! ) to give a non-game related example. Yet here we have people that haven't even played the ship the proper way trying to recommend their builds that are trying to bastardise the ship's role and remove the ship from the niché it was designed for.
  10. MonkeEnjoyer

    Ok, How to smaland?

    Obviously. But telling OP that he should play the ship the same way as the hybrids of the same nation is not good advice simply put. Smaland can take fights that a Halland might not want to take and Halland can do stuff with her AA or torpedoes that Smaland wouldn't necessarily want to do. I will repeat again what others said already, the main thing that will make the difference between a good and bad Smaland player is how they position and invest their hp pool. Both will get a radar off and damage the enemy DD heavily, but only the former will have enough hp to engage another target - to help decide the game in his favour when killing one enemy DD isn't enough. PS: Half my games were on a CE non-AFT build back in the old system. It works almost as well for stat-padding if you know what you're doing.
  11. MonkeEnjoyer

    Ok, How to smaland?

    "Flawlessly" means what exactly? These ships don't play the same way unless you try to make them work the same way - reducing their strengths in the process. Halland is a hybrid while Smaland is a gunboat (which specifically excels at knife-fighting other DDs).
  12. If I don't answer your in-game messages, send me a discord name so I can answer there ;)