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  1. Spellfire40

    A missing DD/CL weapon in WOWS ?

    A kiting team allready has a huge advantage redering them largly imun to torps the game dont need another tool to make sure nobody push......plus trolls would use them to anoy the hell out of their own team.
  2. Spellfire40

    Alaska or Georgia?

    Depends on impact. Alaska has quite a good impact for a cruiser. Georgia i dont know 6 guns even while acurate with low vel Ap shells is somewhat contered by her speed but would i take her over any even techtree t9BB the way i certainly would take Alaska over any techtree cruiser (on the same tir)? nah...
  3. Spellfire40

    US T7 Premium-Schlachtschiff für Premium-Shop

    Naja WG bring nicht umsonst grade X t9+ raus die alternativ mit echtgelt zu kaufen sind. die wollen sicher nicht ne Krazy Krim 2.0 die keiner kauft......
  4. Spellfire40

    US T7 Premium-Schlachtschiff für Premium-Shop

    Nein Tut sie nicht....sie kriegt genau wie Kii cits aus unmöglichen winkeln random. Kii kriegt denacht nen buff ihres cit decks auf 32mm um das zu unterbinden. Lexi mit denselben weakpoint währe nen anwärter auf T7. Nur nicht der superbringer Ashitaka ist auch nicht sooooo beliebt.
  5. Spellfire40

    US T7 Premium-Schlachtschiff für Premium-Shop

    Die umstellung der beiden auf CVs war nen echter glücksfall für die US. Naja man weis nicht Japan war ja recht geizig mit den einsatz ihrer BBs gegen kreutzer (was der eigentliche Existenzgrund von BC war) hätten sie immer noch funktionert....
  6. Spellfire40

    US T7 Premium-Schlachtschiff für Premium-Shop

    In Englisch leider. Bischen übertieben 12 bessere 16 inch (als Colerado) währe ne langsamere Montana definitiv kein t7
  7. Spellfire40

    US T7 Premium-Schlachtschiff für Premium-Shop

    Lexis waren ne katastrophe von der panzerung was past wen du dir Ashitaka ansiehst die ebenfalls keinen Blumentopf gewint für panzerung .
  8. Spellfire40

    US T7 Premium-Schlachtschiff für Premium-Shop

    ? dir ist klar das grade US für fast jedes Tir nen prem BB (4,5,2X6,2X8,2X9 und bald 10 mit Ohio) hat? vieleicht erstmal für andere nationen nachziehen?
  9. Spellfire40

    Bug oder Feature - Torps treffen DD nicht

    Pan asia DD? oder Asashio? Wen ja beide haben Deep water Torps Panasia can nur Keutzer,BBs und CVs Treffen und Asashio nur BBs und CVs
  10. Spellfire40

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    You read what i wrote? im not saying netherland shouldnt be in the game im saying their 1st ship should be something with an actual combat history and there are plenty of that without WGs jaintor neeing to find another empty wodka bottle with some blueprints in it unlike some other navys on the beach, This is in my eyes just another money grab. Im not gratefull im a sick with their cold war BS when they have PLENTY of better options. And im not shy of voicing that opinion
  11. Spellfire40

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

  12. Spellfire40

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    Still would rather have an Admiralen or Java or Tromp or De Reuter. Bit scetchy if the 1st dutch ship is one that didnt saw real combat. Especally when its bargain day for T9 and 10 it seems atm......
  13. Spellfire40

    Pre Dreadnouts?

    Once upon a Time WG gifted WoT Players yearly with free garage slots ehm i mean not so good low level tanks that were very chalenging even at their Tir How about giving Mikasa some company at T2 and get other nations pre dradnouts in? Last few sneak peaks get more and more t9/10 prems give the low tir some love with actual historical ships too.
  14. Spellfire40

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    well i was telegraphing my way in by killing 2 BBs before geting to the 1st CV you know weekend play . Next game 6k damage with planes over head all the time and a cople of cruisers deleting me withing a few mins. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose...
  15. Spellfire40

    Steamrolls have to stop!!

    The best players usally get killed by unpredicable weekendplayers ,-) you can predict decent players to a degree and and calculate that in your own gameplay at least. Thogh that is half the fun no body would like games were none moves because the 1st one who blinks get killed and starts the avalanche to a loose. Bet you saw your team wining more than once then for some stupid reason charge the enemy spawn and get kited and killed when they had a clear win in the bag by ownage of the capture points.... and more rng ? i allready have a GkF thats enogh rng for a lifetime