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  1. Matchmaking t+/-2; Warum? Objektive Gründe

    Objektiv gesehen: Tow tir MM hat 2 Gründe 1. Newbe schutz damit nicht so viele Sealcluber auf den Level rumhängen (dumerweise gibts da schiffe wie Imperator,Clemson, Orion und die V DDs die von haus aus seal cluber erster gute sind. 2. T5 war früher das grind fun Tir da es nen guten schub zu T 3-4 war aber auch noch semi mit bis zu t7 klar kam. WG will die spieler eher höher haben und mit T7 wird der grossteil des MMs gut abgedeckt
  2. Or a case of Segal not having the right to that cook and they argue its to close a comparison and the Movie company is geting greedy....
  3. who needs good Dispersion or a spoter plane
  4. Its rather suprising thogh. You dont see them removing the ARP captains or the anime skins of teh ARP ships because the cooperation ended......
  5. T10 Carrier Problematik: Hakuryu vs. Midway

    Dumfug.... wer auf T5 das AA range mod nimmt schiest auch Flugzeuge ab T4 Latehulls haben ebenfalls genug AA in den meisten fällen. Der Glaube low Tir hat kaum abwehr kommt von den Irrglauben Low tir schiffe müssen in der lage sein einen luftangriff nicht nur zu reduzieren sondern aleine zu verhindern....das ist ja schohn und gut beim ausweichen von granaten die alle 10-30 sek ne chance haben einzuschlagen nicht aber bei einer angriffsfrequenz von 3-5 Minuten. Zur erinerung. Low Tir Flieger haben kaum HP und die Träger haben in gegensatz zum high Tir kaum reserven. Die einzigen die nichts gegen Flieger tun können sind T3 schiffe (und die sind meist relativ klein und wendig) Zusammen mit der nicht exitenz von Man drops für T4+5 sind low tir schiffe alles andere als nur "Ziehlscheiben" Und ist das das problem der Träger? Wen ich mit ner ne TLR Yugumo in die schlacht gehe weis ich auch genau das wen ein Träger im spiel ist das ich unter Umständen nen saublödes spiel haben kann. Wer ohne Regenschirm aus den Haus geht bei ner Wahrscheinlichkeit von 50% Regen kann sich auch nicht beschweren das er nass wird wen regnet. Die meisten schiffe haben die wahl wie sie skillen und es ist schohn ne aussage das ne Iowa nur dürch die Tatsasche das sie angegriffen wird bei richtiger skillung 30+ Flieger runterholt wärend Jäger dafür sich sowas von den hintern aufreißen müssen. Nicht CVs haben die wahl was sie skillen AA oder Secondarys oder survival. sowohl in skils wie auch Modulen...CVs haben keine wahl es sei den sie ignorieren ihre Jäger was bei einen autoconter dank Mirror MM ne sauböde idee ist.
  6. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    not really needed thogh people who keept her get the unique camo anyhow.... forgut about that exclusive time crap thogh.
  7. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    The Testmission is up to the 23.2 usally we get a questinarry at the end. This is the 1st time they gave a muti Flightcontroll GZ(no GZ II this testcycle) so unless something drastical hapens it should be the finished product. So my Estimation would be like 2 to 4 Weeks after this Testround IF anything goes as they want.
  8. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    Well thats a general problem with CVs. Skillwise they lowered Torp speed and them made a skill to increase it back too old standard too wich is uperly useless. IF skills or modules are reqired they should be in base hull. that would it make way easyer to balace. Skills like CE and last stand come to mind as is the Stealth mod. other lasses have more options drastically changing their utility for one option or another like Survival vs Secondary vs Anti Air. CVs ae stuck in one build 99% of the time unless your really dont care about your fighters. Whats even worse is that you basically forced to free exp planeupgrades to be even remotly on a even playing field compared to other classes.
  9. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    Well tehy allready removed the need to man secendary skill by making them pinpoint without. its ratehr either for 19 point comanders or for those that can live without CE.... its a gimic anyway.
  10. What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    To see Torpedos early without binding planes?
  11. Stop smoking up BBs!

    The topic is to gerneral anyhow if i had 2 fires aplyed to me shortly after a damcon i woulld love to get smoked for example but yea most BBs wouldt be able not to click their MG every 30 to 20 sek so its preobably wasted.....
  12. 0.7.1 - Removal of premiums from tech tree and shop

    Thats a point of view thing is 100 euro for a digital product worth your money? 2 evenings in the city having fun cost as much. Thing is WG does more often than not provides premium content for free thogh Mission chains. And most of the time the really expenceive bundles are not needed sice you can just buy the ship only. Sure they get greedy from time to time(and get called for it in the forums) when you get only a week to do a mission chain while you get 5 plus when you buy the free ship but overall i find that aspect of wargaming one of the least to complain about especally when i compare it to other games. In Warthunder for example the difference to advance even in the lower tirs between prem and not prem is rediculess higher. Most of the times WG has the right balance and actually IS a game that you can play totaly free if you chose to do so while other products out there are only free to play by name. Does that means everbody should suport it by buing prem Products? Certainly not since that subjectively depends if you get enjoyment said content. Would you pay 100 plus euro for food at a resterount that you not dont enjoy? Would you subscibe to amazon prime if your not interested in anything but the next day free delivery and have no interest in that streaming and other stuff that blows up its packet price? Thats everyones own decision.
  13. 0.7.1 - Removal of premiums from tech tree and shop

    For your Info WG is no charity. How they market their premium contend is their cup of tea. If your uninterested dont buy you can get by plenty without. Unlike WoT (at leat 3 Years back when i stop playing it) WG Throws tons of thing in WoWS you once had to buy to you via Mission and daily free Lootboxes. Port slots ,comander slots, a bit of gold to retrain, or 10 point comanders? All getably for free by just playing the game. Hell even ships of up to T9 getable as long time goals with in game getable stuff. If you call that "handouts" i call you spoiled....... Im not arguing that sometimes they DO mess up. Graf Zepelin. 100 euro Hood bundle to get at teh start of the Bismark campain. Duke of York as requirement to even start a campain are examples. But if you dont like their premium policys just ignore it. Make your opinion clear with you wallet thats your personal right to do. You can get by without it. Unlike EA or other gamedevelopers its "pay to progess" not pay to win.
  14. Lets hope not over twice the Hp of a Zao near 30k more than a Henry near 20k Health than a Moskwa and in the low 11km stealth? This is certainly NO T9 Cruiser. They should really stop this BS,.....DDs that are in reality cruisers, Cruisers that are really uptired BBs i wonder what they do when they realse a BB ? The Deathstar?
  15. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    1. with manual drops looked away? Seriously more like Low Tir ships that ignore to spec and skill for AA get roflstomped......if they on top avoid tha A and D key.... 2.You need to chose your tarets thats true to most cleasses a Pre T8 DD struggle to cap vs T8 plus DDs too because in most cases he gets outspoted my a noticable margin due to the lack the stealth module. The real problem here is that WG gave alternate targets def fire too for some reason. Being uptired teaches you to do masiv strikes were before you could more easyly go for damage over time. The real isue thogh is that the avoiding AA and playing the CV vs CV metagame gets pretty taxing wich reduces the playerbase sigificantly around this level. Plus the existence of the 3 Prem CVs. 3.High Tir CVs have high damage petential but High Tir AA can shread all but the moost concentrated Stikes to bits too. Midway AP Bombs even if tehy German BBs only and 2 TB are a bit of a isue in terms of CV balace. Here again is no healthy CV population sice either you can cope with the demanding multitasking and frustrating bugy UI. cant cont the number of times were i nearly thrown my keyboard out of the window when squads are looked into atack before geting to the point of no return....main reason i never did tryed to get to T10 after resting Taiho back at the Time before the US CV nerf and rather played prems instead.