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  1. Could we get Belfast back in changed form?

    Fiji is a Crown colony class thogh not a Town or the specific subclass of it. Also a latwar modernasation would be hard on her since it was done by the Germans wich changed her from a Light Cruiser into a submarine without surfacing option
  2. Could we get Belfast back in changed form?

    And i said none with working braincells would ever refunded. So they are not regreting it. Knowing you have a ship that isnt in the game anymore,,,,I have a Gremmy i have played her like 3 times after the Open water firing stealth nerf. Even so i would never ever think about selling her just because she isnt as good as she was once upon a time and for Belfast the impact of the nerf is a joke. Kutosow is another matter but then she has 19.1km range and guns that actually hit things at that range.
  3. Could we get Belfast back in changed form?

    None with 2 working brain cells knowing that the ships will never get back........especally for belfast the smokefire detection is a joke since its based on her increadible low detection range anyhow.......
  4. What's with the DD meta these days?

    The problem is taking calculated risks. You cant ignore caps since its MUCH easyer to defend a cap compared to take it. Many games end after 10 mins with 3 red caps because no DD tryed to prevent the capture. them main problem arent usally the DD vs DD but wich sides other ships were actually within 10 to 12km around the cap. Much to often a team cant find a W key before half their DDs are dead in a cap.....
  5. What is the "flavor" of the new RN DDs?

    Arcs are more floaty you basical trade number of hits at range for a much higher fire chance compared to the germans.
  6. What is the "flavor" of the new RN DDs?

    [edited]up IJN Torp boats by having over 200 sek sonar....... -Short duration fast reload smoke. --Mostly on the slower side geing you overrun if your team cant get they enemy to stay at bay, -Subpar Torpedorange in the mid level range. -exelent firechance.
  7. Any why top of the line? I you make a line go to T10 it isnt like Rn who has an abanduance of BBs dont have 2 paper ships at t9 and 10?
  8. i think a british sub did a 10 torp salvo set on diferent deeps and sunk a german sub in the north sea late in the war. Ediit were a bit fewer Torps The Venturer had only eight torpedoes (four tubes and four reloads) as opposed to the U-864's total of 22. After three hours, Launders decided to fire a spread of torpedoes at the U-boat's predicted position. The torpedoes were released beginning at 12:12 and then at 17 second intervals after that (taking four minutes to reach their target), and Launders then dived suddenly to evade any retaliation from his opponent. The U-864 heard the torpedoes coming and also dived deeper and turned away to avoid them, managing to avoid the first three but unknowingly steering into the path of the fourth. Imploding, she split in two, sinking with all hands and coming to rest more than 150 m (500 ft) below the surface on the sea floor, 2 nmi (3.7 km; 2.3 mi) west of the island of Fedje.[6]
  9. Dont see it workable unless a dedicated gamemode that would exclude a lots of ships. Frigates and slopes would be practice targets for any ship curently in the game. Neither mapsize nor general gameplay really suports such gameplay outside events were you can have 100kn torps and subs MUCH faster and maneuverable than they were historical. We have teh Summers in game in the panasian line btw woule be fun to see teh pre AA upgrade ones (or was it gering or both with orginally 8 guns?)
  10. My source is wilki dont matters much thogh slowest ship at t10 is yamato and that is faster and make it works with its 27km + gun range hard to arceive in a sub and again thats ONE nation Walter were like 21kn suberged Brish A class latewar subs 18.5 / 8 knots (surfaced/submerged) US Trench Class Latewar Sub 20.25 / 8.25 knots You think you could make a Subs on a single nation even if it was 25kn at its highest point wen the rest of teh line is between 12-17 kn over water and 3-7 kn submerged? You wont get into aceptable range of speed without nuclear powered subs on the larger maps from t8 up wich is way outside the scope of teh game as much as Jetfighers were wich is why they got removed.......
  11. Kmh not kn and it and teh german walter boats were outlyers from the norm. Well given that ru allready uses pastwar boats at t8+ tehy would have the copy of teh german Walters wich were pretty much the standdard for diesel electric subs after the war..... I 201 15.75 knots (29.17 km/h) surfaced 19 knots (35 km/h) submerged
  12. Unless we do do you want 23kn max speed subs at a T10 map? and most while 7kn max when submerged?
  13. Improve 203 mm guns reload cruisers

    Nothing really just why stop there i would add things like 20km 1.8mp detection torps for Kii and Tirpitz or 20% more fire chance for conqu.....the 11km torp idia alone made me rofl alone......considering German DDs dont even have that range..... Jokes aside giving the mild 1 sek nerf to reload was probably based on statistical datas done by WG i dont see them buffing it back up anytime soon.
  14. Improve 203 mm guns reload cruisers

    An while at this make Yamis MB a bit more acurate the Legendary alone isnt enogh 20 sek reload for shima Torps sounds awsome too
  15. Improve 203 mm guns reload cruisers

    Didnt hindi and roon just got nerfed by a sek?