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  1. Spellfire40

    Deutschen Schlachtschiffbaum oberhalb Bismarck löschen?

    Das Problem das ich selbst mit den alten nach Bismark Germ bb hatte ist das sie extrem schwerfällig sind und selbst Hydro dir meist nicht erlaubt torps auszuweichen. Und das war in ner zeit wo Torps nicht mit bis zu 90kn+ rumgegurkt sind. Damit stehen sie allerdings nicht aleine da Ru BBs zu sind genauso schwerfällig. Bismark war das goldene ratio in der alten Meta. Wendig genug fix drehende türme und kann was ausgehalten. Wen man mal zu weit vorgestossen ist muste man halt nen paar 10k pen salven fressen um zu disengagen. bei den heutigen burst damage ist das kaum noch möglich auser vieleicht mit Italian BBs mit den smoke.
  2. Spellfire40

    Deutschen Schlachtschiffbaum oberhalb Bismarck löschen?

    Problem ist das ich dafür estmal wieder Colerado spielen muss und derzeit noch auf G.Maerker Wladi und FDG festhänge denke das ich die BBs erstmal auf pause setze wie donskoi und tashkent nach ihren T10 wecheln (Moskwa/Chaba) aber die German Gunboat line wollte ich noch zuende bringen bevor ich den US snail express beginne. Mit was glück hab ich bis dahin auch die free exp für Hayate so das ich das etwas beschleunigen kann.
  3. Spellfire40

    Deutschen Schlachtschiffbaum oberhalb Bismarck löschen?

    Abschiesend zu sagen ich persönlich hasse FdG und hab nur ne hadvoll Spiele auf Kurfürst und kan nichts dazu sagen ob Preusen nun besser ist oder nicht aber man sieht sie halt recht oft. Sind das nur leute die sich zwingen ein "schlechtes schiff" auf T10 zu spielen?
  4. Spellfire40

    Deutschen Schlachtschiffbaum oberhalb Bismarck löschen?

    Schohn klar das wen du von nen Reset profetieren willst du endweder den Zweig nochmal spielen must oder free exp verbrennen und dan zumin 1 gefecht pro t6 plus fahren must? Ich fahre jetzt FdG das zweite mal dank einführung von Preusen ich kann mir einiges schöhneres vorstellen als die aleine das 3te mal zu zocken.....z.b. zum Zahnartzt zu gehen...... Was den OP angeht: Was ist den ein spielenswertes linen BB? du siehst heute kaum einige der T10 Silver BBs in gegensatz zu Preusen. Solange die logic nicht ist die mit nen Stahl oder Kohle BB zu vergleichen sollte die ganz ok sein. Kann halt nicht jeder ne Yamato sein.
  5. Spellfire40

    Why keeping ships?

    Just ask yourself do you have fun at a certain Tirange or ship? keep that ship or look for a prem with simular characteristics and grind money with it. I have Missouri in habor thogh i heavyly dislike T9 MM and curently leveling in the T8 plus range anyhow so i usally do some relax rounds im my kamikazes or Fujin to grind money. If your never play anything than your higest ship then ok sell whatever just be adviced T10 isnt really a geting tons of credit tir. You can get 200k plus quite easyly on lower tirs with a prem with next to no repair costs compared to bad rounds in high tir. And yea you can get 2 mio plus rounds on Missouri or Koyabashi roma/Kii with the right camo and flags but you can alls be fully decked out and get dumped on by a Eagle (at lest with missy) with nothing to show for.
  6. Spellfire40

    General Submarines related discussions

    T10 german is quite slugish in handling thogh patch will take care a bit out of that it also has the highest endurance and underwater speed something the t6/8 cant boot and their speed will get nerfed along with some modules that increase endurance. As they stand Subs are Dds with a diferent kind of escape mechanic then again ru Heavy CA were BBS with a higher rate of fire basically as German gunboats are cl without a cit and so forth. I agree that they bring nothing "strategic" but nerther does any of the newer classes most of the time they just crap on classes that dont exactly needs shiting on due their places in the meta anyhow. The only upside is that they arent paper ships or 1950+ then again some probposed prems and the ru T8 are . T10 ru is probably an Alpha (thogh they might left that for the supership ru sub)
  7. Spellfire40

    General Submarines related discussions

    Not really if midlessly ping around and the enemy dont for some reason disperse and yolo in slingleflile with 7km distance every 60 seconds into you your the 1st to 2ed ship sunk. Most of the time you fire low damage torps from range and hope like any other torp platform your oponent dont remembers he has a A or D key. Geting in range for your high dam torps is VERY risky with nearly 50% of all BBS (and all CA/CL thaks to AA being useless) that are often played having hydro. and BB atackplanes are very low skill low risk if someone else spots you. Yea you can get past ships that no DD can but then your stuck behind lines with a limited steath since your underwater enduance isnt limitless. Add to that an atack vector that requires you to eitehr directly run into your target or fully run away from it. Play a few rounds (if you have the credits to equip the boats wich isnt inexpenceive) and you can see what they can and canot do. And no im not saying tehy are good as they are now. They should nuke backwards padeling BBs out of the water instead of having the best homing agist cruisers or DDs pinged in smoke for example and DDs shouldnt get sunk by raming them at periscope deept either.
  8. Spellfire40

    General Submarines related discussions

    And if you play it that way you get 20 to 50 k in a T8-10 game "clap clap clap" nice impact you got for one team slot. that can be done with most classes playing like an idiot. Sounds like you havent played subs yourself pinging just paints a big target on you and endsure that everybody that has more than 2 braincells autodoge your torps. Ping is exclusivly for sub vs sub combat.... or to distract one of the last few surviving ships so they cant fokus to do even a little damage to half your team chasing them.
  9. Spellfire40

    Rather lackluster USA July 4th events

    Would be nice if they just put it into missions thogh instead of forcing you to go on a scavenger hunt were to "activate" parts of the missions for it thogh. Nobody mind free stuff if you dont need it ok if you miss its because you dont go to the website or forums thogh its a bit......nasty.
  10. Spellfire40

    Rather lackluster USA July 4th events

    What loss exactly? They use a modle that is allready rendered and just slap skin over it? Its a Win Win even if it sells only on the US servers. And 4th July comes every Year i couldnt care less anbout unique comanders i have tons of them not used in ARP/HSF form plus Jutland and that strange lucky 8 hokey one. I certainly not paying extra dubloons for the higher bundles even IF im interested a T8 SemiHE atlanta for a silly statue comander and id rather would get Hyoga or tone over that to compleate my IJN colection. (not counting Azuma or steel prems)
  11. Waren die den nicht wieder aus den dienst am nehmen? Bei den Amis weis man nie siehe LCS mit dienstraten von unter 10 Jahren. Type 16 MCV von den Japanern nen guter kanidat der vergleichbar ist.
  12. Spellfire40

    General CV related discussions.

    Not Really on the Zoning out part. Most of the time people do realize that % of a DDs damage is nice exp and actually helps to win a game. Also the lack of things agist dds like radar and due to it actally doing something and being VERY needed def AA masivly lowered the number of hydros in the game played a part too. The Side that had the most ninja boots usally had a resonable advantage and while US Trops are stealthy there is a reason they didnt touched the 16.5 km torps while they did the 20 and 15km IJN ones: Damage. you didnt survived even a single hit in a oposing DD. And it made pushing into the soup a problem enogh that WG took it out of the game. As far as todays play go :zoning out with a high visible DD vs a ninja boat is still quite hard If your side just has paneuro shoting on BB bowprofiles or Italian kamikaze boats your quite screwed vs caping DDs. Most of the time your mainhope is that the capwining team goes on a WIN HARDER rampage and get itself kited to death before the 3 caps hit 800+ points for them And yes you can rightly laugh at them changing things that prevented pushing in the past and now doing their upermost to keep everone at the mapboarder or die horible withing a few minutes with each new feature .
  13. Spellfire40

    General CV related discussions.

    It wasnt just shima thogh kagaro and the old Fubuki too and the point was was there something as toxic as CVs in game when there was no CV and i remind you that were ufo plane CVs that would drop torps coming from any angle but also could run out of planes. I zoned out plenty of gering and fletchers in my kagaro at that time and you dont had to get to 5.9-6 km to hit with how stealthy torps were.
  14. Spellfire40

    General CV related discussions.

    You werent playing during the shima Torp soup times werent you?
  15. Depends how you define roles. A Gunboat DD might be simular to a CL trading less hp for not having a citadel that dosnt make caping in a smoke CL is easyer when your faced by specialist caping platforms like Yugumo. Question is can a unit do its job when opsed? Does it require gimics that are not allways aplicable and does a conterplay exist? Stealthy DDs can be zoned out if their team is stupid enogh not to deal with visible Radar platforms or react to gunboats they spot. Subs caping can be abroted aby overflys forcing resets. If i play a Kleber i dont go of caping 1st thing in the game losing 40-60% hp for nothing for example. In a Yugumo the risk is much more acapable for a early lead in points. still both are DDs and are abel the right circumstances. if some CV would try that he is just screwing his team over. Classes do have some merits and if you skill classes to not being able to its main job dont be too suprised if your Karma will drop quite a bit unless your scorce 200 plus k damage every game to influence the lack of missing one core class ship.