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  1. Its a Floating brig that actually does Pretty good even if her playstyle isnt very interesting And ist actually one of teh smaller T10 BB. and who cares About 2 Turests when you can relyable hit with them
  2. Yes but Zao is a cruiser and her balistics and 2 more barels and troll armor alone make her an update over ibuki. people compained about her Torps being a drawback in all but suicide situations they didnt asked for the single most competive IJN DD torp....
  3. Whats the point in collections??

    Yes you can also deselect the american cruisers campain. But in case of teh Anime colabs WG did give in to presure and you have to activate it. On case of the Azure Lane Nelson comander that wasnt unter the buy Azure lane buy ones topic you needed to find it hidden in the June topic to activate it via the website to start the mission. Some peps are just fanatic over even having to see anything they dont like in the WoWS lancher basically makes you wonder how they can get thogh life. Its not that they forced to look at it they can deselct it but even that seems to much ......this case is a bit specal since usally its teh purists that make a fuss but you cant say that about colections for teh most part (others than the stupid looking clevland eagle camo wich in my opinon is as bad as teh roma beercan camo but just because i dont like them i dont want them to be gone since i can acept that some might like them)
  4. Whats the point in collections??

    Probably something equivalent to alle the anime colabs. He dont likes it and he dont want to be anyoed by it and dont want to put the efford to disable it by himself. So the easyer solution (for some that have the specal need to not have to endure things they dont like) is to deactivate it for all and we have to enable it if we want it....... thats my guess. BTW i nearly missed Azure lane Nelson comander because the activation was hidden inside the June post so i dont think thats a good thing.
  5. Whats the point in collections??

    Also duplicate you get is 10000 credits (hapens to me on bismark or dunkirk container). Thogh this not aply to permanets campains.what does the Junk Hurts you? even if you dont want to get 3k dublons free perma camo for Clev. Whats your point? Want to collections deactivated for all so you dont have to look at some acutal historical icons when you open a container? Or worse because you dont like it be gone for all?
  6. Whats the point in collections??

    Whats the Point in discussing this you dont like it there os a buton to deactivate the colection. Some like the ability to have diferent camo scemes. Some like the abilty to have 2 flags. Some like the ability to get a free 5k stupid Looking clevland camo. None of that is for you me or anything to deny just because we dont like this or that on a personal Level or find it useless.........
  7. Graf zepplin

    The only disadvantage of that is you require your Team to act on your spoting .........while a GZ still just can Bomb Targets. Shokakus best bet is to win the fighter game asap especally agist a 1/2/1 and a enemy that fights over AA since he has a bigger Squad that can sometimes cribble a GZs ability to do much agist your fighters so allowing you dictate the air game. Fighters and the tendency to run out of planes due to their fragility mid to end game are the weaknesses of the GZ
  8. Graf zepplin

    If he gets 5 or 8 kills it means he has done some very agresive positioning since usally dont get that many strikes OR he went for low hp targtets. GZ planes are much to fragile to produce that Kinds of results that often since it requires the enemy Team basically Ignore the fact that there is a CV in the game and spit off yolo with no ship suporting each other.
  9. aa-builds are completly useless

    They worked just fine for me. The only Thing that is Kind of a isue is that since RN one BB HE Shell demolish 50% plus of your AA for good.......more a meta Problem then a AA problem...
  10. New EULA is incredibly unethical.

    Because some Tinhats might belive Microsoft will shut them down if they do that?? to censor them because thats good buisniss?
  11. New EULA is incredibly unethical.

    How you promote your game is up to the developer. Take Nintendo you Youtube them you can be sure to get demonytized really fast. WG has ist own guidlines so does any other Company. No one trys to take your acounts away thogh unless you do stuff In game or in Forum going agist their rules and as i said before even then unless you did something nuklear you get a waring or timed acout Suspension 1st. look at my last post if you want to know what the EULA part is really for. Pulling taht out for censorship is rather strange. If you really want to see something About censoring you should look up that likage tax the EU trys to Sneak thogh AGAIN to make Mainstream media relevant again and trys to kill ANY Forums or fair use of copyrighted material. Heck nearly all Avatars would be illigal soon unless you painted it yourself.....
  12. New EULA is incredibly unethical.

    So let me get it Right....the OP thinks he buys it so ownership (pun intended) should be his? dont that means when WoWS shuts down WG has to give us our Money back because shuting down the Servers denys us our property?. Oh Boy you sure didnt heared of mobile gaming were shuting down after tehy milked you for all teh Money they can and then Opening up a new game with simular mechanics is comon..... you canot own a digital good that requires someone else to Keep up an Server.....that should be understandable for anyone with more than 3 braincells. The legal mumbo Jumbo is the natural consequence of that fact...... why are you so mifed anyway since WG acounts are semi united you think tehy shut down or are you just bored and try to open a can of Worms nobody cares About? Nobody takes your acount away unless you violate the rules. Foch lost his CC Status not his acount. Unless you cheat or go into Chat and use REALLY offensiv behavor your Pretty safe and in most cases you get warnings 1st.
  13. Ultimate frontier ruined

    Its newport again. I dont mind that 5 star is not easy but 2 games of 160k (Myoko,Asashio) and 0 star and one win with 140k with my kaga the only ship surviving(3 Stars)? Thats no balance tehy want to ad an super hard mode for more unique rewards fine. But 1 star should even be doable if someone chose a single DD at the start of the match not doom you by that choise alone.....If you want a supertryhard mode make it in full div only or as a clan only mission.