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  1. Spellfire40

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    I think subs are sceduled in the patch right after they bring in the bathtub ship nation into the game........ Sorry to say since only certain classes are able to relyable interact with subs i dont see any place for them in wows especally if their speed is even remotely acuratly modled like it is on any other class at least in relation to each other. Unless you want t7+ subs to be nuclear atack subs...... Plus arent DDs atm exp pinatas for CV rocket planes and permaspoting worse than the time there were 6+ squats in the air in RTS CV play? there are no DDs that can hunt subs after 5 mins in game.....
  2. Spellfire40

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    Ehm there are actually 4 prem kongos for crew training ,-))) just not getable anymore. No exp bost but you can do teh daily exp bost 4 times with a 19 point comander
  3. Spellfire40

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    Point is t5 is allready crap MM so a OP t5 just means that its a crap that actually function and isnt a total pain to play in the nearly allways uptired enviroment. Ask yourself when was teh last time you touched your Marblehead Murmansk or Molotov? I still have that crap 30k damage mision for Texas for the twitch camo......
  4. Spellfire40

    tier 4 IJN carrier sucks right?

    If you get uptired you face t5.......at T5 there are a handfull of ships that have any noticable AA. The problem with t4 CVs is that they have pityfull damageoutput with their single torp per atack and slowpoke planes. If your get swated out of teh sky thats on you at t4. And at t6 you can face t8AA that WILL shread you on the other hand you get 2 torps per wave and actually can do some damage.
  5. balancing is not WGs strong suit thogh either you have a undogeable soild wall of aa clouds from 1-2 ships on top of undogable non interaction short range AA when playing CV while on the other hand you get 17k cits in one drop in a full AA spect cruiser with runing def fire. The mechanics sucks either way........ yea only 1 squad so less spoting but in under 2 min the next squad is over a DD after he tryed to doge 3-4 rocket salvos while geting shot on from every ship in range.... .... I rather have the old rts gameplay back sice there were few CVs and even less of them were actually that good than this unbalanced BS in either direction.....
  6. Spellfire40

    Premium Schiff neu Einstufen , eventuell ändern

    Das selbe wie ne New York? ist ja nicht so als ob man durch Missionen New player reward und Twitch verknüpfung sie nicht X mal umsonst bekommen hätte. (und ja ich habe sie auch in schop gekauft als sie das erste mal erschienen ist) Auserden gibts in den tir masig CVs da die nahkampf AA dps hochgeschraubt worden ist was auf den tir kaum wen interesiert da fast kein schiff irgend ne AA hat. Kann die sagen Yubari mit def fire kriegt trotzden 25% ihrer HP weggebombt von Langlay rocket planes......
  7. Spellfire40

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Point is they never can even in best intetion balance a hot fix due to lack of testing. IJN have one tool in thir sheed and that are TBs. Their planes a fragile and the AP bomers are so hard and unfun to use copared to any else plane type. This is sledgehammer fixing. Lets see if tehy balance it out in the end. Given the startup pics they go for the brit CVs next? yea have fun fixing this mess 100% first since their fixing team is needed to balacing the new line so we dont get a sky conquers syndrom on their release.....
  8. Spellfire40

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    ? the switch from clouds to constant damage defenite hit all but were teh ijn maneuver torp spread bloom for t10 only? thoght it was all of the line too thogh not100% certain. Anyhow if a certain car is broken fix THAT car not all cars of the producer of it that arent....
  9. Spellfire40

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Dont they nerf all CVs hard by changing arond mechanics at ALL tirs to "balance" t10 CVs? How much can they test out a hot fix? this on/off balacing remind me of Blizard in Wow......
  10. Spellfire40

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Does it matter to a colector? thy didnt got teh CV players their 500 dublons per tir above 4 either..... perhaps either a hefty % copon way above the ones they give out either for free or on that stacks on top of the free one. Then agin lobbying If they uptir Cesare how about downtir the horible underpowered ducas at their tirs (or drastical reduce their airdrag and lower long range ap shattering acin to schoors and budy to give them ANY niche..)
  11. Spellfire40

    ST. Premium ships and Soviet battleships.

    Question if you uptir Cesare can you look on a downtir plus compensation for both Ducas since they are practical useless at their tirs? About Terrrible.... since open water stealth fire was removed DDs that dont have railguns that magically arent efected by airdrag have a hard time to be usefull unless you hide under a rock and hope your team wins for you so that you can run down enemy DDs in the last 3rd of the game.......also take a look at your rent packet....if you want people test out to find if its their cup of tea you might be better served by making a mission that rent out the ship (or at least give a cupon on Terible if you fork over money for the rent to make it worth testing)........anybody that didnt hide under a rock knows Terribles reputation. If you ask me give her smoke to at least have some phases were she isnt blown out of the water once spoted at a range were her guns actually can deal relyable damage.......
  12. Spellfire40

    USS Alaska

    Was ist daran arrogant zu sagen wen du etwas haben willst musst du etwas tun? Du kriegst durch Missionen und events exp boster in den hintern gepustet ohne ende. Eben grade in nen USS Black game 14k free exp bekommen. T9 free exp sind Langzeitziele für gelegenheits Spieler nicht "hole ich ab Inden ich einmal im Jahr einmal kurz einloge". Für die meisten hast du nen Jahr plus zeit. Wozu also die Aufregung?
  13. Spellfire40

    Test der neuen Flugzeugträger - Feedback Thread

    Witzig finde ich das das permaspoting von DDs nun durch perma rocket atacks ersetzt wurde. Früher muste der CV zumindestens skill haben um DDs den tag zu versauen...........
  14. Spellfire40

    Another resource/economy poll

    PTW OR FTP? WoWS is pay to progress faster.........especally with the megatons of flags they throw on anybody who is actually play the game, Yea id like moree free exp but:
  15. Spellfire40

    IJN funboats => HMS Exeter: WG going full freejazz

    CCs only alowed to show the model and the stats. Nobody knows how it plays that means only supertesters know how she behaves. I wouldnt think she goes live as she is now without at least 2 rounds of CC and ST testing on teh live server. That said she looks good personally i would rather have seen a Country class but this one is fine too.