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  1. Exect that this is a 2 month average without showing how many battles are fought wich make the whoule list kind of useless? the amont of players actually having acess to a ship masivly infuence the overall stats?
  2. Spellfire40

    General CV related discussions.

    Yea but in that game you pilot a ship or a single aicraft or a single tank and depending on gamemode switch between after you get killed. Not that a few measyly 20mm would do anything in WoWS terms......plus therir grind in unbearable without prem compared to WoWS.
  3. Spellfire40

    Whats the best buy?

    Overall you mainprob with T7 is you lack range and in most T9 fights enemy tends to backbaddle if a singe 127mm shell scratch their paint. Yudachi might be a pick if you dont rush into caps and torp from standoff distance but your team wont like you and results are also iffy since her torps are too visible. Problem is without the T8 mod slot any T7 that dont cheat has a bad time agist T9.
  4. Spellfire40

    are you serious WG

    As are radar cruisers if your in a DD....you probably like thease Ap rockets in a DD more than any other rocket planes....... Real question is did he get blaped every game a Ap plane showed up? question is wasnt it worth a smoke when they are so deadly and he saw them inc? Personally i think the germ CVs are next to useless having a lowered efectivness vs the targets CV are best agist especally in actually win games Then again Cruisers overall are nearly at the DD level as a punching bags with one super acurate railgun BB coming oneline after another and the release of the hypercelocity better pen angles no airdrag Ru Cruisers......
  5. Masive damage by even cruisers with imp pen angles sugest cits since superstructure over pens shoudnt apear as "masiv" probably just underestimated whats angled is vs the ru hypervelocity railguns
  6. Spellfire40

    Z-23 & Z-39 Dual purpose AA? (or lack there of)

    Mogamis (wich were used on yamato later) were suposed to be dual too. You have to draw a line somewere or you would have 30 sek autotick Beehive Yami "DP" too. Could be used and have any noticeable efect are 2 pair of shoes Historical british 10cm were WAY better AA guns than the 12,7 for exemple a reson why hyda is missing on of her MB turets in favor to her one useless secendary one.
  7. Spellfire40

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    Werent most of Nelsons Gun Problem mainly due to the lightly build Turets to keep her to Treaty limitations? and werent they fixed pre war? Cant rememer reading anything of her or Rodney having isues during the war.
  8. Spellfire40

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    If you go the BCs designs why incorperate early and have HMS Tiger and the bunch before her at lower tir and replace Revenge with Renown? Seems overall Strange to switch between G and N designs plus werent tehre quite some diferent turet setups and calibers between them anyhos to fill t8-10?
  9. Spellfire40

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    Is your Rof Mesured in shots per seconds or shots per minutes. For a CV to get a high Rof it needed to get very close to the battle and with aircrafts fllying arond thats a high chance to catch some BB shells. Thats why good CV players have a huge impact while bad ones die in the 1st half of the game or do one atack every 3 to 5 minutes acomplishing near nothing. Also your shells cant be shot down compared to CV planes. While its very true that real AA skills or consumables have been largely defanged thjat just means that a CV has only 1 atack pewr squad vs high AA targets. Were the real power of CVs comes is moping up at the end of the game and anying the hell out of DDs making them to waste their smokes but that means your team overall did their job and i can tell you as a player that play plenty of DD games that I Iose my DD much more often to a Team (my own) that cant find their W key when the enemy does that to a CV......
  10. Spellfire40

    cv vs dd balance - is this being looked at at all?

    Anybody can atack anywere on the map its just that CV reload is conected to the distance to their target were Ships actually have to get into range. And like any class there a re b ad matchups, You cant atack Cluster of ships any more than a DD tring to atack a clank with 3+ Radar ships and things liek Friesland are pretty anoying since you have 0 chance to disengae before losing nearly all your squad. Thats why high end CVs have huge detection ranges so they forced to the mapborders and thats why a CV that moves with the fleet without geting spoted and deleted in teh 1st half of teh game does dobble+ the damage of the ones that play it safe.
  11. Spellfire40

    Ohio needs Buff

    it dosent need to be good its enogh if you have another way to play that differ from the techtree. In the end you decide if its worth or not. See steel ships? you seriously belive that T9 Ru is anywere near as good Black? It dosnt have to its a clear different playstye that Udaloy or Tashkent.
  12. Spellfire40

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Nachi? Trying to find any RU ship to actually kill? As for licenced contend sounds a bit fishy in ARP case since the orginal event didt had any monetizing ........
  13. There is no point of a CV line centered around nations that had one single CV. Germany had 3 unfinished ones Frensh had one that was near useless and Italy had one unfinished one . RU had none unless you want to go to DEEP Cold war with Jumjet aircrafts. One prem could work a line no way.
  14. dont understand why peps want gimed versions of CVs (Classes) that are allready in game when there are plenty of CVs that arent. for Example Junyo Or Wasp or Hornet (or Essex or Taiho thogh tot as T6 they are even allready Modeled even )
  15. Spellfire40

    Over 7000 matches and still substandard

    Look up what classes And Tir you do good at.Play that IF you have fun doing it. Personally im a colector i hardly do any T10 games once i get to T10 in a given line. Fun tops stats anyhow. Your not doing a Job Your playing a game.