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  1. Pff ... was stupid tried it again for about 60 Euro's ... big mega disaster again ... i get ships ... but all crappy lower tier ones ...... and ships i have or had ....... .... little frustrating.
  2. Did 20x big containers ... again..... did i do better?? ... ehh no .... tier 5 ship and Tirpitz ... which i already have ..... end of containers for me.
  3. Did a lot of containers. Many ships .... all lower tiers ..... not great at all.
  4. No, i am not saying it correct: i am not yet forced to play PvE, but got the warning and i turned pink. And yes: only collision and shell hit by my destroyer ... that is all. And i do not do it often! :-) But like i said: my complaint is only that it is as if you are a criminal (forced to PvE: what nobody wants) ... it is A GAME. In wows almost nobody ... as far as i see in the games i played ... does it on purpose. And yes ... it happens that also teammates go blind in the heat of the battle and drive directly in you line of fire. ...... it happens .. it is a game. Frugly
  5. Thx for the response, but i do not agree with all you say. I experienced myself: only collision and 1 or 2 shells of my 100 mm from destroyer hit a teammate .... and i get treated as if i am a kind of criminal .... IT IS A GAME!!! The last part is my biggest concern. I agree that it is not a good idea to shoot at teammates .... but hitting by accident is a whole other thing to me .... :-) Best regards, Arold
  6. Hello fellow players, I also have a problem with the new system. Reason is very simple: it is not a fair system. E.g. if a ship drives against me .... I get a warning! Strange i think. If for e.g. at longer range ONE shell from my destroyer hits a bs of a teammate ... i get another warning and am almost ready for only coop battles!!! ... that is what the message says, that i received on the screen. It is, as if one is forgetting that this is a game ... and not A CRIME to play it when you make a little 'mistake'. It should be that it punishes when teammates damage eachother on purpose. But this game is not wot .... there it happens a lot more than in wows. I would be very glad if it will be changed ....quickly. Best regards, Arold Wouters (frugly)
  7. frugly

    French Battleships

    Play the Cascogne and the Richelieu. Nice shipt to play. Only comment concerns the guns ...... struggle to pen and do normal damage ..... mostly 1000 points on a AP shell ... little low is it not? Arold