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  1. Here is the replay from the World Famous WGP2W Grand Potato Championship Enjoy https://youtu.be/iBY8IDhSZ84
  2. Here is the schedule for the "super weekend" in league of the sea or LotS for short. http://leagueofsea.eu/index.php?events-en/ We will be playing MDIV and we hope to get it streamed by Atothek101 Check out his twitch and youtube> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOQIQhk1Nn7oNiyGKxQLObA https://www.twitch.tv/atothek1o1
  3. GeneralOlsen

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    TTT Not on the front page. We can't have that. "Bump" If you are considering a clan, check them out, good guys and really good and skilled players
  4. GeneralOlsen

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    I believe you probably are right, in the general sense, but as Tyrendian89 is saying, this is why League of the Sea has become so popular because they did not have to play "Omni" level team, they play teams on their own levels. And this was exactly what Team Battles was about. 4 different leagues and ELO system, works beautifully, if your team is not on the level of Omni, then you did not have to play them. Your point is very good, and it actually builds up under Gingers base argument; bring back team battles. In Gingers defence, this has been talked about between the clans for a very long time, and this was the next logical step to take, regardless of yesterdays match. Which was epic entertainment is I might​ ad. I havent heard Flamu striking so high notes before
  5. GeneralOlsen

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    Thanks for putting in the effort Ginger From WGP2W perspective, and my personal perspective, we/I can get behind GingerGenerals message 100%. I will focus on the team battle aspect of it. I think this issue/challenge is a very strange one to be having, since most of the bigger clans in WoWs originate from Team Battles (over 1 year ago) And the reason that many of us started taking the game seriously was team battles. Me included, I'm the best example of a complete casual potato player that got interested in team battle, and then started purchasing premium time, ships etc. And of course my interest affected people around me, that now is playing WoWs, just because of team battles. So as I said, from a ROI and business standpoint, this is a very strange problem to be having. Because at the end of the day Wargaming needs ROI, otherwise they will not invest in that activity. I dont see where this specific feature of the game amounts to anything large in terms of investment comparing to the return. The other point I would like to make is based on the first point. We came together because of team battles, and managing to stay together, and motivated , is only thanks to the great people that have taken the time to organizing the tournaments we have had, like the Omni Cup, King of the Sea, League of the Sea etc. My hatt is off to you. If it had not been for them, I think I can guarantee that a person like me, would have been playing something different. Im sorry to say it; but WoWs can become repetitive fairly quickly, so why do I come back; the people. Why do the people stay; we all have a common goal. To either win this tournament, or that cup etc. And It is difficult enough for many of the clans to keep their guys together already. and with a common goal, they will have a better experience, and they will keep coming back to the game. A feedback to all of us in the community; we need to see things a bit more from Wargaming's perspective. It is a private company that provides us with a free game. They need to make money, that is the sole purpose of a company. All things we want, has to somehow be financially beneficial to Wargaming, otherwise it will not be done. That is just the way of the game, like it or not. So to summarize my rant: "Wargaming; Team Battles is good for Business!!!"
  6. GeneralOlsen

    Akizuki, advice needed (HE, AP, IFHE....)

    I think you missed the point. We are saying that you are not gaining anything in this situation by spending the 4 points on IFHE, since you already have AP, that does even more Alpha damage then HE shells with IFHE. And the test is done with 20 games with the standard build and 20 games with our recommended build for Random play (not competitive) All games done solo. Here are the numbers, and if you can point to the mistake I would love to hear it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yeGBRd9GTyDcEW9HTuQaJw9w5Waxal26hmI5OgMcCJk/edit?usp=sharing What you find is that random games have all aspects. And the majority of the time you are not brawling with other DDs, you are shooting at BBs and cruisers. But when it happens you just have to keep an eye on the angle and keep changing ammo type, that's the trick. Then you have the high Alpha damage with AP for any broadside, which IFHE gives you, of course IFHE is not relying on angle, but that is where the fire chance makes up for it. and you end up doing more damage per battle. To be honest in the 0.6.2 patch i found the Akizuki very enjoyable as a solo play DD, in divisions you are more helpful in USN DDs. Now in 0.6.3 it needs some love. I had no problems handling higher tier DDs, you just AP them to death.you have superior HP pool, and DDs in random will turn and wiggle and show their broadsides.
  7. GeneralOlsen

    Akizuki, advice needed (HE, AP, IFHE....)

    Hey guys, I hadn't seen this thread before now, and I see from quickly running through the comments that there is alot of people thinking that you need IFHE on the Akizuki. Well we had the same discussion in WGP2W, and it ended up with a 2 month project, running over patch 0.6.2 and 0.6.3. And the conclusion was very clear; you should not use IFHE on the Akizuki. Here is the movie that explains it:
  8. I think this must be what he is referring to, in regards to my DD skills
  9. BIG congrats to Slauter woshiC, degaldar and gneisfeld in WSD-Hacks for winning the WGP2W 3v3 Cup Fantastic play, it was really entertaining. Here you can find the stream form the Finals
  10. Hey Guys We are building up our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCruk_ldtjA38Pi7BOqEb_Kg Here we are casting all the community activities Check it out and subscribe
  11. GeneralOlsen

    King of the Sea Tournament Signup

    WGP2W and WGP2L have signed up Good luck to you all, lets have some fun
  12. Was very good tournament. Hats off to TTT for arranging the Winter King tournament. They did a fantastic job. The streamers was jumping around between the teams that was playing, we only got one of our matches streamed, but it was nice it was against the very strong team Mahjong Room Our match is 2 hours and 40 minutes into the stream https://www.twitch.tv/privatepinguin/v/106764389
  13. Hey fdykn Always better to div up :> Based on what you are describing, i would check out WGP2W http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/58274-wgp2w-join-the-hunt-in-2nd-season-of-team-battles-more-clan-wars-tournaments-etc/#topmost See you around
  14. Hey Rick_Hunter Nice to hear from you, just stop the TS, and we will have a chat. ts.wgp2w.com pw>payup