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  1. Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I'm glad that WG have restored the missions. Removing part of the centrally organised event schedule was never going to be the right decision even with much better communication. The general feeling within the community that the EU server is under rewarded with respect to the other servers is simply too great. The ARP Nachi mission requirements, the ill though out weekly mission (hunt a carrier in a destoryer), etc. It's not hard to make a laundry list of grumbles. I do have to agree with Markus Schill's assessment that the event format is poor for the average player. The format is clearly a cash grab, either cough up for an expensive Graf Spee bundle and grind at your leisure or make a mad dash for free rewards. I hope the feedback on this format from the community is negative as I don't want to see this sort of double time gateing again. I personally don't mind if the EU server has different events so long as the general feeling is there that the rewards are equal in both quality, frequency and requirement. If the WG-EU though that the convoy was a bad deal and wanted to organise it's own event in the coming months then it should have been upfront about this. If there had been a event announcement, with a preview of structure and rewards at the same time other servers were finding out about their freebies I think much of this outcry could have been avoided.
  2. I have to echo many of the already posted complaints; Forts do far too much damage, surveillance stations are still almost impossible to kill. Not being able to neutralise the surveillance stations is my own biggest complaint. Their presence makes counter capping more difficult than it should be. Making the stations actually destroy-able would go a long way to fixing the counter capping problems this map mode has.
  3. Event Calendar December - Feedback

    I'm appreciating the historical themes and the change from the boot camp missions which had gotten very stale. It does seems like the upper tiers of missions have been either gate kept behind classes I don't really play (cv) or very stupid requirements (kill a cv in a destroyer). I'd like to see these sort of gate keeping missions kept to the last mission in the chain or preferably not present at all.