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  1. Migulaitor

    March Missions puzzles

    They gave the oportunity to pick some extra Bis containers , time for the Dunkirk ones. Just pick a different collection each time.
  2. First time I played it 3k basic xp with Atlanta, way too easy to farm. Bad for business
  3. Migulaitor

    About the Conqueror

    We need a SkyBuck seal of quality level Top Kek, I repeat, we need a SkyBuck seal of quality level Top Kek. This is not a drill.
  4. Migulaitor

    Explain this before I lose my s**t

    I have no idea what you are talking about @xXx_Blogis_xXx did we ever clubbed seals? Uhm because I don't have a Belfast? Also I find boring playing a triple belfast division, not as many tools.
  5. Migulaitor

    To the Tripitz Skippers out there

    I have both of the sister ships and I prefer Tirp for random and Bis for competitive (Ranked). Tirp: Torps (Torping a DD and writing "WHO IS THE DD EH YOU LITTLE BIATCH" is fun) Is premium so extra credits and xp. Torps for shameless rushes on enemy BB showind dominance You are supposed to be a Derpitz. But you are a Torpitz because you have TORPS and you can try the famous Torpitz manouver (Going between 2 enemy ships and torp both of them) Bis: Hydro is good for pushing smokes (Writing "DADDY IS HERE") A bit better AA Hydro to avoid torps from underage ships A bit faster Hydro to hold corners, typical example: Map North on cap C from the south or B from the north, you park, pop hydro and nobody pushes. So I would say Tirpitz is totally worthy.
  6. Migulaitor

    Explain this before I lose my s**t

    Clear case of git gud Btw when my back hurt from the weight of potatos I just give a call to a couple of mates and we go full dirty clubbing (Saipan+Flint is always good, check the WR )
  7. Migulaitor

    how is this even possible??! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    You have premium camo my deer
  8. IIRC some time ago there was those special battles with some OP ships. Found it :D Something like this could be fun, maybe dont count them for stats (They are operations?) so people dont complain about their WN8 and WR. Another idea I would love is CW teams against regular players. Let's say a 7 players team against 12 random players or 12 tier 8 against 12 tier 10.
  9. Migulaitor

    how is this even possible??! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    4. No clan bonus (Extra -18k repair cost) 5. U give no moneyz to WG for vodka. 6. Ultra cheap option: Save doubloons you get (Ranked/CWs/containers...) and buy a tier X premium camo. 7. Dont use all the premium consumables, you are even running a premium plane.
  10. Migulaitor

    After I lose the next battle

    But it's a weekend, how is it possible?
  11. Migulaitor


    I honestly dont see the problem on rentals even if they gave it after a game on tier 1, you can not use them on any other mode than CWs, so it's a clan business if they want to bring a new player to CWs or not. They only "hurt" themselves giving the enemy an easier win. Just let people have fun derping on tier X ships against other similar clans. Until the repair cost hits
  12. Migulaitor

    Ridiculous accounts

    They lower the performance and then you have balanced ships like Belfast and Conqueror. -Oh look the ships is so bad the average damage is below 0, lets buff it.
  13. Migulaitor

    Enough is enough.

    Dealing damage to higher tier ships is rewarded more than dealing damage to lower tier ships, I thought you already knew it
  14. Migulaitor

    Ranked stars system

    I don't know how it works exactly but each ship has an xp and credit multiplier. The credit multiplier is very easy to see, premium ships just get more credits. The xp multiplier can be easily seen in some ships like Atlanta, Sims, DM. With "little" contribution you get high amounts of xp (Or more than what you expect) so you get a better reward for the same job. You can check for some threads about Sims on ranked games, it was very easy to save a star on it with an average contribution to the game. And this is another reason why top 7 by xp win a star is a bad idea.