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  1. Rewarding Good players on Losing Teams

    Wow, double post, never seen it before
  2. Rewarding Good players on Losing Teams

    So you just dont go into the cap and the enemy get it for free.
  3. Chat Spamming: What will he get?

    Oh this guy is getting the daka @Sadstories Go to his profile and check if he play more games during the next days, keep us informed
  4. Chat Spamming: What will he get?

    Indeed, same guy: That from April, so 8-9 months.
  5. Chat Spamming: What will he get?

    Exactly the same experience, it was a Kami, probably even the same guy...
  6. You just started the game, I would rather use the money for premium time or a mid tier premium. Looking at your stats you are not ready to tier X games (Playing tier 8) but you are doing pretty well at mid tiers so just stay there for a bit. Maybe Leningrad or TheGrass Also Musashi meh, you can get the free anime camo for Yamato.
  7. https://replayswows.com/replay/14843#stats Welp, Harekaze is really a good ship, thx @Negativvv I just need the cat honk to be happy
  8. Triying to revive SL

    Well, as almost everybody must know already SL is dead, rewards are bad and the way they are given even worse (You need to play against your team) So I bring you my idea: I will make a chat group (In-game) so we can organize "fun" games: Mainly only 1 ship type per game (DM madness, shima torp spam etc...) The plan: Forward and slap each other with big guns, torps or whatever is decided. Pros: -Fun to play against "good" players. -With premium camo it can neat some nice credits. -No ranked stress, we can't lose stars. -Playing some games with the same people so you can take revenge at laugh at each other. Cons: -Probably somebody will complain because they want to play "seriously" (well, yeah, good luck playing SL now) -We all know this one guy who will stay a bit back because he wants his container. -You dont grind any ship. About rigging: I don't consider this as rigging, we are just according to brawl with a kind of ship, everybody wants to win, deal as much damage as possible etc etc... (and is not like the rewards are great, some creds and a couple of signals) The oficial point of view of WG about the subject could be helpfull. @MrConway (I have seen people doing this, I hope it helps) Sorry for my derpy English and I hope to see you brawling like real seamen.
  9. HSF Mission isn't showing

    It was just a joke, but imagine torping an enemy BB at point blank range and the last thing their crew listen is this: https://youtu.be/QH2-TGUlwu4?t=4s It would never get old.
  10. HSF Mission isn't showing

    Just bought it and played the first game, no sign of underage girls on my ship. Pretty decent ship, im running the Aki captain. https://replayswows.com/replay/14656#stats You just made a WoWs sale, lets ask WG for your % Just seen the cats camo, oh deer, why so expensive? I really want it and when you press N it meows.
  11. HSF Mission isn't showing

    Little question on-topic: Does harekaze have the HSF voice? Is there anyway to change it to a normal one?
  12. musashi camo

    It's not worthy. Will take a look in a moment and post it:
  13. Giulio Cesare AP Fuse changes explained

    WG: "We are looking into BB AP dealing regular pens on DDs" Also WG: "I think this AP could explode just a bit before, its not like GC is OP"
  14. Its not about DoY, its about unlocking some tier 6 (Oh wait I have them all), its about getting the premium camos (Oh wait I wont play them anyway)... Its about being a greedy guy, also need the containers to get the collection completed, got pretty unlucky with it. And I also want a snowy camo for Scharn. Finished the missions, 1 time each, first went for 90k dmg, 75 k xp and BBs, did the 90k dmg when I was at around 50k xp so took the gallant out and finished the other 3 pretty fast. Fantastic little boat. Now just slap some camos on high tier ships and lets go