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  1. You dont want manual AA on Atlanta, I would go first for AFT, then IFHE and at the end CE or extra DPM (BFT and maybe LS/AR) About the Kidd, im glad its balanced, it looked broken.
  2. Are you allowed? Yes (And attach the replay) Is it usefull? ... Im not answering, dont want to be banned from the forum
  3. Also consider if you play higher tier average dmg and xp will go up (or at least should). And you are grinding lines, so (maybe) stock modules and captain retraining and for sure you need to adapt to new ships so you will play a bit worse. Totally random and unrelated question: When was last time you bought something from WG?
  4. https://wows-numbers.com/player/508485217,Migulaitor/ Today 6 games, 5 with Z until I got my win, average 2 kills, 70k dmg all of this while focusing enemy DDs and capping above damage (so no ez farming on BBs). In one game I played so well I got compliments from enemy team (Quite happy about it) But still 20% WR I know, low amount of games, not enough for data bla bla bla. But stills, feels frustrating. So whats you are saying is totally normal, it sucks but its normal.
  5. +1 for the greek Btw, I think you are swearing there We should do the same on scrubs, many funny moments "Load HE", win by 1 point, ramming the enemy...
  6. FIFY I also have tons of them, but at least they dont come in a SC, SC-> 20 reserves
  7. I love Shards, and I kinda like ToD, its hard to play, high risk high rewards: I drop 2 videos, one from each spawn, both with DM: North spawn, domination. Play with DDs to get close and hug islands ASAP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIZI-jhsLQ4&t=2s South spawn, standard, they heavy camped, so we just got into their islands and (Got pretty salty at the DD who torped me): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_aYuJdcNu0 Yes I know, those are not my average games, but its whats I try to do, and sometimes it works (Some others I get rekt in the open)
  8. There was also DM and Gearing. I would love to buy duplicates for credits, im missing the brithis commander
  10. Yesterday I detonated 2 enemy DDs with my DM, a full HP Kidd in the first salvo and a half HP Khaba, so a 12 vs 10 game, verry balancet komrade. It just makes no sense, and yes there are anti deto flags, you can not play them in all your games.
  11. He is farming free commander xp
  12. Thats how you get owned, Atlanta is the best ship ingame but first you need to tame it, its not fast, low HP and armor (Glorious overpens) little range, 4.5km torps, the concealment is meh and the shells are sloooooow. But once you know whats going on and master the secrets of catapulting and DPM the results are impressive. Also after the HP buff to guns and radar its way easier to play. With good positioning you can easily (yeah sure, like playing Atlanta is easy) handle everything, yesterday I handled a Tirpitz and an Amagi who rushed me (1 by 1) some nice footwork around islands and those torps become really dangerous. Plus fires and AP on the side. Survived the battle like: Back to the topic: I totally agree with the premiums ships limited to your maximum silver ship tier in random games. But its a business after all so I dont know how WG could benefit from it.
  13. You can repeat missions to get the pins again, so you will get it. Also I have dissabled the tracers, they are easier to see.
  14. And how does the game define A1, A2 etc... Team lider? Players? Whats if they change? This is almost as secret as WG documents.
  15. I got reported this morning, Grosse german tier 9 BB said JA ich have him against my little DM hugging the island, he derped his salvo on my belt, so he was broadise at something like 3 or 4 km to a DM with AP loaded, reload module AR and low health... Welp, he took something like 50k hp in a moment (1 per turret) And then....glorious salty BB tears, cheater, camper, island hugger etc etc, I took a bath on them So yeah, karma means nothing.