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  1. atommo999

    Gameplay analysis- Konigsberg on Trident

    That's a good shout; I hadn't thought about going up to the next island. Would have worked well; would have gotten out of range of the flanking destroyer's guns and escaped proximity detection. Only downside would have been that cruiser that finished me off but it is very possible I would have survived it. I already have Main battery mod 2 to try and offset the slow traverse. Ultimately its a game of chance- it is quite possible if I had pushed further a BB would have showed up and deleted me off the map (like if that Konig from earlier had hung around). Oh well, atleast I have something different to try next time. Thanks for the advice.
  2. atommo999

    Gameplay analysis- Konigsberg on Trident

    That's all good advice but how would I have applied that in this case? Cruisers like to hug islands so they don't get BB salvos to the citadel. If you're hugging an island you can only be as mobile as the island cover permits. There were DD's around but I couldn't shoot them effectively due to one being in far proximity, varying in speed and course and the other being the other side of the island. I'd say I would have done even worse if I had just pootled around in our cap zone like the rest of the team were doing (Konigsberg does like to move but it has terrible turret traverse so it sucks at firing and dodging incoming fire simultaneously). As I thought. probably the only thing I could have done better was use the island south-west of the one I chose as it was bigger so I wouldn't have been perma-proxy detected by that enemy DD.
  3. Have another gameplay analysis to ask other about... Had a very frustrating game last night and would like advicew on what I could have done better next time. This was the matchup: Tier 6 max game and no CVs so not bad from the initial looks. This is the game itself (sped up to save time). The basic breakdown is: - I head to an island quite close to the spawn area as I can see the team isn't pushing. - I get detected by what I (correctly) presume is a destroyer - Take a few peeks from the island to see if I can detect the destroyer without success - Take some peek-a-boo pot shots at cruisers/battleships - Destroyer stars closing in on me on the other side of the island, proximity detecting me. At this point I request assistance from the tem as I need someone else to cover me incase the destroyer rushes me - Don't really get much support; one ally close by gets sunk - Another destroyer starts flanking me at distance so I struggle to shoot back while he spams me with HE - Again, request assistance as I really need someone to deal with the destroyer flanking me (no-one does assist) - Flanking destroyer comes round the other side of the bigger island and for all intents and purposes finished me off. I am unable to retreat as by this point the rest of the team has adopted the 'Fish in a Barrel' formation in open water It was overall a very frustrating game and I only did ~800 damage. I feel like I could have done so much more but am unsure how, especially when the team wasn't very functional. Any advice would be much appreciated. The only thing I can think of is possibly using the bigger island further south-left as the one I 'hugged' instead- I might have had more of a chance against being flanked then
  4. atommo999

    Nerf Smolensk

    The logic is there but this is a game and not real life. Games should be balanced to a reasonable degree if they want to keep the playerbase happy (and the vast majority of players are clearly NOT happy about this). 'Should' and 'would' are two very different terms and WG has shown in the past it is very capable of changing stats of premium vehicles (thinking of WoT SuperPershing as a good example- might be a different game but the point stands as its still a WG product) The worst part is no matter how absurdly OP a vehicle is there are always players that vehemently deny it. Have some wonderful examples of players in denial over ridiculously OP vehicles: Just to clarify, these above snippets are comments justifying the ridiculously OP KV-1S from the old WoT. The exact same logic is being used here to justify the Smolensk. 'Smolensk has weak armour, so its not OP' - Weak armour argument 'Smolesnk is not OP, you need to be contantly exposed to it for it to do damage' - Gun limitation argument 'Smolesnk is a bad ship but it won't ever get nerfed so deal with it' - Resigned to having a broken tier argument Those are the three main points I see for pretty much any OP vehicle. There's no point resigning yourselves to it. Just do things to make your point (such as refusing to play any ship above tier 7 so you never see the Smolensk). If there is enough pressure WG will give (although it might take a lot considering despite the cries of the Community Contributors, they still went ahead with Christmas and New Years gambling-for-a-OP-premium-ship lootboxes. Hopefully some of you had a good laugh at how deluded some of the comments in the snippets are and realise just how similar they are to some of the comments you still see today.
  5. atommo999


    To emphasise what I mean about the need for low tier matchmaking needing a wider spread or inclusion of AI: This was taken from a few minutes ago. This is a Saturday night which should be one of the busiest times for this game, yet I am unable to get any sort of random battle matchup due to how picky the matchmaker is being. I frequently have the same experience in tier 3 ships and maybe a quarter of the time when I do tier 4 as well. No sane new player would grind all the way to tier 5 (which is where you start getting reliably put in games within a reasonable timeframe due to the wider MM tier spread) playing 90% co-op. I say this because there are a lot of ship lines and most players will want to be doing atleast 2 lines at once. Getting the XP needed for two lines using co-op is like squeezing blood from a stone. They will just go find a different game. I'd recommend the random battle MM has a 'best effort' if it cannot find a match for a player in say 2 minutes. This won't be a perfectly balanced matchup but a 'best effort' where it fills in gaps with bots so each team is comprised of an equal amount of each ship class.
  6. atommo999

    Nerf Smolensk

    I think the Smolensk might be taking a back seat soon... Heard of the upcoming Petropavlovsk with 995 m/s (mach 2.9) HE rounds? Yuuuup (I'm not joking by the way: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Petropavlovsk) Edit: apparently it can also turn its turrets 360 degrees. For reference, this is what the turrets look like:
  7. atommo999


    That isn't the point though, how do you expect the matchmaker to be even more picky about matchups when there are barely enough players for full 15 vs 15 battles as it is at lower tiers?
  8. atommo999


    I'm not complaining about the idea- it is a good idea. I'm complaining because I'm unable to consistently get matches due to the limited amount of people playing; therefore expanding the spread of tiers would allow for quicker matchups (or filling vacant spaces with bots, so you have some players and some bots on both sides). Defend all you want but ultimately other new players will have the same problem as me and drop the game. Co-op works for tiers 1-2 but tiers 3 and 4 get a bit more painful due to the amount of XP needed and the anemic amount you get from co-op. Again, its fun playing co-op until you are comfortable with the specific ship- then most people desire a proper challenge by playing against other people. If we can't reliably get those matches it will get boring real quick.
  9. atommo999


    Maybe its just me but I notice about half the time I am waiting for random battles it takes waaaaaay too long (around tiers 2, 3 and sometimes even 4) I'm no sealclubber, I'm just grinding the early ships in lines but quite a lot of the time I feel forced to play co-op because it takes so long to get matched in random games. I remember years ago tier 3s saw tier 5s whereas now they only see tier 4 max. While that is good from a balance perspective, if the matchmaker is struggling to actually make those games it kinda defeats the point. Might be worth either bring back a wider spread of MM (such as the tier 3 seeing tier 5, tier 4 seeing tier 6) to make lower tier games faster to match up or introduce bots to fill vacant places in both teams equally for randoms (I would rather play against atleast a few humans and some bots rather than 100% bots). Co-op is good and all but I can only play so many games against bots before I become very bored and I lose interest in waiting for a random match past the 1:30 mark.. Feels like there's a lack of new players and the existing players have abandoned the lower tiers.
  10. atommo999

    To much insults in game chat !

    I hope they don't remove the All chat like they did with WoT. That has made the game feel soulless. That being said, it wouldn't be a bad idea to give users a choice to turn off 'all' chat. Just don't force it on everyone.
  11. Many thanks for the advice. I have played a few more games in the South Carolina since then and have managed to dodge quite a few aerial torpedo attacks by turning into them and maintaining speed (turning into them also increases chance of contact before the torps have armed so they don't detonate). I might not have many battles in WoWS but I have played World of Tanks for a long time so I am familiar with random battles in general (I think my whole abandon the flank mindset came from there). I am enjoying this game quite a lot (more than WoT). I feel more rewarded for strategy/skill. I am also playing some cruisers and destroyers (I got a Smith which is probably my most enjoyable ship- pretty much the Pz I C of the WoWS world) so I don't get fed up with BBs. Don't think I'll ever be interested in playing CVs though. I'm sure you'll see another analysis at some point when I next need guidance! Thanks again
  12. Fair points. I guess in this instance the best I could have done was contest point A. I get what you mean now about nobody can help vs the CV- at lower tiers even if you are close to a friendly that does have AA, it still won't do much as AA in general is terrible at those tiers. Thanks for the advice- I'll keep at it
  13. We gave up that cap point because our ships alone were not capable of contesting it- hanging around would have essentially been throwing away our ships. Instead we decided to regroup with the main portion of the team so we'd all be harder to kill. Our destroyer should also have abandoned that point as it didn't last long. Everyone needs to be in it together- if you hang around a place with only one or two ships that is highly contested, you are almost guaranteed to be destroyed [unless there is decent cover you can use, which there wasn't in this instance]. I know that- which is why I was heading towards the nearest significant group of friendlies as being stranded alone with CV squads bearing down is one of the worst-case scenarios- especially since I have no AA to defend myself with That is good advice and I will take it onboard. I was late noticing the second strike- that turn I was doing was to get me on-course for regrouping with friendlies rather than avoiding torps so when I noticed I was already committed. Good advice, I will try that So far, I need to turn into torps and not reduce speed. I am curious though if I could have legitimately survived much longer even employing those in that match. I guess I want confirmation if I could have done anything at all that wouldn't have ended up the same sort of way (even using the mentioned techniques I highly doubt I would have lasted much longer) or if some matches [like this one] just put you in an unwinnable position from the start (by putting you in a terrible spawn position), which would really kill my motivation
  14. Hi, I don't know if I'm posting in the right place but I'd quite like to hear if I could have done anything differently in this particular match. So I'm fairly new to the game but know a lot of theory from watching Jingles (so I know BBs should be firing AP 95% of the time, basic stuff like that) I have the South Carolina and after playing a few co-op games I felt comfortable enough to play randoms. I still had the stock hull which has NO AA whatsoever so I knew if there were carriers I would need to stick with ships that had some sort of AA, which leads to the match... Its a respectable match up at a glance. However then I look at where are spawn points are... So it is me in a almost completely stock South Carolina (although I have the upgraded engine), a Kolberg and a destroyer. The Kolberg also possesses no form of AA whatsoever, so like me it is bait for the enemy carrier. I decide there is no point even attempting to contest point A since the carrier will tear us apart and the destroyer isn't enough to prevent that, so I start heading north to (hopefully) get in range of some ships that DO have AA. Have sped up to save time. Basic breakdown: - Kolberg and me conclude point A is lost right from the start due to the ships we are and try regrouping with the main cluster - 50 seconds in a torpedo squadron is already heading towards my direction - 1 minute in the torpedo squadron detects me, and I still haven't had time to regroup with any ship with AA capabilities - 1:10 I start reducing speed drastically and turning away from the torp squadron as I can see its coming in for a strike - 1:30 I take hits from both torpedoes, suffer flooding and use repair party. I then start increasing speed and try heading towards the friendly ships at point B - 1:45 I can see the torp squadron coming in for a second strike. Again I reduce speed and turn away. - 1:55 I take a second full salvo of torps. I have now lost almost half my health. I decide I should use my heal ability to try and survive as long as possible. Luckily there is no flooding this time. - 2:05 cruisers from point A have come around and start firing on me. I am still quite a way out from the friendlies at point B so from this point I am pretty much already dead. - 2:10 torp squadron comes in for a third strike. Again, I try turning and reducing speed to no effect. - 2:15 get hit by the full torpedo salvo again, which causes flooding. My repair is still on cooldown. At this point I (far too late) ask for support. - 2:28 I am getting hammered by the enemies coming from point A and am trying to return fire. Ironically the one hit I get on a cruiser ricochets. - 2:43 I am finished off by enemy ships from point A ========================= From my analysis I did all I could but still feel like I got mugged off by the spawn positioning. If I had been spawned next to a ship with decent AA, I doubt I would have had such a terrible game. The one thing I could have done that I didn't (that may or may not have had any effect) is request AA support using the hotkey. Maybe then the friendly carrier would have sent over a fighter escort squadron (but that is a big IF in random battles). If you have any ideas on how I could better have dealt with this scenario, please let me know. I would rather not have any more games end like this did.