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  1. If you are not playing for victory, you are playing for a loss! There is nothing in between ! Are you playing for fun or not translates to are you enjoying to win or to lose! Basically i understand it since you didn't get enjoyment in winning, you have decided to enjoy losing instead !
  2. Jean_Bart

    Announcing SKIPPER

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot over...
  3. Jean_Bart

    Neptune AA two long range auras?

  4. Jean_Bart

    gameplay /target hits/etc

    An official proof that ColonelPete is a WG shill, working in concert with them !
  5. Jean_Bart

    The most important information on today's live QnA

    I appeal to ignore ColonelPete, as he is obviously trolling the topic and doing his best to derail it ! He is well-known WG shill! Here is a link that proves it:
  6. Jean_Bart

    Mystery Ship in the Arsenal?

    That will be very suitable for the current state of the game:
  7. The entire game is going FUBAR soon !
  8. What you describe is technically an elaborate fraud scheme, punishable by law in almost every country ! That is also a fraud, in its most primitive form ! Are you serious ?! 34k dmg in a tier X game and you are proud of yourself ?!
  9. Jean_Bart

    Time to unistall this game.

    All crew - abandon the ship!
  10. Jean_Bart

    CV nerfing went too far !

    The near future of the game, after update 8.0.0:
  11. I am uninstalling the game soon anyways and the game is starting to go down the drain like a landslide! Soon nobody will care about a dead game! Remmember World of Warplanes - apparently WG wants to repeat the "success" in the same way !
  12. Jean_Bart

    Stealth-nerf to Musashi

  13. Jean_Bart

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    That way you hurt your own interests more than those of the enemy team! By prolonging hopeless battles without doing damage, you worsen the most your own XP/min gain!
  14. Jean_Bart

    CV nerfing went too far !

    Rendering the CVs useless, retarded and unplayable is the first step to cast them into oblivion, so they could be removed silently from the game! Oh, wait... they already removed half of them !