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  1. Jean_Bart

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    I have the same problem. The old launcher downloaded and installed something this morning but again - that didn't ressolve the issie!
  2. Jean_Bart

    İzumo freeexp or not

    Izumo is one of the worst battleships in the whole game!
  3. Jean_Bart

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    I fail to see any benefits of using the Wargaming Game Center - it is nothing more than a useless bloatware! I guess the other WG products are losing players and they are trying to stuck them in our faces whenever we launch WoWs, in a pitiful hope someone may click on them and spend a few hours there! I am NOT going to install or use WGC, even if that is going to mean quitting WoWs! I quit WoT in 2014, then I quit WoWp in 2016, I guess it is time to quit WoWp as well! WG games never last more than a few years! It is obviously a bad business model, which eventually repels its own customers!
  4. Jean_Bart

    How do YOU guys play Gneisenau ?

    Or rather play KGV or Sinop instead!
  5. Reinstall won't help for the following reasons: 1. The game was installed 1-2 months ago on this PC. 2. Renstall cannot fix the bugs introduced with the last udate when the problem started. 3. If a "fix" for crashing game is to reinstall it every month and waste few hours of my precious time i would rather stop bothering with such game at all! I am waiting for an official answer from responsible authorities!
  6. Jean_Bart

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    I want to see an improvement of game performance, more economic and rational demand for hardware resource (especially in port) and fixing the bugs that make the game freezing and crashing!
  7. Jean_Bart

    Ranked Sprint (1 vs.1)

    It would be somehow relevant if the opposing ship classes were the same! As it is now it is nothing more than rock-paper-scissors game with little to no skill involved! The BBs will shred cruisers, cruisers will hunt and destroy DDs and DDs will sink BBs - did you really expect something different to come out of this ?!
  8. Jean_Bart

    First Impression Gorizia (bad, so bad)

    I see no reason why you are so preoccupied with the bad performance of Gorizia - the other italian cruisers are pretty much the same ! Low rate of fire, no chance to start fires, low damage output - traits shared among all italian cruisers!
  9. WHY the game keeps freezing and crashing when attempting to login?! Since the last update the game (sometimes) freezes and crashes when i attempt to login! As a result not only the game freezes, but the whole PC! I CANNOT stop the game even through the task manager and the only way out is F13 (cold restart)! I DO NOT use any mods! I asked this very same question elsewhere, but i recieved no feedback! WHY??? Why this keeps happening and when WG is going to fix this issue?!?
  10. Jean_Bart

    İzumo freeexp or not

    Izumo is indeed a bad ship, if you have abundance of fee XP and lack of nerves or time - go for Yamato right away!
  11. Jean_Bart

    German battleships state

    "Should", but it didn't!
  12. Jean_Bart

    Which BB to go for?

    Better save your free XP. Both battleships beyound Bismarck are terrible and not worth the time and effort! Go for the Conqueror!
  13. Jean_Bart

    Need help with Fuso

    Fuso's biggest assets are DPM, large number of barrels and accurate guns with long range! The drawbacks are abysmal concealment and midship turrets. Just keep yourself angled and obliterate your enemies with superiour firepower and accuracy!
  14. Jean_Bart

    Lion is just utter Trash

    Relax, FdG is much worse!
  15. Jean_Bart

    How do YOU guys play Gneisenau ?

    I have covered this very same subject, but apparently you didn't read (or understand it): 1. Gneisenau has the lowest DPM among ALL battleships in its tier (and even worse than many lower tiers) - UNOBJECTIONABLE TRUTH! 2. Gneisenau has the fewest number of main guns among all battleships in its tier - UNOBJECTIONABLE TRUTH! 3. Gneisenau has one of the worst main guns' accuracies for a battleship in its tier - UNOBJECTIONABLE TRUTH! 4. All these are of critical importance for ANY battleship's performance and shortcomings in such qualities can hardly be offset by other qualities! I still wonder why you and few others continue objecting the unobjectionable! I am still waiting you to prove any of these 4 points to be wrong! P.S.1. Do not seek "proof" for that in my stats - it is not there! Tier Xs can hardly make 460 mm shells bounce even bow on, but you think Gneisenau's "midsection" somehow can...HOW COME?! Gneisenau is underperforming against just about any ship in the tiers it encounters. Sharnhorst is a bit more competitive (I alredy mentioned why). P.S.2. That "when it hits" made my day!