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  1. stanl112

    Looking for division

    I am fairly new to world of warships iv used the free xp they gave us to get to tier 6 and I'm looking for people that don't take the game to seriously to play with let me know if interested :)
  2. I'm fairly new to the game and wouldn't mind Someone to play with that could maybe give me pointers perhaps, I do Have 2 tier 8 prem ships that I can play high tiers with if nessecery anybody interested?
  3. new at the game highest tier is 4 atm any help is welcomed
  4. stanl112

    Newish player looking for group

    I got tier 4 at the moment and is you ign your name on this?
  5. I'm relatively new to warships and I'm looking for people to play with and get to grips with it all. Anyone interested?