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  1. Martaloc801124

    Yūdachi in the Armory and Premium Shop

    This wont help to save face for you nor WG cuz that premiums should be worse than techtree in the past and failed hard. Premiums should be equal ,different and yes better to tech tree variants or nobody will buy them and servers will shut down, thats the hars reality whenever you like it or not buddy. For most of us were happy with the equal and different variant versions, the better is Wg fault. The problem is that Yudacshit and Failandre are much worse then the techtree variants. I have Shiratsuyu and Richelieu and have good battles with both, they good and fun to play. Richelieu has 30 sec reload , speedbosters all five heals and unique/interesting bow turrets. Failandre has nothing interesting or unique, downgrade compared to Alsace and Richelieu too. Not fun to play with Yudacshit that cuz other DD's shoot every 3 sec but me only in every 9sec, im three times slower , so big disadventage along with the lowest hp and slowest turrettravers , torpedos almost non-existent cuz they slow and spoted from 2 km away,that i realy think Wg not tested Yudacshit either nor Failandre. So put youre sarcasm away , not worked right here.
  2. Martaloc801124

    Yūdachi in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Lol , Yudachi wont be nerfed ? Please see the stats , this is most terible ship in the game. BoomKani Sensei already said whats the problem with Yudachi, so repair aka buff the cursed ship and maybe some will buy then. I dont understand why try to sell with these inferior stats a premium DD and wait for big sales, realy dont understand. Upcoming highfleet premium DD has horible stats too, same as Yudachi and you guys at WG REALY THINK WE DONT CANT READ? Nobody will buy these prenerfed shits. Give them 60 knots 1.4 visibility torps with 90 sec reload because thye only have 2x4 torpedolauncher. Working guns: 5 sec reload with 15 sec turrettraverse not those joke 9 sec reload 30 sec turettraverse please kill me guns. Decent hp cuz at tier 7 13k hp again joke when every other DD has 15 -19 k hp. At the balance department you guys ruin the work who actualy design and model the ships. Yudachi as ship in the game is georgeous but playing with her is impossible . I have her from the KotS box, played her 5 times with my 19 points Shimakaze captain and not even single torphit !!! So bad DD i cant describe. Im lucky that i have her for free, when i buyed her definetly demand refund. Flandre again needs buffs not nerfs cuz she inferior against Gascogne and Champagne too. Not even competitive in firepower and survival with other T8 BB, i eat her alive in my Amagi or NorthCarolina. Flandre playable at best. So nerf them and people want their money back. Both ships are bad , Yudachi and Flandre too, next time test ships, not randomly put in the live server.
  3. Martaloc801124

    Armada: Flandre

    This ship is playable at best. When WG downtiered from T9 to T8 lost too many things. She lost 3 guns but still has 33 sec reload , and lost the the speedboster and one heal, yes the accuracy was buffed from 1.6 to 1.8 sigma . You can have better now: the Gascogne. Gascogne is far better, especialy with deadeye. Gascogene has 1.9 sigma, 28 sec reload, the speedbosters and one more heal. Only 1 less gun and two turret but perfectly teach you the T10 Republic playstyle. Almost forget Gascogne has better gunrange too, 23 km when i remember corectly. Why would i buy this over Gascogne? No point.
  4. Martaloc801124

    Pommern , wtf is this crap?

    I dont buyed this crap, im always read what can do whatever ship. But you know guys be happy with this nerfed junk. I play instead op RU ships. I bought P Bagration and that ship super , kill anybody left and right either with Ap or HE , has heal and very tanky despite being a cruiser. Same with Stalingrad. My next target is Slava, whenever i sink Pommern or any nerfed german wonder , i will always think for you and youre perfect positioning and brawlingtechnics with very big sarcastics smile whoever wasted coal or real money on these, cuz i will not. *EDIT*
  5. Martaloc801124

    Pommern , wtf is this crap?

    Aha ,when Grosser Kurfürst is almost out of meta with her bigger , more accurate and faster reloading guns, Pommern definitly will be a strong ship, im convinced. In meanwhile i hoped my glorious Musashi and killed one Odin ,one Tallin and the enemy Midway CV , easy 168 k damage from long range sniping (between14 -17 km), this is the new sad meta , you will never do that with the Pommern , just wondering why cant you hit anything past 10 km and die pitiable.
  6. Martaloc801124

    Pommern , wtf is this crap?

    Just for you Tirpitz and Bismarck sigma is 1.8 and not good. I hope you will still love Pommern when any Stalinium ship or the overmatch 457 mm guns premium BB's will you eat alive (Ohio, Thunderer,Georgia). This is a tier 9 ship not tier 5. Ah i remembered, Musashi with his big gun has 1.7 sigma too with the same 274meter dispersion and has 30 sec reload, with MBM3 26,4 sec, Pommern with MBM3 29,04 sec, horrible ,so youre argument is invalid. Pommern is just crap not average.
  7. Martaloc801124

    Pommern , wtf is this crap?

    Hi guys just as the title say ,what the hell happened whit this german BB? I really hoped a decent tier 9 coal BB as the Jean Bart , Musashi and Georgia. In the preliminary stats was decent , not good cuz this is a germans ship but playable. Her stats was 1.8 sigma with 30 sec reload. In my opnion this was good cuz in my t9 ships im in usual in full T9 match, then the next match T10 and only from ten match in one or two top tier with T9-7 match. Now 9.7 is live and i just looked Pommern stats again and i see this : https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/05/ludendorff-tier-ix-german-battleship.html What the stinking bloody hell is this ?!? 1.5 sigma with 33 sec reload? Even the dispersion of her guns is bad : 273 meter. Is this some bad joke? This ship is in a top tier almost always in t10 , she must competitive with the tier tens. But this? long reload with unaccurate , smal caliber guns ? OMFG...................Who tested this ship? Stalingrads, Petropavlosks ,Zaos , Yoshinos and all the other cruisers will farm this miserable ship with easy. When she meet a normal BB T9-10 BB ,she will lose again cuz a. 1.5 sigma and big dispersion wont hit anything b. when enemy BB is angled the 380mm guns just ricochet, plus you cant hit the superstructure with the unaccurate guns. You can say that Pommern has good secondarys and torpedos, go brawl with her dont snipe ! This is not true either cuz you never will just with youre auxaliary armamants ,this is not that game, usualy esp with in this high tier you will burned to death in minutes or citadell shoots, not to mention the DD's and CW's torps and guns. So DEAR WG fix this ship give back her 1.8 sigma with the 30 sec reload, particularly the Slava hit the live servers too and compered to the Pommern , the Pommern is a big bad joke !!! Slava can hit anything on the whole map , Pommern fail even from brawl range under 10 km................................ Flamu video from Slava
  8. Martaloc801124

    Your Last Chance to Obtain Z-35

    My bigest problems to the too short range torps. Buff them atlest 8,5 km as the Z 39. This setup remember me to Khabarovsk with the exatly same 6 km range on his torps but with 3 less gun and worse gunsetup, plus much slower.
  9. Martaloc801124

    Armada: Cheshire

    Too much whining loser ! Cheshire is good ship. I have Atago and Takao and both of these ships have 15.8 km range with 16 second reload on they guns but still working fine. Play battleboats when you cant play with cruiser ! I will buy this ship on my next payday, good job WG! PS: dont brawl with cruiser secondaries , omfg........What are you thinking guys? this Baby has very good and fast torps use them!
  10. Martaloc801124

    Armada: London

    Flamu tested London 2 months ago , so everybody know what the ship is capable. What surprise you guys? Cant click on Youtube? Before i purchase something i always check on some CC chanel what the ship is capable and when i think i can play with it only then buy for myself.
  11. Martaloc801124

    It is painful

    Youre still here? Youre not serious about this. Dont you have third and fourth account later?
  12. Martaloc801124

    It is painful

    Bye Mordazor , we wont miss you. Dont slam the door !!!
  13. Martaloc801124

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    I can say for the majority of players , [edited]these missions WG. With my average players in random, especialy [edited]this. Even the super unicums on Youtube and Twitch laugh histerical when they saw these generous and easy missions.
  14. Martaloc801124

    [RESULTS] Pearl Harbor - Fight for Arizona

    Screw this content WG , i happyli doed these missions and after i see my Arizona in port i on her the 24 hours countdown. This is fake advertisement, the article said fight for Arizona not some useless rental ship, nowhere to found in the article that this was all for 1 day rental !!! Okay : i found on the bottom of the homepage the single day rental, but im not remembering that this was on the page in the morning, somebody corrected now after seeing the post not not? Shame on you WG . I thinked this was some pre Christmas gift for us...................
  15. Martaloc801124

    RTS vs Rework - Saipan

    Ignore El2aZeR trollpost. He is CV uniqum and i dont understand his problem. He can say whatever want in the current patch Saipan is almost the worst premium CV. Enterprise superior in every ways , thats why WG removed from the store. Dear El2aZeR you can say whatever you think, but as average player i dont realy like my Saipan either. I have Implacable and Kaga too and i feel much comfortable with them even when they are uptiered. Maybe you can play with them in tier 10 but i dont. Punktum.