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  1. Also: The first kanmusu of the 2nd fleet in combined fleet never sinks (also if red)
  2. Look like they stopped it untill Zara Due remodel. Nice, but for Saratoga i don't have Usn Ships for LSC
  3. 9 hours left and i'm looking for her too, with 1k fuel
  4. I leave it here
  5. smoke

    I just wanted to say Duca with IFHE Fire chance -0.5%, tecnically he filled with water
  6. Disabled not sunk German U-boot Very Unlucky
  7. Maybe god's justice
  8. ther's relation between this post and the mission of fire damage of Yamamoto's campaign? Edit First set is cruiser focused so MM i really good today
  9. Strange... it should work in both cases
  10. Try with only one click
  11. That gun mounts Don't make me cry