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  1. _NLForces_

    Advanced CV guide

    Happy to help out!
  2. _NLForces_

    0.9.9 hidden CV Nerfs

    The problem has still not been fixed, here is a clip from patch @YabbaCoe The planes return back to the carrier extremely slowly, and start taking damage about halfway through. This is happening on all CV's, but is especially noticeable on tier IV. I know Hosho is supposed to have very slow plane return, but this is A LOT slower than it was before.
  3. _NLForces_

    Account with USS Enterprise?

    Currently yes, however a bit ago we had the anniversary tokens, from which you could buy Air Supply container that have a pretty high chance of dropping a tier VIII carrier. Simply own all other tier VIII carriers, buy about 5 of those containers and you'll probably be the proud owner of a Enterprise.
  4. _NLForces_

    Anyone tested out the new CV modules?

    I like to use Midway legmod since I often use the Midway's Dive bombers. It's not a straight upgrade like the Hakuryu, so it's up to you. Auda is interesting but arguably worse than the health mod, have tried it for a few games but I'm back to using health mod
  5. Since this only works on a few maps in very specific spots, this doesn't really give an advantage over flying close and then dropping. Only in very specific situations can you snipe a cruiser who just happens to be sailing broadside, and get more than 5k dmg For me this is a hilarious thing, but pretty useless. Harmless to leave in the game
  6. _NLForces_

    Clan battles season 9

    1: Speaking from a carrier standpoint (since almost nobody else is covering that) I'd like to see INCREASED bomb accuracy (hear me out before starting to REEEE) and reduced bomb alpha (25.5k is too much) Currently it's possible to have 2 overpens and 1 citadel on a perfectly aimed drop, while a crap drop can reward you with 3 citadels. This makes dodging UNRELIABLE, since RNG seems to take care of half the drop. Ironcially, buffing the accuracy will take care of both these issues. Nerfing the alpha to keep damage in check seems perfectly reasonable. 2: Faster lockon for fighters. The 5s delay makes it too easy to get a drop off, even if a fighter is hanging above. Where are the fighter changes that were on the table? 3: a Venezia nerf would be really welcome. It's too versatile that you see either her or the always powerful Stalingrad. This makes for some very boring gameplay with almost no variation in lineup.
  7. _NLForces_

    Advanced CV guide

    No, slingshot can't be done anymore in the way depicted by the video. It's still doable with torpedo bombers, however! Also you can technically still exploit the mechanic, you just have to be very precise and it'll only stop about 1/5th of the long range AA. So it's still a useful skill in my opinion, I just don't use it very often anymore. But thanks for notifying! I have edited it.
  8. _NLForces_

    Advanced CV guide

    @_Yolokaze_I do take SS on Hakuryu. It's to make the bombs that little bit more accurate, thus in theory reducing the RNG. They are little things, but they do help. Always take speed module on your carriers. More speed = more attacks = more damage/more inpact = more wins.
  9. _NLForces_

    Is there a way to get Ovechkin again?

    CV to CV interaction is, at most, 15% of your concern as a CV. AA is by far the biggest factor, especially when uptiered. So it is a valid question by D7v
  10. _NLForces_

    Is there a way to get Ovechkin again?

    Ovechkin gives 50 HP extra for the aircraft, which means about 600 extra health for the squad (depending on how many aircraft are left) which is usually gone in 1-2s in any respectable DPS. In other words, Ovechkin is a really small factor and is barely noticeable. Don't worry too much about getting him.
  11. @Sehales Are these changes being considered for all battle types, or just Clan Battles?
  12. _NLForces_

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Very interesting. Curious to see how it will work out!
  13. _NLForces_

    ST, changes to European destroyers and Marceau.

    The reduced reload on those guns will make Friesland obsolete though, which would be a shame *sad Dutch noises*