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  1. _NLForces_

    ST - Matchmaker changes

    I'm with El2aZeR here, why not revert to where tier IV CV's had only one torpedo per drop? Tier IV CV's were balanced until you gave it +100% damage output without any other changes. (go figure).
  2. IFHE nerf is interesting, but I'm afraid of the balance issues it causes, while offering no real gain in game quality (in my opinion) The 30mm armour box... It's not like one midsection of 30mm will help too much if you can't swing it in like a Smolensk...
  3. _NLForces_

    0.8.10 - General Feedback

    After the -15% XP nerf for carriers, it's become almost impossible to get top of the team on XP, especially in ranked. Maybe WG can readdress the CV XP income? In my opinion, this nerf was too much. Thanks very much for reading!
  4. _NLForces_

    Suggestions thread

    Regarding carriers: After the -15% XP income nerf, it's become almost impossible to get top on XP, especially in ranked. Can WG readress this nerf? In my opinion it is too much. Thanks very much for reading!
  5. _NLForces_

    Advanced CV guide

    Thanks for the kind words :) The lack of comments is probably because I posted the same article twice, to get a little more coverage. I now know this becomes very confusing, so I've stopped updating the second article (it's this one, if you're wondering: Since The post you're on now has more followers, I'll keep this one updated instead of the one in 'general-guides' Sorry for the confusion!
  6. _NLForces_

    Advanced Carrier guide

    Update, since this was my first forum post (and thus had no clue as to what I was doing) I created two posts since I wasn't quite sure where to put the guide. Since this post has less followers than the other one, I'll stop updating this particular one, and move over to the post. Sorry for the confusion xD
  7. _NLForces_

    Advanced Carrier guide

    Interesting point... I like to use less aircraft for a drop that might be dangerous. But like you, I often take all aircraft along to juicy targets (single battleships or destroyers) My guide is by no means definitive. I'll start NOT predropping and see what effect it has on my results. Thanks for your input!
  8. _NLForces_

    Advanced Carrier guide

    I try to save them early game, unless I really need them. It's better to have not need than need not have :P
  9. _NLForces_

    Anti CV Build Thread

    Once a CV commits to an attack, and only then notices you've got a full AA build, he'll still go for the attack. So the first objective of the AA (scaring off enemy aircraft) has failed. You will shoot down a few more using the AA skills, but it's not worth sacrificing other important skills for it. The second point about flak being useless, I don't agree entirely. If you're working together with someone else, you can fill the sky with flak bursts, that make it IMPOSSIBLE to fly around. Even pro players will get vaporized, so it's not entirely wasted. TL:DR Don't trade 'normal' skills in for AA skills, it's rarely worth it.
  10. _NLForces_

    The Alabama

    Don't regret your purchase just yet, a powercrept ship can still do very well. The German cruisers are excellent examples of this.
  11. _NLForces_

    About Graf zeppelin

    Then why are you discrediting Sunleader for his opinion? (quote below)
  12. _NLForces_

    About Graf zeppelin

    The fact that he made it work should at least tell you that @Sunleader knows his crap, you don't need RTS experience to know the current meta.
  13. _NLForces_

    About Graf zeppelin

    Graf Zeppelin holds a special place in my heart as being my first CV since the rework, she looks gorgeous too, but she does need a small buff in my opinion. I think the aircraft could do with a small aircraft restoration time decrease (by about 10s) and VASTLY increased accuracy on the AP bombs, plus a bit more pen. The AP bombs are the biggest joke in my opinion, rockets are good, torps are fast but the bombs... they are very underwhelming and unreliable.
  14. _NLForces_

    General Feedback

    Please remove this comment if this was already reported! When going to autopilot (which has gotten alot better, thanks) and you put a autopilot waypoint ON your ship, which I often do to stop autopilot, the cursor says in the 'click to plot a course' mode. You cannot click, move, go out of it or anything else. I've had to reboot the game every time this bug pops up.
  15. _NLForces_

    Torp Bombers Mod.1 vs Attack Aircraft Mod.1

    I tend to use the torpedo bomber mod. If I miss a target, I have the possibility to switch targets mid-run.