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    Map Movement GIF contest

    Giphy Map Movement GIF - (http://gph.is/261PuwG) Clean Version - (http://gph.is/28J0ZA2) Mahan: High Caliber and Confederate. I get 3 kills, then our BB cleans up with solo warrior. JustinCaseDK Edit: Submitted on Facebook first, then here. Original video: - ( )
  2. My Challonge username is JustinCaseDK aswell btw. Forgot to specify cause they are the same.
  3. I'm so in for that BB tourny Also currently learning how to make skins. It'll be my first, but hopefully i'll make it in time!
  4. JustinCaseDK

    [GNBDeleRT_] Week2: Best FanArt

    The youtube channel name, made me instantly sub. *wonders why *
  5. JustinCaseDK

    God mode confirmed? (bug)

    Wouldn't mind this bug happened just once, for me ^^ I'm new to warships and haven't really experienced any trouble at all. But this one makes the list of funny bugs Edit: Sad to hear the game froze and all that though.
  6. JustinCaseDK

    Lets be friends! :D

    Hello fellow Captains and Ensigns. I'm looking for people to play with, I'm generally on in the danish daytime, wich is 08-20 CEST (not all the time, but between those hours). My overall experience with these types of games is about 2 years of War Thunder back when that was in beta, to release. But I've now discovered World of Warships, the ultimate edition of these games! I've watched tons of youtube and twitch content. I've played World of Warships for about 3-4 weeks now. I'm currently sailing the Pensacola as main. But I have ships in the Tier 4-7 class. Hoping to see some friendrequests ingame of people to play with! Cya out there captains!
  7. JustinCaseDK

    Amazing customer support!

    Hello Captains and Ensigns! Just wanted to talk about a positive story with customer support. (and not that there have been any negative ones for me prior to this) I wanted to change my name since I created the account back when I was still using my old nick name (Baggex). I then went to the website and tried changing it, but doing so with doubloons was unsuccesful. I then went on to write support a ticket stating my problem changing names and this message was responded to within 12 hours, explaining that the price of a name change had been deducted in doubloons and a "free" name change had been provided to me. I was amazed, it all went so fast and already 2 minutes after changing, I saw my name changed on all websites regarding wargaming. Just amazing. Can't wait for the next server restart, so I can get my namechange to take effect in game. See you out there fellow shipmates! Ensign JustinCaseDK Edit: I was helped by Tomasz from customer support.
  8. JustinCaseDK

    File Sytem

    Updating took about 45 minutes all together. Was "slow" at first, but then picked up speed. Done on a 7200 RPM HDD, not an SSD. Edit: Wish the installation would be smaller though, like 20gb tops. Would make it fit nice and easy on my SSD ^^
  9. JustinCaseDK

    Very good patch (on my side)

    I wanted to take the time to say that the patch is working incredibly well on my computer. I've had more steady FPS. Used to be fluctuating between 50-75, but now it's more steady around 70-75. I'm experiencing very fast load times. 5-10 second load time on the first game, and then down to a whopping 1 to 2 second load time once the game is loaded the first time. I'm amazed how well this patch upped overall client performance (on my side atleast) I've been testing various types of ships and haven't run into any trouble regarding mechanics failing or likewise. I'll even go so far as to say the Carrier airplane controls feel more responsive in this patch, but that may be due to the more steady FPS. I'm hoping (along with others) that the reduced loading time will reduce the amounts of AFK'ers we get in the beginning of/throughout a match. This patch gets a A+ from me. MOBO: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 CPU: AMD FX-8350 4Ghz GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming RAM: 16GB Generic Ram Kingston PSU: XFX ProSeries 650W PSU 80+ Bronze Game installed on HDD not SSD.