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  1. ozgur7freeman

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Why Huanghe don't have deep water charges while Leander and Perth has it?
  2. ozgur7freeman

    Ryujo Fighter Cons. Bug (?)

    Problem is the Ryujo droppin 3 fighter planes but it kills only 2 enemy planes from the squadron and its always the same. Im not saying this from only lookin thru 1 battle. Is this happened anyone of you who played Ryujo?
  3. ozgur7freeman

    Have you won Missouri, Musashi, Benham or Belfast in any crate??

    Got it from a super container
  4. ozgur7freeman

    Unique Premium Ships

    I found another German CV. Sms Seydlitz. This makes third german cv that posted to the thread. I wasnt expected there was another kriegsmarine cv projects. "Seydlitz was a heavy curiser of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine, fourth in the Admiral Hipper Class, but was never completed. The ship was laid down in December 1936 and launched in January 1939, but the outbreak of World War II slowed her construction and fitting-out work was finally stopped in the summer of 1940 when she was approximately 95 percent complete. The unfinished ship remained pier-side in the shipyard until March 1942, when the Kriegsmarine decided to pursue aircraft carriers over surface combatants. Seydlitz was among the vessels chosen for conversion into auxiliary aircraft carriers." Source: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/German_cruiser_Seydlitz
  5. ozgur7freeman

    Unique Premium Ships

    Wargaming always says they are making unique vehicles as premiums for their every game. So yea... Here we are with REAL unique vehicles instead of high tier copy premiums. I wasn't know even Ijn Tone was in the game back in time but now its absent while ships like Colbert and Balensk are relevant. Im collecting all the ship suggestions for future post that im planning to do. So please people don't hesitate to recommend the ships you find interesting.
  6. ozgur7freeman

    Unique Premium Ships

    We found our t4 German cv
  7. ozgur7freeman

    Unique Premium Ships

    It can be a low tier premium german cv with high tier planes with small groups. Like in Saipan. Really cool!
  8. ozgur7freeman

    Unique Premium Ships

    I wasnt know it was in the blitz :/ But thinking of that a bb launching 4 dive bombers (for example) is really fun. And balance is that you cant use your ship like in cv while airborne and small air group can be work with high regeneration time.
  9. ozgur7freeman

    Unique Premium Ships

    My recommendation (Ijn Ise) could be handy at t6 which is most double cv mm goin on and spotter plane for long range advantage obviously. So there is no harm for a interesting ship like that. Her fighter consumable can be 4 fighter instead of 3 and as i said decreases cooldown on aircraft consumables. Rest of the standard bb play style. And i think its looking so cool :D
  10. ozgur7freeman

    Unique Premium Ships

    Well... Good news it was in the game. Bad news, not anymore...
  11. ozgur7freeman

    Unique Premium Ships

    I wanted to make a thread about a interesting ship that could be a t5-t6 premium in the game. And honestly im so bored to see "reskinned" premium ships like Thunderer, Yoshino, Ohio etc. IJN Ise : Her key feature could be using fighter and spotting aircraft consumables at the same time with decrease cooldown and that could be (maybe) fun If you people know unique ships like this please make suggestions to the post. Even if nothing changes at least i get more ships name to read on wiki for fun.
  12. ozgur7freeman

    Arsenal Ship Refund Rule

    So... I bought Yoshino from arsenal and played 8 battle with it and i decided to refund the ship. But the problem for me is the i couldn't think that refund rule is gonna be that extreme. If i want to refund my arsenal ship i should played only 1 battle not more... I never refund any ship before so i wasn't know that but only 1 battle??? Like its not a real ship. There is no scratch on it when i try to refund :D . I talked with the support and only thing i can do write this subject to forum and take the attention to this rule. Anyone who bought a new ship play at least 2 battle with them why this rule is so limited. What you people think about it? I think its not a player-friendly policy.
  13. ozgur7freeman

    T8 Massacre

    This is the fifth battle with my massa and all the battles i join literally was look like this. Only 1 t8 in a team... Am i the only unlucky one here or you people have same issue with mm to. Because im tried of this bull**t.
  14. discord güncel link atarmısın knk

  15. ozgur7freeman

    Turkish Premium Ship Project

    For now there is no O class destroyer in tech tree. Maybe after the RN destroyers arrive they can add another O class destroyer to tech tree. Because of that this will be better than a re-skin premium ship (my opinion). And yes Turkey can't be have a tech tree but there is very historically important ships we have like Yavuz and Midilli.