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    Interests: Anime, games, cartoons, novels, short stories, comic books, manga, philosophy, anthropology, evolution of mankind, space exploration, rocket and aeronautical engineering, sociology, psychology, funny videos on youtube, random useless facts, nearly any kind of music or art form and myself as a whole.
  1. Bl4ckh0g

    Alaska/Guam as T10 cruiser.

    Well, If anyone cares there's this topic I made about the various battlecruisers similar to the Alaska Chibi Battleships-Smaller, Faster and Cuter You might find some stuff that wasn't mentioned here.
  2. Bl4ckh0g

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Roon and Hindenburg are like totally fake or based off rough sketches or something?
  3. Bl4ckh0g

    In World War II,Where is 60+section torpedo?WG

    There's this bit on navweaps about Naval War College estimates. This line was referring to the historical ships I got the vibe that you referred to the in game ships in this part, If that's not the case, I apologize I originally meant, that as You start out in the first dreadnoughts the difference between historical hit ratios and in game hit ratios are sizable in order for the game to be fun(somewhat) As You go up in the tiers this difference gets lower and lower, because modern WWII battleships actually achieved hit ratios that are more sensible in the game. If we are dealing with a case of two non-native English speakers totally misunderstanding each other, then I try to solve that with this post, However If that's not the case I honestly do not know what are we talking about, so It would be nice If someone could tell me, because right now It seems we are arguing whether H2O or water is wetter.
  4. Bl4ckh0g

    In World War II,Where is 60+section torpedo?WG

    Damn, Okay, thing is I sometimes leave out important bits from my replies, such as when I switch between the historical ships and the ships in game. I meant the real ships, as you go down the tiers and you reach the dreads the hit ratio goes to single digits(at long distances), which isn't put into the game(well, not entirely) because the game would be unplayable.
  5. Bl4ckh0g

    In World War II,Where is 60+section torpedo?WG

    Except the game doesn't simulate battle circumstances. I think. I hope. Yeah It definitely doesn't, given the rate of fire of some of the guns(such as Aoba, Furutaka probably even some Soviet cruisers), disregarding the changes for the sake of game balance.
  6. Bl4ckh0g

    In World War II,Where is 60+section torpedo?WG

    I really only wanted to compare that to the higher tier battleships, because as You go down the tiers the hit ratios drop to single digits.(which is utterly unplayable) But the higher tier battleships, tier 8-10 may have hit ratios that are more historically accurate than thought.
  7. Bl4ckh0g

    In World War II,Where is 60+section torpedo?WG

    Actually, BBs are not that far off from their historical accuracy. Well Ok, I only know that the Iowa achieved a hit ratio of 10,5% from 18 km against a Bismarck sized target(broadside) (32-3% from 9 km) I think that's around what you'd get in-game as well, no?
  8. I believe the idea was: It doesn't protect anything critical therefore 45 mm will suffice for protection against splinters. Since the Scharnhorst(God I still hate this name) was a battlecruiser, saving weight was important.
  9. Bl4ckh0g

    I crawled back from this weird thing called life

    Interesting, DD meta sounds fun, I've had fun hunting other DDs as a US DD. Thanks! People already complained about those things when Babylon was built, so not much news there
  10. It was like really weird. Like really. I do not know whether anyone remembers me anymore or not, most of you probably do not even know who I am. Which makes things awkward. But I will make this post anyway, because I have lazy friends or ones who only play the stuff I played back in the days. Well, thing is I somewhat became interested in the game again. I am absolutely not here because I haven't got anything better to do. I am asking you people, kindly, about the state of the game. I was away for like, 6 months or so, and while I was gone, za Germans and Da glorious motherland invaded this game and I no longer have any idea how things are, and It would be really good to know and stuff. Like how the meta changed, How good are cruisers/destroyers? Etc. Etc. I thank you for reading through this and maybe even replying. For those of you who thought You finally got rid of me: I'm back biatches
  11. Bl4ckh0g

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Maybe We get an April fools event when We can sail missile cruisers, angled deck carriers and ships like the Kirov Maybe Well After the Iowa versus alien battleship one ofc
  12. Bl4ckh0g

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    German visible, others still not.
  13. "I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men." — H. P. Lovecraft

  14. Bl4ckh0g


    Well since It has rapid firing destroyer guns....bad range is a given
  15. Bl4ckh0g

    Short range fire can not sink a battleship

    AFAIK the last weapon functioning on the Bismarck when the crew decided to abandon her/him/It whatever was one 20 mm gun. Shells might have a hard time sinking ships, but when the "ship" is a floating piece of junk metal, there isn't really a need to sink it, no?