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  1. P2Win

    Stabbed in the back!

    Stalingrad players are already crying, this is priceless. The funny thing is WG isn’t directly nerfing premiums...a global nerf is allowed under the P2Win model. Now instead of bow on and auto bounce everything...you’re gonna have to git gudder:)
  2. P2Win

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    This is a ship that’s better than every single battleship in this game. Bow in and auto bounce everything. Cruiser with godlike accuracy and range and radar. Seems like your fun is about to end. No longer will you be able to stand head on vs conqs. Every salvo prepare to burn down.
  3. With that terrible stats. You should be locked out of randoms. Mind you if you're a useless DD, team can still get around that...But when you're the useless TX CV..well not much can be done.
  4. Lol..our cv was very special. I will leave it as that. Well played.
  5. P2Win

    BB tutorial

    Remember if you’re bad with BB..practice your aiming with cruisers. If that doesn’t help well stick to DD.
  6. Why dodge when you can just ram an island?
  7. Haha. How many times have I abused this to avoid torps, salvos, cv strike and who knows what else. I better play nice before I get a forum ban.
  8. See wall of torps coming through channel...full speed ahead...hard left into island...0 damages taken. Seems very beneficial to me. And let’s not talk about people ramming into island to avoid salvos while showing full broadside to go undetected, oh wait this doesn’t happen. The while point is crashing into an island should be punishable, unless islands are made of cotton.
  9. Force such player into coop. Git gud or uninstall.
  10. Why isn’t there a game mechanic that punish these behavior? You beach = you receive flooding damage for the duration of the beaching border humping = % of ship hp damage for duration of humping + you can’t shoot your guns or torps This shouldn’t be hard to implement, these silliness get abused in every match.
  11. P2Win

    This is what *it* looks like

    It's not the enemy DIV. It's solely on the clueless CV on our side. Zero AA support, zero spotting, kinda like those shima players with 20km torps.
  12. CVs like this should not be allowed in random. *edited*
  13. Someone one told me WR didn’t matter because of MM.
  14. Lol..I regret getting the musashi..seen Alaska gameplay and it doesn’t seem like it’s any special
  15. P2Win

    Fara on carrier rework

    3 tx BB division? Why on earth...?