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    Penalty for Ships dying in the first 2-3 minutes

    the only way to help players is to teach/learn them,i can rember sayingin wot adopt a tomato and have win loss ratio on all tanks 50% , can do the same in ships . so all the best players wg staff cc , be funded to have a clan base fully operational and all new players are auto join these clans and then can be shown good practices . you all be moaning for years , we all know when some moan on forums its the first step to leaving the game if you dont get what you want. so ladies and gents adopt a tomato , and set up training clans to help players learn good practice. in coop i see shed loads of ranked players that leave a lot to be desired. its like tanks you want a dd to spot like in tanks but players who want to play dd many dont spot and play for them selves , so you must learn to play with this in mind so stiff upper lip and carry on, then you wont be moaning as much. players have the right to play how they see fit, after all they are paying to play the game. many thanks wish you all well
  2. knaveofengland

    The CC problem

    perhaps the cc can make a series of videos explaining the whole battle tactics on each map then all can learn from them. everyone should ask them perhaps have them video series as a training guide . wish you all well
  3. knaveofengland

    The stigma of the losing streak

    if there was skill based and same tier ships in each battle then who knows , but then how would you say then is it a loosing streak ,or iam i sloppy , iam i just average and have a few good games , to find this out you would need to , you know whats next so go try to see what the issue is. wg they could put players in brackets depening on their level of skill , but then half of them would just become average . and then the normal average would become you guessed . its like a game of chess the higher level you play against normally the better you become on average. my self would rather play against same level skill and same level tier ship this i pay for , in stead of some premium time a month or so a year , like eve online permant sub for alpha .perhaps wg should have playing past tier 6 subs based and below tier 5 free. wish you all well hope you all have a great day
  4. knaveofengland


    wg could stop some of the camping by removing some of the pointy things in the water , some maps there are far to many pointy things , another way could be in beta only had the map a few times are you sitting down the had NO POINTY THINGS , this was really good as no one could camp and the team split in 2 and hugged the borders. another one now is have it skill based and not mm ,but then half the good players would become tomatoes so cant see that happening , even though the game is skill based , if you put players in skill brackets then you have more balanced games. another one is get good players and wg staff and the cc, to all make clans and everyone has to join a clan ,it then help the game be far more productive ,and new players could learn from the outset by expericenced players . like eve university in eve online , then you have better player retention , more happy players who would have more fun and more fun means more cash for wg . wish you all well bob
  5. i understand where you are coming from , but business is business .the locker boxes i wont buy as i want to know what i am buying .the only time companys will change things is when they are not making much cash , or they just want more cash over time they have 200+ premium ships , think when wg get cash strapped then they pull out the belfast for 70 pounds + . do think play the game for what it is and what ever fun you have , for me randoms is just to toxic and one sided , still think all games should be based on players skill rather than the way it is .i rather all games was what ever +/- of ships but all the players with same skill play at same level not one sided . i will say this since the wipe i only play coop for the chill out and support with some premium time gold etc,the game is polished in game play but , since i have come back to many coop games are bad , example draws in coop really, can remember in beta i had 12% draws , and now coop games last half the time with enemy ships still alive, small amount of games with 1 player if player is sunk then its a draw really. for me i love the game like tanks but no more tanks for years, still love the ships but same old maps ,all coop games with sucide dd bots ,even cruisers and bb have seen ram each other ,the cv dont even defend its self with planes ,many games with brain dead players, do think some of them players are ai controled because the way they play. this game has to make cash to carry on so i will support here and there , but my fun factor lasts a few weeks then its gone for me allready fed up with the same old maps , do want to buy some more premiums ,but i hold on to me cash as game is getting dull now,. wish you well
  6. knaveofengland

    Getting frustrated after about a week and a half playing

    game is frustrating in randoms , make a mistake and ship gone and the wonderfull flak you get, in coop you dont often get any flak , just bots who sucide and same old maps, go coop and chill out some . would also say you do need to go back to lower tiers , maybe around tier 5 to 6 . i have 50+ ships all nations ac tier 4 all dd most tier 6 and some 5 , cl/ca mostly tier 6 and some 5, bb all tier 5 , i know what each ship roughly can do , so i have a rough idea on what they can do, this helps a lot. would suggest join a clan as solo play after a while just gets boring in a week or 2 i stop and have a long break. i am like you a total war fan and beta tester for most of the series, and red dead redemption 2 and kindom come deliverence . i would suggest play coop and make some friends . i just play coop since the wipe , coop is chill out easy mode unless you get bad team , and you do get bad teams and sometimes you are just the player and rest are bots ,but then if you play randoms you will get chewed to bits. wish you well if you need a friend in coop i help you.
  7. knaveofengland

    questions & help & advice

    thank you both for the help and advice most welcome, hopr you both have a wonderfull day
  8. knaveofengland

    questions & help & advice

    with new ship lines in tech tree like the v-170 branching to the german carriers line , i have kept many ships for this reason , does anyone know what other lines will follow on the destroyer lines and the cruiser lines and is there going to be any branching in the battleship lines. also is there going to be monitor ships , motor torpedo boats , carrier sub ,maybe even maunsell forts. on all the tier 5 ships all the bb/bc/cl/ca/dd/ what ones are worth keeping , as i am nearlly got most of the tier 6 in dd/cl lines then i get the bb and cv done , any advice on this be most welcome . finally on premium ships tiers 5 to 7 only what ones are worth getting all classes dd /cl/ca/bb/cv for , please dont suggest slow ships i have sold the slow one and ones i didnt like ,just general fun ships i have the scharnhorst , giulio cesare , murmansk , mikoyan , exeter ,gremyashchy, anshan , any advice be most welcome . i only play coop since the wipe ,and before you ask ,i play the game so i support the game with some cash here and there , and when bored i leave and come back when ever . wish you all well bob
  9. knaveofengland

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    the game is polished and nice gameplay whats not to like overall , there has been zillions of suggestions over the years , i havent played random since the wipe , on this account ,but do help my grandkids with thier subs, premiums ships,used to cost 200/250 pounds each month. but they havent played in a year close to 2 now , i come and go when i get fed up and come back when ever .so in effect my grandchildern got bored playing so wg looses fair amount of cash each month from me. i do think what the cc has shown is how a pro can do it now we need you to do the same then compare , with no camos nothing ,then we can say on whats new players can aspire to, but i took the ccsvideo as a promational video about you need to buy all these things to get there, i can afford it but think many cant ,it would be nice if you done a full series on all the countrys ships start to finish so this can be what we can all learn. so a challenge to all the ccs go do the lot without camos flags free xp etc etc etc, then you have the hall of fame and be remembered like the eve online shrine , . my grandon did watch the video with me and his comments were its like watching rich kids sleep rough for a few night in londons streets and making all these remarks .
  10. knaveofengland

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    i can remember in beta there was a few battles that had nio pointy things all over the place , just a plain map no islands , bring that back then i think game would get more fun to play
  11. knaveofengland

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    i have respect for the game and the cc players, i havent played randoms since beta and only play coop ,and i come and go when i get bored , have done 1 month sub for now . i would say the last few days i see many ranked players bitching in coop with just about anything , so its not changed since beta . would say if you want to change the way players learn the game , you can make the cc and the top players and wg staff , and all players have to join a clan period , and then the best can learn the tomatoes like in tanks , i did restart tanks had the wipe it was 51% but could not be asked and havent played tanks since .
  12. knaveofengland

    My feelings about the game.

    i started in beta got fed up with then 10+% draws which is a loss , since the wipe havent played randoms just coop , when i get bored i go play something else , now have come back still just playing coop main reason the bots do go for you , in random it was all 1 way very boring . what you say is you hit the nail on the head . have played a few battles in a cv tier 4 dont think i be playing cv they stay at tier 4 . maybe wargaming might make some new modes like , random with cv full benefits +2-2 random with no cv half benefits +2-2 random all same tier , you can guess the benefits etc wish you well
  13. hi everyone, would say this game does need these extra ships , if you play on ps4 i have been playing on the ps4 ,and they have limited amount of ships , i think real ships, so might be idea for you to buy a consule and play on ps4,xbox . if you look on tanks planes and ships and count how many premiums then you are in for a shock , example 174 premium tanks 88 premium planes 104 premium ships , do think this will go over 200+ planes has the less amount of premiums , now tanks 174 ships 104 . i have a few ships did sell the ones i didnt like , want to buy a few more, but the ones i want like belfast and the exeter havent got . wish you all well
  14. knaveofengland

    Waterline: Episode 4 - Discussion Thread

    updates allways welcome but with the way wg are i do think the cv gameplay is good for pc players ,with the new controls for the ps4/xbox has to be redone , you all have to remember the ps4 and xbox market is huge and wg wants a piece of it.i dont think the new update with the cvs be that good for the pc players . it should be way easier for the ps4,xbox kiddies reason for the new gameplay , do think it should be kept as it is for the pc players
  15. if you so stressed out at high levels then its either drop down a few levels , play coop or take a break , a long time ago in beta a unicum told me if you struggle, not happy with the results with other players , then make a video and post it on the forums to see where either you can improve or you are playing right ,then you know what to do and how to play . my probelm in beta was to many draws and didnt even try to improve , thats when a unicum told me , you havebnt tried to get better . since then i just play coop and dont get stressed out its easy the bots its kill them or they will kill you , even better out of hours 1 player 7 bots . so if you are stressed just go play coop most of the time you dont even have to zig zag or circle since you know how the bots play . wish you well ,