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  1. knaveofengland

    Waterline: Episode 4 - Discussion Thread

    updates allways welcome but with the way wg are i do think the cv gameplay is good for pc players ,with the new controls for the ps4/xbox has to be redone , you all have to remember the ps4 and xbox market is huge and wg wants a piece of it.i dont think the new update with the cvs be that good for the pc players . it should be way easier for the ps4,xbox kiddies reason for the new gameplay , do think it should be kept as it is for the pc players
  2. knaveofengland

    WG - can you please give us bots instead of players with 20k avd dam on T10

    if you so stressed out at high levels then its either drop down a few levels , play coop or take a break , a long time ago in beta a unicum told me if you struggle, not happy with the results with other players , then make a video and post it on the forums to see where either you can improve or you are playing right ,then you know what to do and how to play . my probelm in beta was to many draws and didnt even try to improve , thats when a unicum told me , you havebnt tried to get better . since then i just play coop and dont get stressed out its easy the bots its kill them or they will kill you , even better out of hours 1 player 7 bots . so if you are stressed just go play coop most of the time you dont even have to zig zag or circle since you know how the bots play . wish you well ,
  3. knaveofengland


    coop is generaly easy mode , there was a time in beta the bots did win many so wg toned it down , the rewards are ok , in beta the random battles it used to be all go 1 way , much abuse and so many draws i had 10% , with that in mind i swapped to coop its stress free .in coop the bots do go for you , if you need a bit of challenge then play out of hours where its just y1/2 players and rest of team are bots. thats quite good to do coop rewards are ok , use premium time and camo/flags if you need more xp credits , because as in coop you wont level as fast as you would in randoms with the rewards. game was made for pvp , and the coop was for training getting and getting used to the game . wish you all well .
  4. knaveofengland

    Rebalancing Tiers to improve gameplay

    with the mm being +2 after tier 4 is meant to give you a challenge and overall i belive it balances out overall . i would love it if mm was same same as coop mirror image , but think that would take wads of waiting time so probally a +1 would be better i think . wg they cant or should say most probally would not want it skilled based because then half the good players would become not so good because they be playing against players at thier level so half of them would loose and have lower stats . unless there was a all players had to do a poll then it would show what the player base wanted .or just hide all stats for all players then no one would moan look at me win loss ratio . mine is 0 since only play coop since beta wipe .
  5. knaveofengland

    Yet another camping rant thread

    perhaps wg when you first start the gameon the loading screen , the starting positions could be put the bb first rowthen cl 2nd /3 row etc etc line 1 bb bb bb bb line 3 cl cl cl line 5 cv example then the bb would have to u turn this might be a idea to look at its only a suggestion
  6. knaveofengland

    this is just a very bad game

    would suggest you join a clan and learn from them , or even better post a few replays of you lost battles in differnet ships and the pros here will help you i am just lazy and cant be bothered to zig zag cirle and course , angle swap ammo , so coop is great for me . so please send in a handfull of replays and you can be helped , perhaps a few nice players may take you onboard and show you how to play better , i have given some tips , wiki is your friend if there are some not so good ships by pass them . wish you well
  7. knaveofengland

    christmas/new year sales ships

    i just play coop main reason havent the time with eve total war arena to name a few i still keep me hand in , so i ask again what premium ships are worth having , when i did play random i did have like 10+ % draws reason i gave up . coop suits me for now eve online havent had many good battles for long time now , so thats kinda boring total war can be good fun . anyway the bots play better than most players apart from off peak hours and they sucide you really do learn how to play . so please list what premium ships are worth getting . wish you all well
  8. knaveofengland

    christmas/new year sales ships

    hi ladies and gents wishing you all a happy christmas and a new year , ok with the sales over xmas and new year what premium ships are worth getting please no dd still not got the hang of them , i do have some premium ships just would like the advise from the good bad and the ugly any advise is allways welcome
  9. knaveofengland

    testing premium ships

    would it be possible to rent/trial for x amount of cash/gold for x amount for battles/days . the main reason is there are quite a few premium ships i would like to buy but never did due to some i did buy really didnt like on wot have more than 20+ premiums did get rid of a few and dont want masses of them again .reason for question
  10. knaveofengland

    premium ships

    hi everyone , in the ships section would it be possible to have a new section with just premium ships .so its far easier to find the info i am looking for .
  11. all wg need to do when a new ship is tested or balanced , they should put it on test server for a few weeks so all can try it out and make valid points . like with the graff zepelin wg have said they got it wrong so kudos for them . its a no brainer many players will test it and give feedback on any ship , so please wg want to keep the player base and players happy and more important spending cash then change the formula .
  12. knaveofengland

    football leagues

    did you read bushwacker i go in training league till found what league i go in , yorkie lol the idea has many flaws good and bad points you would go into a general random battle as it stands now the league would be a league the wait times and +2 mm would stand as it is and the balance as it is . the idea of a league in general would work but its the devil in the detail example leagues would be for players who want skill based mm , overall better players would probally just have a general random battle . the leagues players would be in is like ranked battles it be all year round of course some leagues like the top players would have less players so the maps and amount per side would change , so you have general random battles free for all and league battles this might look like ranked battles but more often and limited ,but i think more fun and less one sided, this of course take time to do , but the general idea of leagues is allready there in ranked battles/team battles so you allready doing it it just be more fairer and less 1 sided . those that play it benefit ,the win loss bracket is 5% so no the unicums overall bracket should not move more than 5% only the real bad players would drop to lowest league . in general the league is allready there its called ranked/team so most of the details are allready there all it be is you fit into a certain league when you play league battles . mike i think it would have to go on overall win loss ratio , as for a timer hopefully it be a lot more than ranked as it is now but more often like month/week 2 weeks , and mike skill based mm who knows till you have tried , i think it could and should be tried , i do think the stumbiling block would be players with high win loss ratio would not want to loose thier status, after all it would mean 50% of unicums players would loose a few % points . so the fine details would need some work doing but are allready there , all you get since beta is the same old stories this is a idea to help players fight with other players at thier level . and i do have kids who i fund thier accounts in tanks and warships so i just havent played this account but help them in wot my win loss was 51% before i had it wiped think i still have 18+ premium tanks , only really came back because me kids want me to .
  13. knaveofengland

    football leagues

    we all love football in uk so with the +2 mm and some games we all go round hugging the border etc etc etc , like in wot game over in a few mins rest you all know the rest no need to say more on that . the leagues would work as follows, example league tables league 1 win loss 75% 2 win loss 70% 3 win loss 65% all the way to 40% maybe lower . each player win loss ratio would decide to what league you would go in table above , since coming back i havent played random since beta wipe , so just staying in coop for now , i would go to a training league to be rated on me win loss ratio , then moved to a league based on my performance . overall i think this would help with the the one sided games , and you would be playing with players at your skill level , this would probally mean more work for wg but overall i think most would benefit and have a much better gaming experience , after all if you having fun wg benefits . this is a idea so each player would have a better gaming experience , since the beta wipe i stopped playing after returing found coop to be quite fun so its a no brainer having fun then random is hit and miss , stopped playing wot with the few mins battles to many one sided games . have only came back because me 2 kids still play tanks and ships . your thoughts and suggestions if this might be possible
  14. knaveofengland

    One sided matches

    this will allways be the norm with the +2 mm , and without having skill based mm .
  15. knaveofengland


    i would like subs but think the gameplay would be slow , so i would suggest minesweepers and maybe motor torpedo boats .