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    A question about a harbor

    Hi there, I have a possibly stupid question, but hey, its me. Anyway ... I had taken a considerable break from the game for a while. Before I did so, my favorite harbor was ST.Üetersburg, because it was night, the buildings were illuminated and it just looked awesome. Now since I got back, the harbor still shows as night in the selection screen, but when I choose it, it is daytime. Am I missing something? Has it been changed, or is there a way to bring it back? Thanks so much for your help. Fraggle
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    Suche Mitspieler / Clan

    Eine Flaschenpost *plingt* sanft gegen den Schiffsrumpf
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    Suche Mitspieler will net mehr alleine rumfahren...

    Flaschenpost liegt am Strand
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    Ihr sucht mich ?

    *stolpert über eine Flaschenpost* Hier lies mal
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    Du hast eine Flaschenpost am Strand
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    Du hast eine Flaschenpost
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    Du hast eine Flaschenpost am Strand liegen
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    Du hast Post
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    Suche Clan für spaß und mehr

    Du hast post
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    Suche Clan

    Du hast Post aus Schlumpfhausen