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  1. Takeda92

    USS Massachusetts

    Oh no, when WG try hard to make something different they make it overpowered. Inb4 Radar and UK cruiser heal, and T9 equipment slot on a T8 ship.. and special AP bounce angles.. but don't worry that will be balanced by slightly weaker long range AA and 2 seconds slower turret traverse!
  2. Well with 6km torps, idk how will Khab ever kill a Conq when fires and HE can be healed that much. Not sure how any ship is supposed to kill it to be honest. Imagine 3 in a division of these.. all that HP
  3. Strangely enough. I detonated another Udaloi just yesterday as well. Don't get the wrong idea though. I'm having terrible time in Khabarovsk. 36% winrate over 11 games so far.
  4. I hope you will give us ships that are either cruisers or destroyers as free XP ships in the future. Not all of us play battleships, and lately, you guys have been going really heavy on the premium BBs, even though you want to reduce the numbers of BBs in battle.
  5. I thought to try the new forum's search function and oh God, I didn't know my name came up a few times. Thanks for everyone who recognized my name.
  6. Takeda92

    The new forum format IMHO... Sucks

    Thank you very much
  7. Takeda92

    The new forum format IMHO... Sucks

    I don't even know how to filter the English topics only.
  8. Either heal or RoF. Other parameters can't be changed because they are the same for other ships. Fire chance and torp range are the same for Roon for example and that ship doesn't need a buff.
  9. Takeda92

    AP Bombs LUL

    Not only CVs aren't guaranteed in each match, there's also one per team in high tiers, and 50% chance they are US CVs. This is supposed to be the counter to BB meta, a click game?
  10. Takeda92

    AP dive bombers...

    Honestly with this change and the loadout change that will come later, I'm just worried the devs will reverse the balance between the two nations. They have proven to be incompetent after all, especially with carrier balance.
  11. I do think Tashkent could use a buff. It is just a bigger Kiev with more HP and that's about it.
  12. Takeda92

    AP dive bombers...

    So not only 1 class of CVs will get this, it works only on few BB lines too. Talk about situational. This is supposed to fix BB overpopulation? Because there are so many Fusos and so few Bayerns...
  13. Takeda92

    About time Developers stop Destroying Game

    Trust me, you weren't the first.. not gonna be last either
  14. Yes. It is. If you can also buy a perm camo for your t10, then you will even earn money on mediocre games.
  15. The CV rework just seem to be balancing US CVs loadouts.