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  1. SirCaitlynJenner

    Coal advice - Musashi

    Solution is really easy.. it is getting removed in 2 weeks or so... just buy it...
  2. SirCaitlynJenner

    42% fire chance, 38 hits and only 3 fires

    Also, keep in mind that rng is stronk.tm in wg games
  3. SirCaitlynJenner

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    There, i fixed it for you :D
  4. SirCaitlynJenner

    Upcoming AA rework (= removal)

    Also, notser is such a relevant favtor skillwise in this game... lel
  5. SirCaitlynJenner

    Carriers are Trash

    He mighbreak his keyboard once he sees how balanced new cvs are
  6. SirCaitlynJenner

    CV Rework: Change of Heart

    Fuel would be too much for your avg wows player... rts was too much for most cv players, fighter mechanics were too much, manual drop was too much, spotting of torps was too much, so they removed everything to make it easier on potatoes... i love old gameplay because of the skill gap. I don't mind getting dumped on by someone who is really a better player than i am and enjoy the challenge they pose, as i enjoy stomping poor bops who are less skilled than i am and happen to be lucky enough to bump into me. So what do we have now? AA will either se sub-par or utterly OP once they start tweaking it.. there is no middle ground, after all those years of playing wg games we all know how balance department works. You won't be able to spot torps anymore so no need to waste time helping your team with that. Spotting dd's is also worthless because you can now just take a big dump on them and get rid of them easier. So wg decided to trade alpha potential of a high tier CV with endless farming potential... and now potatoes won't have to worry with those things that actually made a superior CVplayer stand apart from the crowd. Now everyone can feel special... yey...
  7. SirCaitlynJenner

    Alaska and Azuma Fire duration ...WG fails again

    As long as they don't touch ICBM main armament i don't care... secondary builds are meh
  8. SirCaitlynJenner

    literally unplayable

    You can stilp get credits out of sc?
  9. SirCaitlynJenner

    CV Rework: Change of Heart

    Well in first 3 iterations of closed tests it was super easy to snipe out the other cv tbh... and from that point on it was game over for enemy team
  10. SirCaitlynJenner

    I hate CV's and think the entire line should be deleted

    Well for me in midway it will be fun... for you in 99% other ships in that mm range, weeeeell it all depends on how masohistic you are...
  11. SirCaitlynJenner

    CV Rework: Change of Heart

    I also love the fact that now you don't even have to waste time cutting down enemy fighters or spot torps for your team but can focus on playing with the enemy ships... and i do mean playing in a sense of licking the tears off their faces to feel the salt just before they die :)
  12. SirCaitlynJenner

    I hate CV's and think the entire line should be deleted

    Same reason i love my patch so much... Btw OP, strech you anus for rework i guess...
  13. Is that eu or freedom server?
  14. SirCaitlynJenner

    Pathetic Four Carrier games

    Ai pley for fon
  15. SirCaitlynJenner

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    Rudel 1:0 Marat