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  1. Dutch_Soldier

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    Really loving the Submarines and this is my best result as of now xD
  2. Dutch_Soldier

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    As for the Dutch for their first prem/s i would suggest Cruiser and or Destroyer T6 Eendracht-class(Kijkduin) T6 Gerard Callenburgh-class (Philips van Almonde) Specifications Specifications main armament main armament 10 x 150 mm L/53 bofors 5 x 120 mm Bofors No. 8 Guns had a RoF of 10rpm with a RoF of 10-12 rpm Initial velocity of 800 m/sec AA armament AA armament 12 x 40 mm L/60 Bofors 4 x 40 mm Bofors 8 x .50 MG 4 x 12.7 mm Vickers MG Other Equipment Torpedoes 2 aircraft 2 x 4 533 mm Armour Other Equipment Upper Deck 20 - 25 mm 1 Floatplane Lower Deck 20 - 25 mm Belt 33 mm 100-75 mm Conning tower 50 - 100 mm Propulsion Propulsion 78.000 shp with the top speed of 32 kts 45000 shp with an top speed of 36kts just suggestions
  3. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    The Java class cruiser can pull 7 150mm guns to each side of which 4 turrets aren't wing mounted and have to rotate before becoming usefull, there are quite a lot of other cruiser that carry more guns with them like St. Louis but i can understand your concerns but she won't have to most guns of her tier not even her calliber will be the biggest.
  4. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    @Linkaex the last of the 2 Zeven Provinciën class cruisers under the Peruvian navy(Almirante Grau) got decomissioned last year: 26 September 2017 so if WG really wants to they could use her as the first prem for the Dutch and at the exact same time for Peru like the Boise and Nueve de Julio.
  5. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    Once again have reworked most of the Tech tree (July-27-2018) if there are any question for some of the placements just ask always happy to try and answer them as fast as possible
  6. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    Hope people find this interresting. During February 1940, apparently for the first time since the preliminary design had been drawn up in July 1939, serious attention was given to the idea of placing the side armor externally rather than internally. So far, the detailed design drawings that can be located all gave the main belt in an internal position. However, according to a note dated 23 February 1940, the design drawing on this matter with external side armor was completed on that date. The final decision in this matter was postponed to study the outcome of a visit to Italy and the results of further talks with the Germans during February through April 1940. Factfinding mission to Italy The Dutch delegation visited the battleship Vitterio Veneto but were not allowed on board the Roma which was still under construction. The important result of this visit was that it was felt necessary to completely redesign the inner subdivision of Project 1047. The findings of the visit to Italy and further consultation with the Germans were discussed in project meetings during March and April 1940 in Holland, representatives of the Naval Construction Department and of the I.v.S. taking part. Unfortunately, only shorthand pencil notes appear to survive from these meetings, which can no longer be fully interpreted. However, the following points were noted: (a) The central longitudinal bulkhead between the engine rooms was to be eliminated. (b) The Italian suggestion to heighten the double bottom was considered very valid especially with regard to the expected threat of future magnetic torpedoes and some thought was given to the possibility of adding a second double bottom at 3 meters from the baseline (keel) with 25mm armor. However, it was found that the relatively shallow draft of the vessel would not permit this. so they didnt fully copy the Italian inderwaterscheme i think?. i posted this link in the mai post on this topic but ill just post it again for the one finding it easier to acces it: http://www.netherlandsnavy.nl/Special_battlecruiser.htm
  7. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    Agreed also whats you'r opinion of the Tech Tree i made and if there are things like information you miss or anything else
  8. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    its not that i say that they dont belong in the game, in fact i welcome all nations that had a navy in to the game, the other thing is more as for some national pride as for Nations that where ''more'' active in the era that the ships in WoWs are based on.(and yes everything is far better then the Pan-Asian Tech tree ) the thing that i just wish for this year is for a Dutch prem to be implented for the time if i sounded in i way that i wouldn't welcome nations like the South-American ones than i apologize for that didn't mean it in such a way everyone deserves to have their navies represented in a game like this even when the ships were first from other nations or not.
  9. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    The thoughts that a South-American ship is gonna be in game at some point triggered me massively, but at the exact same time its easier for WG is that they have the ships mostly ingame so its understandable. that such a thing as this makes me want a prem this year for the Royal Netherlands even more.
  10. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    I would say that WG could use one of the T6 Eendracht/Zeven Provinciën class ships as most people find it more usable as a ''starting'' ship. and always good to hear other peoples thoughts
  11. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    Hey everyone made an compleet overhaul of the Tech Tree to try and make it a bit more workable here are the changes Cruisers CL&CAs (Kinsbergen is now T1 and putted T2 Holland cruiser gelderland and Swapped the T6 and T7) T1 Van Kinsbergen T2 Holland-class cruiser (gelderland) T3 Java T4 Tromp T5 De Ruyter T6 Eendracht class 10x150 mm L/53 bofors (later called Zeven Provinciën class) T7 Zeven Provinsiën(Eendracht class) final completion after ww2 with 8x152mm bofors and more tonnage T8 16.000 ton cruiser T9 project 1047 T10 project 323 Destroyers added Wolf to the branch and switched the Callenburgh classes (T6, 7 and T8) and added the Holland and Friesland Class destroyers. T2 Wolf T3 ??? maybe Refit of the Wolf class with better torp launchers T4 Admiralen class 1st group(III53 British torps) T5 Admiralen class 2nd group(better AA and IV53 British torps faster then the ones before ) T6 Gerard Callenburgh-Class initial design T7 ZH-1 Ex Callenburgh (way more AA) T8 Isaac Sweers (Callenburgh finalized by the british) T9 Holland Class T10 Friesland Class Battleships this branch as silver ships removed or moved T3 Preliminary Krupp-Germania Design (project 743) T4 Krupp Germania Design March 1913 (Project 753) T5 Krupp Germania four gun - turret design 1913(2x4 343mm) Prems (poeple will find these intergated into the branches) T4 Jacob van Heemskerck (10 x 10,2 cm Mk XVI* in Mk XIX mountings R.P.C.51 5 x 2) T6 KH1 (Eendracht 12 x 150 mm L/55 C/28) T4 Germania Werft design 803 (Project 1914) T5/6 Project 1047 T6/7 project 323 T4 Karel Doorman (R81) Niarana-class T6 HNLMS Karel Doorman (R81) Colossus-class if people know an suitable T3 destroyer feel free to give a comment about it.
  12. Dutch_Soldier

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    i would like to enter the raffle
  13. Dutch_Soldier


    @Pahtriac Actually, the Type 1940s(aka T-61) were designed around existing Dutch machinery and were to be built in Dutch shipyards, other than that they were German designs. So really, the only thing truly Dutch about the T-61 is her powerplant. and yes it would be nice to have at least 1 prem of the Royal Netherlands Navy ingame and there are better option for a premium ship for that matter. and example the Zeven Provinciën-class (also called Eendracht-class). I even know at least of 3 different armament loadouts (1 the germans helped with as for the specs) and there are many more
  14. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    @Mayham07 that T5 BB maybe wouldn't be a thing in irl but in this game everything is possible
  15. Dutch_Soldier

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    No problem and dont forget you can edit your post/reply(bottom right)