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  1. TrickyDky

    Server down ?

    same for me, "server temporarily unavailable"
  2. TrickyDky

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionLost UI mid game. Switch from torps to HE while engaging an Akatsuki and UI dissapeared. UI flickered intermittently till i was killed. The replay of the game does not lose the UI. Running a vanilla WoW and drivers up to date.2. Reproduction steps midgame switched from torps to HE and lost UI. 3. ResultNo UI. You try playing with no UI. 4. Expected resultto see the UI the whole game. 5. Technical detailsExample: Bug time: about 19:30 (UTC).Replay (attempt at 01:00), python.log, DxDiag. DXDIAG attached DxDiag.txt
  3. TrickyDky

    No reward for account rank 12

    thanks guys
  4. TrickyDky

    No reward for account rank 12

    Not sure if account level 12 arrived with the last update but i've just noticed the rewards shown as 'issued' on my account. Looks lovely but i cannot find these rewards. I have not used any of the long list of level two consumables but when i hover over the consumable in the port it does not show any available. Should we all have got these? Anyone else get these or not got them?
  5. TrickyDky

    Bug Reports

    since the update i am getting random loss of interface. Everything goes, cap markers become unfilled boxes, nothing eles is visable on screen. Tried the ctrl-G key, no difference. All of the interface dissapears. Did note if you have a targeted ship the torp guide remains. Nothing visible for guns. My thought is this is due to an odd key combination in game but i cannot recreate. Assume this is a patch bug as i've not had this before. Have a Geforce GTX970 with latest drivers.
  6. TrickyDky

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Also getting lag spikes since the release. UK based, on PlusNet Fibre. No other games affected, No impact to streaming HD video. Every battle I enter terribles lag spikes thought the whole batte. If i didnt need that last bit of dmage for the 2nd ARP ship i'd be off playing other stuff.
  7. TrickyDky

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    Same issue for me. No lag issues before patch now every game suffers considerable lag spikes. UK based also on PlusNet fibre. No other issues seen on other games, only on WOW which makes finsihing off the last bit of damage for my 2nd ARP ship a but tough.
  8. TrickyDky

    Lag, FPS drops and sound stuttering

    Just had a game where ships became ghost ships, the real location disapeared just the image of the ship left in the water. Couldnt damage it and sailed straight through it. Some ships were real though so made the game interesting as you had to fire a tester shot to see if the ship was a real one or not. Affected many players in the game. Ping was around 150 where it's been all day for me. Even got accused of cheating by one player as in his view my ship vanished and reappeared behind him. Presumably some server issues today?