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    Ok - thank you, I think :)
  2. What on Earth are you rambling about? Lol Yin and Yang. The light and dark side of the force? You must use the force..yes, must we.
  3. That took you - how many mins to write up. You showed enough interest to write. You care...ahhh..thank you so much.
  4. I refer to Jingles’ video about the broken carrier update. I don’t want to gloat, but I knew they’d screw this one up - one way or the other. No one can dispute the p**ss-poor implementation of the Carrier revamping. Only the (edited) will say “I think it’s really good.” Ok, I’ll not gloat and say - I had a bad feeling - they were set to f** this up, big time. Still, the guy who demonstrated dropping torpedoes without aiming and on a merciless pace, shows the power inherent in aeroplanes when they are pitted against slow lumbering Battleships. As I say, it’s like bows and arrows Vs machineguns; it’s really unfair. I suggested to W.G in a ticket (that’s how worried I was) that they should remove Carriers altogether; that World of Carriers should be created, leaving World of Warships more ankin to World of Battleships. As expected, they gave a sneering smile and moved on to the next ticket, completely ignoring my suggestion. Carriers are just “a square peg in a round hole” that W.G is trying to shuv into the game, like a guy with his gal doing it the first time; just totally forcing the butt-action without thinking twice. Hey W.G - stop doing that! It flaming hurts! Just enough already: Carriers break the game! Get rid of them! Make them like bad weather or something; random and disruptive of our game play - which is how they are functioning at the moment and before. They are so tied to World of Tanks in their game concept (Carriers being the equivalent of Artilery) that they are doing all they can to make this “marriage in hell” work. Just leave WoT behind; stick to the WoWs game play that’s potentially - far more enjoyable than anything on offer online. Develop WoWs as World of Battleships; that’s good enough; I’ll keep buying the Premium time and ships. The Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers have enough gaming life as they are. But of course, what will happen is they will nerf the Carriers to the point that they will be so crap to play, people will go back to not bothering with them; which is back to square 1 before this update was offered in the first place. Just stop it already!
  5. So with the current update with the broken Carrier update, has your s**t skill got you still playing, you, twit you.
  6. You need World of Aircraft Carriers; you can't have jets attacking Yamatos. World of Submarines too.
  7. Ok - perhaps I'm a bit too demanding on the point. But here's my proposal; why not have new players be put on rails - at least until they get up to Tier V? Have them be trained on strategic play and basic gunnery? At the moment people can Free-XP all the way to Tier X if they have lots and lots of money; something W.G don't mind and are probably encouraging. So - how about putting new players "on rails?"
  8. I agree - apathy and complacency is what leads to bad play; but why do people become apathetic when initially they fall in love with the game? It's because they realise their true abilities aren't that high. At least high enough to keep getting the rush of winning. You underestimate the accumulative drop in dopamine - losing inflicts. To practice and improve would entail you have a goal to aim for; some skill level achievable. In your statement - there seems to be no ceiling on improving. But reality would suggest that there is a skill-cap lurking at the top of the tree. How better is better? A player learns not to give broadside? Ok - then what? There is a skill-cap in all games - else we'd all be Unicums. Teams should pool their skills together; that's the only thing I'm arguing for; and since they wont - they have to be put on "rails" like babies. Win rates is a server figure; the personal experience of constant loses - is what drives people to find more joy elsewhere. And if they stay - it's for other reasons than playing. Who loves losing 50/50?
  9. OMG - it's my turn to bleed with my sunglasses on. You really have a positive view of players abilities then? Why are we contending then? Give the little puppies more chances of winning - the poor little mites. Make them play as a team - they could get hugs from their team mates after. Seriously; the games are brutal; WoT and WoWs; it's just do or get smashed. And if you keep getting idiots ruining your game and you feel that it's a pile of cr**p - those feelings tend to stick. And over months - these despondent bouts accumulate. Look at QuickyBaby; the most positive pansy Youtuber I've seen. He got sick of the game - plain and simple. Now he's started a fresh account in order to capture the joy-of-tanks because he is sick of it. That's because - over the years the cr**p play tends to wear you down. Cr**p play - is due to lack of team-play. Some players do improve, if they can stand the constant heartbreak; cus no matter how skilled you are - you still lose. Skill becomes redundant because your team members are brain dead. It really isn't like a game of Chess; you're skill matters little against Luck, idiocy of players and your state of mind. These "random" factors are probably what makes people play - because it's sort of like war; no guarantees - no way to tell who will win; you pray and spray.
  10. Whahhaha. I was being a SJW snowflake with those lines; I don't give a c**ck about W.G revenues. The happiness of people who play War - is not my concern. LOL
  11. Not in practice; the mechanics of the game (RNG) will influence the maths. If no luck was involved, everything static - then the win/lose ratios will pan out the same. But RNG-Jesus may have a say in who wins and who loses.
  12. Oh and this secret - Mr Miyagi taught you Daniel-san? :) That Pareto video alludes to hard work - but to do the heavy lifting - it's all in the mindset and attitude of the person; whether or not they become part of the 20%. But such a mindset (skills, attitude, fortitude, diligence etc) is not in everyone and is most certainly missing from the majority of players here. Some will cheat and some will stat-pad; most will just bumble along and enjoy what they can. There is a small minority who will learn from their mistakes, plan better and anticipate ship movements (they have the brain-power to do so). Those become and remain Unicums; their birthright is that they have the right mindset.
  13. Hee....appealing to motive; yeah I like playing the game, what is my motive? haha - it's obvious. Motive is everything. What motivates someone to pay £37 for a digital ship? Winning and projected fantasy.
  14. Who's talking about NATURE; I have said wherever you have groups of humans trying to accomplish or achieve something - Pareto applies. Because we are not all equal; some are amazing and some are average; some are just plain useless and should be excluded. The curve I'm talking about is not the stats on the W.G servers - because those can be faked by stat-padding numpties; I'm talking about pure - personal ability. There are Super-Unicums (small in numbers) whilst the majority are plain mediocre-average. The skill-levels are not Democratic; it's elitist and hierarchical (that's what Ranked Battles demonstrates) Pareto applies.