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  1. mediaman1111

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    I must have been very lucky - 250 140 140 20 for 550
  2. mediaman1111

    Sprint Ranked: 1 vs 1, Skill vs OP ship

    This Ranked is just for CVs nobody else
  3. mediaman1111


    Hi I have both, and both are fun ships. Bourg can be highly situational as it cannot overpen many bow tanking ships. If you catch these ships broadside however then with reload booster you can devastate them with citadels etc, also it can play as a large Zao fire starting at will, I love it. Somers is also great, fast for a US dd, with all flags and upgrades can spit out torps 2 plus salvos in time Shimy launches 1. spec as a torp boat, i run the 71kt torps there still 13.2 range, guns are slow reloaders but pack a punch. If you play CB get Somers, if you want fun in Randoms deffo Bourg. Hope that helps, im not a Unicorn so tell it how I see it.
  4. mediaman1111

    PR Grind Steel reward

    Thanks for your replies and confirming that guys I will wait, i just needed the 2k Steel to buy Somers, but I can and will wait the extra weeks
  5. mediaman1111

    PR Grind Steel reward

    Hi guys Sorry if this is a silly question! I have so far paid for all the 3 doubloon booster and my dock timeline shows I will automatically complete 36 out of 36 stages as ive nearly finished 3rd directive.. If I choose to buy the last 10/15k doubloons to 'buy' PR earlier will I still get the Coal and 2k Steel rewards at stage 35 and 36? Thanks
  6. Hi all, I am hoping to join a UK based mature member clan to dip my toe into clan battles and learn more about this still, great game. I have never used voice comms on WOWS but will learn so I can play Clan Battles. Have been in 2 clans over last 2 years but they were very inactive and had no interest in anything competitive. If I tell you I was an active member of a UK Quake 1 clan you may guess i'm not a spring chicken age wise! I have been playing this game since 06-2015, have 11500 battles behind me and a 52% Winrate. I'm a keen ship collector with 255 ships, all the tier X's and a Bourgogne after saving steel for 2 years so hopefully am equipped for competitive play now! Hoping for a fully equipped Port Facility also if poss from a clan. Hope there is a place for a keen, experienced oldie somewhere out there. Look forwards to any replies.