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  1. Captain_Friskywhisky

    World of Warships Privateers Program

    What a great idea.
  2. Captain_Friskywhisky

    Westlanders dutch clan only

    Up Up we go
  3. Captain_Friskywhisky

    Westlanders dutch clan only

    Hello mates, We are still looking for players, who like a casual and fun gaming environment. Because we are looking for more mature players, you have to be 18+ years. We want to explore clanbattles and are eager to help new players. Our clanbonuses are as followed: - -5% to post battecosts off all tiers after battle - -10% cost of all researchable ships - +2% battle xp of all tiers - +15% free xp per battle on all tiers - +6% commander xp per battle - +5% coal If you are interested give me or westlander86 in game, on discord (westlander86#6793 Captain_Friskywhisky#0080 )or on the forum a shout
  4. Captain_Friskywhisky

    Those who are farming Des Moines. Des Moines is advanced Cleveland

    Totally agree with ColonelPete, also I think the armor of the DM makes it easier when angled to cause bounces. This last one is just my personal experience.
  5. Captain_Friskywhisky

    Better than tanks?

    As former tankie, in my opinion this game is much better. More balanced, more fun. On top of it there are almost year round all sorts of events/personal missions and oppertunities to get free premium ships.
  6. Captain_Friskywhisky


    troll alert
  7. Captain_Friskywhisky

    Test server / public test questions

    Premium ships can only be tested by contributors etc.
  8. Captain_Friskywhisky

    Westlanders dutch clan only

    We also have meetings, so we can get to know each other a bit better. All voluntary ofcourse aye.
  9. Did not realise this to be such a big deal when I read the announcement. I have been using the game center for quite some now and I don't have bad experiences with it. Performance (most read complaint) is no issue. That said.. wows has a big loyal fanbase.. I can't Imagine WG ignoring all your voices. Maybe (I hope) a solution to make all happy can be chosen.
  10. Captain_Friskywhisky

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I understand the need for radar and I would not like to see the game without it. But the length of some radar uses (USN ex.) sometimes is too long. Solutions: Maybe cut some of the lengths of radar use or add to cooldown. We know (mainly allies) in ww2 the use of radar jamming existed. Maybe equip some ships (DD) with radar jamming? Not too long, but long enough to escape. Maybe 10 second duration with a fair amount of CD. It would give players a tactical counter to radar without making it OP and gives the dd's a tad more survival rate.
  11. Captain_Friskywhisky


    Ferry_25 I follow the streams of Wows on twitch and Mr.conway told us that in fact a (Dutch) user had sent him a very detailed list of possible Dutch ships to him. He said it looked impressive and he forwarded it to the developers. Sadly I don't know what ships are on the list, but hey it's something. I feel your frustration (als medelander) that no Dutch ships are released or coming in the very near future. Still have my hopes up though. Sorry, I know its off-topic.
  12. Captain_Friskywhisky

    World of Warships Cinema Tour

    Great idea! Maybe on a pop-up screen in or near harbors or beaches would be awesome too?