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  1. 30 with the Amagi. That thing has insane AA IMO.
  2. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    Game Modifications: Pros and Cons

    After looking at the responses on this topic, I decided to test the mod myself. Played a game on North, fired two shells from my Fuso at a Kongou at 21km away while he was turning. Not only did I hit him, but BOTH SHELLS hit his citadel, taking away half of his health at the beginning of the game after playing literally a minute. I sat there with my mouth agape, and then ran into two enemy Clevelands so they could kill me. I have never been able to hit a ship while it was turning, especially at that range even after playing 200+ matches since Beta started. No offence, but no one can hit a shot like that in their first "few" matches. After just two games, I must concur that this mod has to go. Permanently.
  3. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    Global statistics of the new Premium ships

    Cheers for the info!
  4. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    Update - 07/04/2015

    For me, it's Tier XI. However, it's below my Tier I as well. I know nothing about the tests, but I'm gonna agree with you and guess it's for testing.
  5. D3ATHBR1NG3R96


    That has to be the most beautiful, yet most annoying, video ever. As a fellow admirer of Kongou, I watched it. Even I could not last beyond 2 minutes poi!
  6. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    I'm all in favour of cosmetic mods like custom skins, GUI reskins, audio and making the information you get by pressing Alt permanently on the screen, but totally against mods like aimbots. However, if it is impossible to police mods and protect the game from aimbots and such, then I'd rather not have mods at all. One compromise I can think of is something like War Thunder's Live service that allows players to make and share cosmetic mods, but no other kind of mods. I cannot, however, think of a way to catch people using aimbots if a compromise like that is used.
  7. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    vanishing ships

    It may be that the ships you see are disappearing from your view range or are no longer detected by you or your team. Does the vanishing seem to happen at extreme ranges? If so, then it is most likely that they are no longer detected. If it's close range and not behind a smoke screen, then it may be a bug to my knowledge.
  8. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    Which one is your favourite ship class?

    Battleships seem a bit to mainstream for me. ;) Seriously though, can't wait to load up as a destroyer and start torpedoing Yamato or Iowa to death, circling them while they can't even hit me.
  9. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    The ban the person above you game remade

    Banned because my cat isn't ugly.
  10. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    HMS Victory Tier 1 please

    She's a great and iconic ship, but she is far too old. Maybe if/when WG do a sailing version of WoWS, I'll bet she'll be a Tier 10 First Rate. :)
  11. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Such a grind to the Edinburgh. :( Belfast eludes me further!
  12. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    Loss of the British Battle Cruisers

    Nice article! There's a ship docked in Belfast called HMS Caroline and she is the only cruiser and maybe the onlymJutland ship still in existence. She's going to be refurbished and turned into a museum ship in time for the Jutland centenary in 2016. At least, that's the plan.
  13. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    Why not an AMX 40 warship XD

    Chaps, I'm afraid the duck.... is dead: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-25560771 And a video of the poor thing :( http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/asia/story/giant-yellow-duck-explodes-taiwanagain-20131231
  14. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    "Navygaming" Magazine, 01/2013

    Had a very quick read through and will read it properly later but looks really good! Is there a fixed publication schedule or just when ever the next one is read to go? Well, after reading it thouroghly, it is a very good read! Unfortunately, I don't know the answers to the contest but good luck to those who do! Good luck with the next issue!
  15. D3ATHBR1NG3R96

    Interesting picture on the RU-Server

    Well, not on its own, I agree! :) If two or more destroyers work together and duck and weave from the shells and get into a position to fire, not only have you split the enemy fire, but also fired multiple torpedoes at him from several directions making it very hard, if not impossible, for him to dodge them all. Probably going to be hard, but immensely satisfying if it works! :D