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  1. Kevbar

    Christmas in the Navy

    Better 6 days late than a lifetime of insolence.
  2. Kevbar

    What ship have you served on?

    Did nearly 23 years in the RN but only spent a total of 3 months at sea on a ship.
  3. "Fart" I mean "Trump" sorry, I meant "Bump"
  4. Kevbar

    Get Your Tachibana Lima!


    No probs, just thought maybe someone had moved it since the last time I sailed around the Cape. Glad to see it's still where I left it!!
  5. Kevbar

    Get Your Tachibana Lima!


    Umm... Isn't that the Indian Ocean?
  6. Just thought I'd say "Ahoy!" and a bijou bumplet; so... "AHOY!" ....and a bump!
  7. Ahoy Bramble, congrats on your Nelson win Only got 120k more free XP until I get mine
  8. Well, that rumour is now confirmed!!
  9. Good luck fellah, hope to see you around on the high seas!