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  1. Kevbar

    Christmas in the Navy

    Better 6 days late than a lifetime of insolence.
  2. Kevbar

    What ship have you served on?

    Did nearly 23 years in the RN but only spent a total of 3 months at sea on a ship.
  3. Kevbar

    Your funny story of today

    My wife and I were discussing Pizzas with my elderly M-in-law when she said that "I only like Italian Pizzas". (OP didn't state it had to be WoWS related!!)
  4. Kevbar

    WoWS Replays

    I've just managed to replay my last battle from 'Games>World_of_Warships>Replays' folder this morning, no probs there other than my team lost!!, however, can't seem to find any replay dated prior to the latest patch (not that they would run anyway). I've got nothing resembling replays in the bin64 folder. Hmmm...
  5. Kevbar

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    Well, that's cheered me up
  6. Kevbar

    European research tree?

    I think you're getting confused with the European Union (it being a political and economic conglomeration of various member states situated in and around the European region) and the continent of Europe (which is not!!)
  7. Kevbar

    Scottish Naval Force (SNF)

    Good luck with your recruiting: Just remember though, if you ever do get your independence, you don't get to keep our Submarines, though we'll let you keep Faslane as a marina!!
  8. Kevbar

    2cv games

    Nothing wrong with this 2CV. Well, nothing that a well aimed steam-roller wouldn't fix!!
  9. In the words of that great philosopher and wordsmith, Captain Mainwaring, "Ah, just waiting to see who'd be the first one to spot that!"
  10. But Dahling, "Ignorande" is so much more deliciously pretentious! FYI, your 2nd "PS" should have read 'PPS' which means 'post postscript', i.e. an addition to an aready existing postscript. Let the Pedant Wars begin!
  11. Kevbar

    Sad sad little man.

    No, that's a different thread!!
  12. Kevbar


    The pedantry is strong.....
  13. Kevbar


    Just saying!!!
  14. I was hoping someone would spot that! That Expert Loader skill is very underrated!!
  15. Had my highest damage game last night. I know it is nowhere near the damage some of you more competent chaps/chappesses have achieved but I'm quite happy with it, however, that is not the point of this post. When looking at the post battle results, I noticed that I managed over 172k damage on 1 ship alone which got me wondering what is the highest damage any of you fine people have inflicted on some poor unfortunate!