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  1. In the words of that great philosopher and wordsmith, Captain Mainwaring, "Ah, just waiting to see who'd be the first one to spot that!"
  2. But Dahling, "Ignorande" is so much more deliciously pretentious! FYI, your 2nd "PS" should have read 'PPS' which means 'post postscript', i.e. an addition to an aready existing postscript. Let the Pedant Wars begin!
  3. Kevbar

    Sad sad little man.

    No, that's a different thread!!
  4. Kevbar


    The pedantry is strong.....
  5. Kevbar


    Just saying!!!
  6. Kevbar

    Highest Damage Inflicted on a Single Ship

    I was hoping someone would spot that! That Expert Loader skill is very underrated!!
  7. Had my highest damage game last night. I know it is nowhere near the damage some of you more competent chaps/chappesses have achieved but I'm quite happy with it, however, that is not the point of this post. When looking at the post battle results, I noticed that I managed over 172k damage on 1 ship alone which got me wondering what is the highest damage any of you fine people have inflicted on some poor unfortunate!
  8. Kevbar

    i play daily 3 to 4 hrs

    Just curious what makes you think that anyone in a DD is an idiot. There are idiots in all classes and also mediocre (including myself with that group) and great players.
  9. Kevbar

    A welcome to submariners.... HMS HOOD torpedoes ??

    Sorry shipmate, but I have to agree with the general concensus. Letting more Skimmers loose with our torpedoes can only end in tears. Whatever next, WRENS at sea? Abolition of the 'Tot'? Madness, just madness. Just let them worry about how to spend their subsistance when they hit their next port of call. What's that you say? "They don't get subsistance!!" Silly me, I forgot!!!!...
  10. Kevbar

    Best looking ship in the game - which is it?

    Albany; simples
  11. Kevbar

    Fix the servers!!

    I'm getting very similar problems. Battle start counter goes down to zero, then just a spinning wheel of dissappointment, I can see ship icons moving on the map, but I need to restart client to get into battle. Only been happening last few days.
  12. Seems a bit dodgy to me. Follow any links at your peril chaps! I may be wrong, but.....
  13. Kevbar

    Submarines ingame?

    Submarines are already in game. WG use them to passively and covertly spy supervise every single battle and report back to the Kremlin accordingly. "But I've never seen one, you're talking BS!" Of course, you won't see them, they're mostly at PD (periscope depth) and only use their small Attack Periscope very, very carefully. We submariners are highly trained after all. "Yeah, but they'll get spotted with active sonar" Well, you need to read up on 'shallow ops' which will give you an idea of how we use the local underwater terrain to confuse the ship's sonar operator. That, coupled with a complete covering of 'Anechoic Tiles' makes us submariners almost impossible to detect. "OK, fair enough, but we'll easily spot you in deep water when you can't disguise yourself as a sunken rock" True, but you appear not to have heard of 'thermal layers'. Next. "Dipping sonar?" Can't say I've seen many helicopters in game recently. "Hmmm... I'll get back to you........" I'm sure you will
  14. "Fart" I mean "Trump" sorry, I meant "Bump"
  15. Kevbar


    IIRC only British and German ships had radar at the outbreak of WW2. So, to reflect this in game, for the first 10 minutes of each battle, no other nation's radar should work until after this point. Also, all RN ships should be equipped with 'rum ration' consumable. ?