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  1. Seepheerd

    Historical camo

    Pink Eugen :D
  2. Seepheerd

    Historical camo

    Some good one... USS Arkansas USS California USS Colorado USS Iowa USS Maryland USS New Mexico USS North Carolina USS Tennessee USS West Virginia
  3. Seepheerd

    Historical camo

    Bismarck in March-May, 1941.
  4. Seepheerd

    Historical camo

    Missouri camo was correct with the cook.
  5. Seepheerd

    Historical camo

    I saw some but need more i.e. the Iowa class had numerous different paints like MS32/1B, MS32/1D, MS32/22D. I'd like to see historical camos for all the existing/existed ships.
  6. Seepheerd

    ST - skip-bombers

    This kind of skip bombing has nothing to do with dambusters (except that the bomb is jumping on the surface of the water). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skip_bombing
  7. Seepheerd

    Update in advanced!!!

    No idea... but there was a mention earlier about what need to do with the win 10 display settings... sorry I forgot the topic. Also, I just checked the Nvidia driver today manually (Experience said I have the latest drivers from May, 2020) and found a new one from last month 28th. Ver. 456.55
  8. Seepheerd

    Update in advanced!!!

    Captains, on October 6, 2020, from 7 a.m. CEST (5 a.m. UTC), the server will be unavailable for 2 hours in order to publish update Update size: 2.65 GB Changes: A bug has been fixed that caused temporary FPS incursions when an enemy ship was spotted.
  9. Latest Nvidia driver is one week old, version 456.55 (Geforce Experience says the driver is the latest on my laptop (from May 27th) so bollocks)
  10. Seepheerd

    FPS-Probleme in Update 0.9.9

    Lol... Offtopic: How did I get that Sea Sheerd nickname from Seepheerd?
  11. Seepheerd

    FPS-Probleme in Update 0.9.9

    Nothing wrong with the dll's... Don't run the 32/64 executables, run the apply-patch.bat file and that'll do the rest... (Looks not too many DOS guys are here )
  12. There's a patch for 0.9.9 maybe helps... http://www.mediafire.com/file/o2fbiko0u1su18r/Install_patch_for_0.9.9.0.zip/file
  13. Seepheerd

    General CV related discussions.

    That's a sentence! Congrats.
  14. Seepheerd

    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    Found somewhere