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  1. A premium DM? I dread to think what ‘unique characteristic’ they’re gonna put on this one... Also why the hell did they go with this approach for Salem but slap Musashi around with the nerf bat to squeeze it into a lower tier?
  2. If I had my way every BB in the game would eat devastating citadels from showing too much broadside, so in that sense Montana and CQ certainly need a nerf. Herp-a-derping into 10km range and getting secondaries to farm damage for you while you AFK was another stupid game mechanic. At least make players aim and fire the stupid things themselves! *humph*
  3. Nice to hear they haven't completely forgotten that CVs are in the game (other than premiums). AS decks dying is really great news too.
  4. Nice to see the burger cruisers getting some attention and I’m always happy to see more historical ships in the game. But the IJN line is gonna look reeeealy sorry for itself now ;_;
  5. Just as a note, it's interesting to see that they've put the newer primary radar set on that model, whereas in real life she didn't get the radar until she had her AA armament upgraded along with the removal of the wing turrets in (I think) 1943/44. This is pic of her was from '42 and she clearly doesn't have it:
  6. Even I'm not weeb enough to want to play a 1.8 sigma Yamato with no AA and garbage secondaries, even if she does finally have a proper paint scheme.
  7. I got it yesterday with a game in Shokaku vs a fighter build Lexington who didn't know how to strafe or avoid incoming strafing. 53 planes downed. It was the only good thing that happened in a game full of tier Xs with far too much AA for me to make a meaningful impact (aside from killing their one DD) ;_;
  8. Totally grinding. Totally not clubbing seals... ^_^
  9. Could be but not in my case. I was able to log in with other people's accounts and other people were unable to log in with mine.
  10. I hope so. So far nobody from WG has even acknowledged this issue.
  11. Yep, servers restarted last night, so I'm back into my account. I've lost a whole week of premium time to this crap though. @Kandly could you kindly comment on how WG is going to compensate the people who experienced this issue?
  12. Nah not been hacked, otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't be able to post using the same WG account on here. It's similar to the issues people get with being stuck in a division I think. There's no way for me to resolve it unless WG support can force log me out (unlikely since they're the most unhelpful, clueless customer support ever) or the next server maintenance rolls around and force kicks everyone. The worst part of all this is how much premium account time I'm wasting.
  13. Anyone know when the next server maintenance is scheduled? Think that might solve my issue faster than WG support.
  14. Good luck on that one! You might want to ask them to force log-out your account. I've pretty much got the issue down to the fact that my account is permanently logged in.
  15. So today they finally responded to my ticket. After a few exchanges, they 'determined' that my internet connection was the reason I couldn't connect... even though I can connect just fine using other peoples' accounts and even though other people get exactly the same error when they try to connect with my account details. Then they locked the ticket before I had chance to reply and presumably I have to wait another five days before I can get another discourse started with Support. I have to say, that this is quite possibly the worst customer service I've ever encountered. Just a staggering amount of facepalming incompetence. I don't know if any of the forum staff are able to help me look into this issue, but any help would be gladly appreciated at this point!