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  1. HSF Harekaze camo price

    Yeah, anyone can go to Crunchy right now and watch the entire thing for free without breaking any laws. I get that WG want a return on the effort they put into moddling this content, but it’s disappointing given that we got all the ARP stuff free of charge.
  2. HSF Harekaze camo price

    So let me get this straight - the only HSF item not behind a paywall is the Yamato camo, and if I want any of the other things I need to pay up? WG pls...
  3. The overbuffing of BBs

    All of the things I mentioned are right there in your own list, why not pick them out yourself? And your counter argument is semantics? Would you honestly argue that Montana and Iowa absolutely needed all of those buffs to be competitive? I’m not arguing that those changes individually are evidence of over-improvement, but that they are when added together as a collective. I’d agree that the IJN BBs have really not changed since game launch though, hence why a lot of them are feeling the effect of powercreep.
  4. The overbuffing of BBs

    The US BBs at high tier have been over buffed with a combination of sigma changes, accuracy buffs and the reduction in size of their citadels. Any one of these changes alone would have been enough to make them competitive - hell, Iowa never wasn’t a good ship for her tier. All of them together are too much.
  5. Buff Montana

    Can’t believe nobody has mentioned the fact that it’s still technically possible to citadel Montana from certain ranges and when aiming for certain specific sections of the ship. How is this fair?! Some kind of ceramic composite armour (which it definitely would have had IRL) should be applied to stop this from happening. PS. God bless America.
  6. Buff Montana

    Finally some quality content on this forum
  7. OMG you might be right! Shocking truth! It’s going to be insanely hard to get though, isn’t it? ;_;
  8. My thoughts for Musashi.

    Seems like a solid (if boring) tier IX BB... until you get into a carrier game and you get farmed. Certainly not a good replacement for Missouri though, and they got rid of that nice grey camo scheme in the previews in favour of another horrible green "LOL IMMA PICKLE XD" permacamo. Ha, that's a no from me then.
  9. HE Spam from BB

    BB players doing something stupid? SURELY NOT???!!!
  10. USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    A premium DM? I dread to think what ‘unique characteristic’ they’re gonna put on this one... Also why the hell did they go with this approach for Salem but slap Musashi around with the nerf bat to squeeze it into a lower tier?
  11. Conqueror vs Montana, both needed nerfs

    If I had my way every BB in the game would eat devastating citadels from showing too much broadside, so in that sense Montana and CQ certainly need a nerf. Herp-a-derping into 10km range and getting secondaries to farm damage for you while you AFK was another stupid game mechanic. At least make players aim and fire the stupid things themselves! *humph*
  12. USN CV rebalancing incoming!

    Nice to hear they haven't completely forgotten that CVs are in the game (other than premiums). AS decks dying is really great news too.
  13. New US Cruiser line :)

    Nice to see the burger cruisers getting some attention and I’m always happy to see more historical ships in the game. But the IJN line is gonna look reeeealy sorry for itself now ;_;
  14. Musashi specifications

    Just as a note, it's interesting to see that they've put the newer primary radar set on that model, whereas in real life she didn't get the radar until she had her AA armament upgraded along with the removal of the wing turrets in (I think) 1943/44. This is pic of her was from '42 and she clearly doesn't have it:
  15. Musashi specifications

    Even I'm not weeb enough to want to play a 1.8 sigma Yamato with no AA and garbage secondaries, even if she does finally have a proper paint scheme.