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  1. You'd have to be super anal to notice the difference
  2. Apparently people get offended by the merest mention of red and white stripes (I got a bunch of warnings on my forum account when I first started posting here because my avatar had the merest suggestion of a little bit of that flag in the background). Apparently it's a moot point that the present day JMSDF have no problems using that same flag, despite international relations being surely a primary concern.
  3. I personally don't think BBs are too strong (for the most part), I think the issue is the other classes are too weak and have too little staying power below tier IX. Tier IX and X CA/Ls are extremely capable ships and certain ones can just torture BBs to death with only a little skilful play. DDs at that tier are all pretty great in their own way too and have an enormous effect on the outcome of the battle (okay maybe not the Japanese right now but that's another topic entirely). A great start would be giving everything a heal from like tier III and up, then balance the amount of health you get back according to ship size or overall ship performance. You would instantly lower the skill floor of DDs and CAs since one mistake wouldn't land them on 20% health for the remainder of the match, which would encourage some of the BB only babbies to try the other classes out a little. It would even help out CV players who are starting out in the game and who are the subject of a snipe early game - encouraging them to not ragequit the class. Some things about BBs absolutely need to go in the trash though. Hydro and radar for a start, and invulnerability to citpens from anything but super long range was a stupid idea too.
  4. Thinking about it, Kutusov isn't really affected that badly. It would still be a great ship even without the smoke. If you drive anything else that relies on smoke to deal damage though, prepare your panic face.
  5. Yeah there's some worrying stuff in that leak, but... If I can finally turn my IJN ships something other than god-damn awful pickle-green I will be utterly ecstatic.
  6. I genuinely can't believe they'd do that. Regardless of Belfast and Kutusov, just think of how boned all the Bong CLs are going to be if they can't smoke up to fire? Yeah sure great I'll just evasion tank a Montana at 12km with my Edinburgh...
  7. Honestly, I fear German BBs more than any other when I'm driving a cruiser, partially because of the stupid short shell timers but also because their shotgun RNG quite often disperses a random shell into my citadel as I manoeuvre around. So honestly, making them more shotgun-y is likely to punish good players who can aim and help out the bad ones who can't hit a barn from the inside. It does sound like a cool idea though OP, it's certainly worth them trying something like that out on the ST server at least.
  8. The thing is, with the stupid HE, Conqueror makes that a viable tactic. Sit behind an island max range and stack fires on people. The hightier meta is already trash, but things can get soooo much worse yet...
  9. So instead of taking away the gimmick radar, the ludicrous heal, the bonkers HE or the camptastic range, the first balancing measure they implement to the Britbong tier X is to change the entire character of the ship into another 4x3 setup fantasy-fest. Oookay then...
  10. Doesn't matter what I'm driving, if a DD gets spotted it's getting shot/torped/bombed.
  11. It still has its stupid radar as well, got chased out of a borrowed smoke as I was trying to BBQ one in my Kebab :<
  12. Excellent post, OP. High tiers are nothing to look forward to these days anyway.
  13. Yeah, gotta be Yamato. *Shoot* - Overpen *Shoot* - Normal damage for 4k *Shoot* - Overpen But she's my favourite all-time battleboat, so she can stay in my port all she likes :3 Historically accurate port camping.
  14. I'm not an expert on the matter, but I think the reason Nelson's shells performed poorly is because they were uncharacteristically light, with quite moderate velocity. Rodney engaged Bismarck at point blank range and her turret faces were actually quite weak for a BB, that anecdote is really nothing too special. The rate of fire was also poor and the turret traverse very slow. It would make a very strong tier VI, but with its speed and the limitations of penetration I don't see it working higher up. Mutsu is an indication that 16in guns can work at that tier.