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  1. DuneDreamer

    Weekend Event: Flying the Flags

    The way I see it, these will be 50 winners and 3000 losers, eating their fingernails...
  2. DuneDreamer

    Yoshino info

    Even the player feedback may not save you from future changes. I won't buy the ship without watching YT reviews either. Besides, I'm mostly a BB player. The only ship I'm sure I'll pay for is Bourgogne. I still wonder why they want steel for Neustrashimy. The reviews aren't good.
  3. DuneDreamer

    Yoshino info

    Around 80k and no ship coupons (WG gives you only 2 a year). I'm mostly saving steel for Bourgogne now. I've collected more than 15k already.
  4. DuneDreamer

    Yoshino info

    We will all be working in the coal mines soon! And WG uses the term Super Cruisers to indicate super long time to mine the coal.
  5. DuneDreamer

    Yoshino info

    Is there such a thing as "Super-Cruiser" in WoW? What makes it a super cruiser. I was expecting you to reply in this thread. :)
  6. DuneDreamer

    Weekend Event: Flying the Flags

    If someone wins Massachusetts but doesn't want to use the ship, is it possible to receive its doubloons worth instead?
  7. DuneDreamer

    Signal "Ouroboros" do not work

    That is why I said "seems". Perhaps I should have used a larger, bold italic font?
  8. DuneDreamer

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    I was offered to purchase Cossack - a ship I have for free and don't play.
  9. DuneDreamer

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    I'm already rank one and WG no longer allow me to play. :(
  10. DuneDreamer

    Signal "Ouroboros" do not work

    If you lose the battle or play Coop, the bonus from the flag seems lost. ;)
  11. DuneDreamer

    Where is Musashi ? :(

    Musashi is in my port collecting dust since I no longer use it after acquiring Yamato.
  12. DuneDreamer

    Wat will be the next Free Exp Ship ?

    They may be planning to sell the ships in bundles first as they did with Jean Bart. No need to waste profit opportunity for such long awaited ship like Alaska. The more players whine about it, the more likely it is to be offered in a bundle first. They are not sure yet how many flags and credits to sell you with the ship though. That is why it is coming SOON... :)
  13. DuneDreamer

    Yoshino info

    No. I believe he is faster. He will steal the models before they are uploaded to sketchfab and post them on his blog. I admire people who can create lengthy content out of nothing. :)
  14. DuneDreamer

    Yoshino info

    I found the most information here. Apparently, the man has vision for the future. I believe I met him in another thread some time ago.
  15. DuneDreamer

    Yoshino info

    Yes, I've read this information the moment they published it on the development blog and Facebook. However, I'm also interested in what people think about the ship. Will it be worth it the price? Are they keen to acquire it? I was also interested in Neustrashimy but later decided that the ship won't perform to the expectations. As you can see from the link you provided, some even laugh that it will be sold for steel. Apparently, nobody knows why it will be so and what justifies it... I expect a higher price.