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  1. DuneDreamer

    [Last Chance!] Make Your Stand – Earn Exeter FREE!

    Nobody needs it. I mostly play tier 10.
  2. DuneDreamer

    The hysteria surrounding Russian ships

    A lot of people on the forum claim that the Russian ships are overpowered and that this is made on purpose, perhaps because WG is a Russian company. I believe that they are not. I believe that the Russians deserve to have the ships that they currently have in the Russian tech tree as they've proven themselves they can put NATO decades behind in military technology (not necessary navy technology) even though they only have 1/15 of NATO's budget. Do you think they will keep wining about the new upcoming Russian battleships, claiming that these are overpowered paper ships? As you already know, we have a lot of these paper ships in the game already and many people are OK with it. I'm particularly interested in Kreml and I'm already saving free XP to unlock it once it becomes available at the end of 2019. I'll rather spend it on researching it than on any other free XP ship WG has to offer. By the way, I'm not Russian. I live in a NATO country.
  3. DuneDreamer

    [ALL] ModStation

    I can't install skins for any ship. The checkboxes are inactive. Why is it so?