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  1. DuneDreamer

    Air supply

    I didn't even know that there were special missions in ordinary air supply containers. I thought they were only reserved for the premium containers you buy from the store. Apparently, only the chance to get these missions is higher in the premium ones. I didn't get any mission from the ordinary containers - only duplicated items for an already completed collection.
  2. DuneDreamer

    Automatic login

    Thank you. I didn't know of its existence. I was afraid that it will ask me to install the game again but it was able to locate the current installation.
  3. DuneDreamer

    Automatic login

    Is there a way to automatically login to the game instead of having to go through the login form and press the connect button each time you start the game?
  4. DuneDreamer

    Supertest - Soviet Battleships

    They'll release the Russian BBs when they fix the unbalanced CV gameplay. They cannot allow overpowered CVs to hurt their beloved Russian battleships.
  5. DuneDreamer

    British Aircraft Carriers: Unique Characteristics

    Did you take evasive maneuvers?
  6. DuneDreamer

    British Aircraft Carriers: Unique Characteristics

    I saw @The_EURL_Guy in a video not long ago. He looks human but obviously he doesn't listen to player feedback. He pretends to do so, adrift in a world of his own. :) I wish to congratulate him and the WG team with one great Freddie Mercury song - The Great Pretender:
  7. DuneDreamer

    Karma- What's the point?

    It's a joke that some people take too seriously. It may help them to express anger or satisfaction though. It's nothing serious and with lasting effect. I wonder if it resets at least once a week...
  8. DuneDreamer

    Karma- What's the point?

    I mainly use it as a tool to tell certain people that they should uninstall the game and play Tetris instead.
  9. DuneDreamer

    Blyskawica camo

    Exactly my point. They could have rewarded those who don't have the ship with flags, camos or doubloons but no, they had to direct most players to the store... "0 rewards for those who don't buy" - WG policy.
  10. DuneDreamer

    Blyskawica camo

    What's the purpose of automatically earning it, if you can't acquire the ship currently in any other way than buying it and you don't plan on playing it either? Is this a call to purchase it?
  11. DuneDreamer


    They want to make the 2% into 98% and the 98% into 2%. Imagine when they can't balance the CVs what would happen when they introduce submarines into the "soup".
  12. DuneDreamer

    Soviet BBs - The real reason for the nerf of CVs?

    I think you are a London-based, NATO-loving warmonger who is angry over Brexit and wants to blame Russia for it!
  13. DuneDreamer

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Is my temper bad or are you just trying to attract my attention because you have nothing else to do?
  14. DuneDreamer

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Usually, when someone quotes you, you respond. Even when an unconcerned spammer asks you a question. Can you imagine?