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  1. Think I got about 3 of them, thankfully including Archimedes's laser eyes
  2. Turin7

    Suggestion: "Cap Contested" Ribbon

    Agreed, anything that would encourage ppl to play the objective is most welcome.
  3. Turin7

    doubloon theft - autospending

    Don't disagree, just feel the whole system could be a lot more intuitive.
  4. Turin7

    doubloon theft - autospending

    Honestly, the whole resupply design is kinda... questionable. Am I the only one who got confused initially by the term "In-game currency"? Can't silver be defined as in game currency as well? Why not clearly say "Doubloons"? Yes, it's your responsibility to pay attention to this things, but making the whole resupply thing bit clearer wouldn't hurt.
  5. Turin7

    5x Sierra Mike Bonus Code

    Cheers mate
  6. Turin7

    Farming freexp: Premium Ships only??

    As the others said, any elite xp you accumulate in any ship, will need to be converted to FreeXP with doubloons. If you want to farm actual Free XP, the appropriate Signals & Camos with + Free XP bonuses are your best bet.
  7. Turin7

    Floating BUOYS

    I get where you're coming from OP, but this is probably on the bottom of the priority list (if its in it in the first place) and rightly so .
  8. Turin7

    Humble Bundle Free Flag

    Thanks for the heads up mate
  9. Turin7

    Give all cruisers heal?

    Wouldn't mind getting heal an all my cruisers, but as a minimum I'd like to see it introduced for Tier 8 CAs. They have it bad enough as it is with the current MM so anything that would help their survivability is a welcome change in my book.
  10. Turin7

    Why the Asashio is fine (to WG).

    Main problem with the Asashio is that even though its supposed to counter the borderhugging spawncamper BBs, it clearly won't do that. In order to reach the aforementioned 20km snipers to reliable hit with it "balanced" DW torps , the Asashio will first have to brutalise those few BBs that actually try to push and tank for their team. And it will do so with extreme ease, unless a coordinated team effort takes place to neutralise her early on. Good luck with that in randoms. Don't know about you guys but this doesn't sound to me like it will do anything to improve the meta. On the contrary, I can easily see randoms turning into even worse campfests after she's introduced. More importantly however, WG will make some nice dosh out of exploiting the meta they've created, so I guess she's fine.
  11. I'll have to disagree with this, as the only outcome I see is BB' camping even harder. In my view WG needs to stop with this Nerfbat vicious circle if we want to see any significant positive change to gameplay. You want to better balance BB vs CA/DD? Then take out as much RNG as possible from the equation: 1. Buff BB Sigma-dispertion across the board - Less 20km+ lolcitas and for once actually reward skilful aiming in BBs. 2. Buff CA/DD manoeuvrability across the board - WASD hax even more effective now, you can actually dodge medium-long range salvos!1!!!111! 3. ??? 4. Profit. P.S. Not releasing gimmicky premiums that encourage and take blatant advantage of the diseased meta you have created to make a quick buck would also help cough*Asashio*cough.
  12. Still missing pieces of that collection myself, so I'm pretty happy to it recurring