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  1. Incorrectly named Super Containers.

    Eh, fair enough. Replace the ramming signals with reduced flood duration. Just pointing out that you can always do worse.
  2. Incorrectly named Super Containers.

    So how should we name the Spotter Plane mod Super Container? "U Mad Bro?" ? India X-ray is still pretty useful. Yes, its no premium ship or doubloons but would you prefer the Ram flags or a crappy module instead?
  3. Interface QOL improvements

    Good points all, but this would be a priority for me. The amount of times I have forgotten to apply camo before a battle are more than I care to admit Just a pop up asking "Are you sure you want to proceed without camo?" or something similar should be more than enough.
  4. Win Big With Signal Flags - Results

    Anybody knows if you are eligible for the top 50 spots should you already have the Roma? Do you get the equivalent value in doubloons or you just can't be picked? @MrConway
  5. It boggles the mind that we need to have such a massive debate to get a blatant aim assist mod banned. How useful or impactful each one of us perceives it to be is irrelevant. The crux of the matter is that it clearly gives information that's not obtainable in the vanilla client, ergo an unfair advantage.
  6. Wasn't aware we were enjoying such a "feature". You learn something every day I guess In any case, I second the "rust" toggle. The more customisation options we have, the better.
  7. Sorry, but how useful you perceive the mod to be is irrelevant. It is, for all intents and purposes, an aim assist mod that provides you with info you wouldn't otherwise get on a vanilla client thus clearly in violation of WG's own rules. The spotter plane bit was about "the mod being useful against smoke campers". You can use that to deal with them without having to resort to dodgy aim mods.
  8. That functionality is already implemented, its called spotter plane. No need for further, questionable, aim assists that can be easily abused.
  9. Message when I`m citadeled

    Ah, thanks for clarifying. I think I remember some discussions like this early after the closed beta but it has been a while Shame though, I would definitely like to have a distinct citadel sound.
  10. Message when I`m citadeled

    Isn't there still a heavy bass sound that plays when you get citadelled? Or does that play whenever you receive a certain amount of damage from a salvo?
  11. Waiting for Asashio with moneys

    Hopefully we'll wait for the Asahio as long as we've waited for the Tone, with the difference being that I hope the Tone someday makes it in the game. Don't we have enough gimmicks ruining the meta?
  12. Bismark secondarys not working?

    Been playing my Gneisenau a lot recently, haven't noticed any difficulty in clicking ships for the secondaries or aircraft for that matter. Unless this is a thing.
  13. the "carry harder!" thread

    Nope, still not enough. Gotta hand it to the reds though, they had some pretty good players.
  14. Captain Retraining - keep old ship?

    Italian captains on the other hand, should have their transfer costs halved. They are experts in switching sides ships after all.