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  1. Not a DD expert in any way, shape or form, but here's my 2 cents: Adding an ammo choice to torps seems like an interesting idea to me, as long as it's implemented correctly and not only to Pan Asian DDs. Having to make the choice before the battle seems a bit inflexible though, much better to allow for ammo switch in battle, with a reasonable changeover time ofc.
  2. Hmm, lets see what the Codex says about this thread... Alright, y'all heretics clearly need the Emperor's light, here you go, no need to thank me
  3. GS is not bad, it can be quite capable if you keep in mind that you're pretty much a pocket BB rather than a cruiser. It's torps have amazing angles and the armour is quite trollish, in the sense that you have so little of it that you can easily get overpens even when broadside on to BBs and getting citadelled is rare.
  4. BBs and concealment

    It's tricky to answer with a blanket yes or no, but I'd say yes, BB concealment is generally fine as. Sure, there are exceptions, but given their speed and manoeuvrability its not that difficult to guess were a BB will be if you know its last spotted position.
  5. Who needs sacrificial goats when you have 1337 HAGS???
  6. Ahh yes, good old times... still miss that unashamed OP monster that the Cleve used to be.
  7. I know I'm late to the party OP, but still:
  8. New WarShips ideas

    Nonsense comrades, glorious Soviet navy is most important navy of all. In fact, it should have been the first one introduced in the game. If Wg actually cared for historicity, RN and the Regia Marina should have been the first trees to be introduced after US and Japan. Heck, the RN could have gone in even before them. But, as Toby said, there are other requirements to be taken into consideration...
  9. That implies he had any in the first place, dude's one of the most obvious trolls I've seen.
  10. It's never too late for WG to decide that they are clearly underperforming and tweak them accordingly, tovarish
  11. Can't wait to see the reactions when the inevitable radar DD line gets introduced...
  12. Elimination Thread 6: Tier VI

    Cleveland: 21Shinonome : 17Mutsu : 20Fusō : 21 + 1 = 22Warspite : 16 - 3 = 13 Not a bad ship, but a bit too squish for my liking.Molotov : 9Budyonny : 9Duca d'Aosta : 10
  13. Guns precision

    Not to go against Nelson or anything, but I'm pretty sure he'd amend his statement If he knew torpedoes would be a thing.
  14. Plus, I can already see the sh*tstorm that people who paid money for them would raise should they be made available for free in the future.