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  1. Pikkozoikum

    Graf Zeppelin

    Kommt immer aufs Schiff an, aber ich meine die Hosho kann die Kongo z.b. nur an der einen Stelle mit Zitadelle treffen. Mal als Beispiel
  2. Pikkozoikum

    Gefechte gewinnen Glücksspiel ??

    Wie in jedem Teamspiel hat die Leistung eines einzelnen nur bedingt etwas mit dem Sieg zu tun, es geht um die Gesamtleistung des Teams. Wenn bei einer Fußballmannschaft nur ein Spieler gut ist, und der Rest sehr schlecht, dann wird das sicherlich kein Nationalteam, nur weil der eine Spieler gut spielt.
  3. Pikkozoikum

    where is this player base heading to...?

    Are you serious? xD
  4. Pikkozoikum

    [Poll] AA sector reinforcement, are you using it efficiently?

    Setting AA sectors depends on the ship, so can'T really vote for it
  5. Pikkozoikum

    British Aircraft Carriers: Unique Characteristics

    That would make too much sense, so declined :P
  6. Pikkozoikum

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    Guess the refund is more about if you generally like it or dislike it. Not about "I want refund, because AA is too strong at the moment". ;)
  7. Pikkozoikum

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    Can't recommand that. Always aiming with mouse for more accurate drops.
  8. Pikkozoikum

    Suggestion: Reconnaissance aircraft for CV

    400 knots, are you serious? xD Hehe thanks, kinda everyone is qualified in some way. Even player without having played CV one time. Those players still have to fight against a CV so they're affected by changes
  9. Pikkozoikum

    Wie CV's sich aufs Gameplay auswirken

    Kann man schon, ist nur keine sehr tiefgründige Beurteilung ;P
  10. Pikkozoikum

    Suggestion: Reconnaissance aircraft for CV

    My post wasn't only about CBs, that is just one aspect... Also a dd could use the smoke for a radar cruiser, or use the smoke for firing his own guns. That depends on the player, if he want teamwork or not. If a CV want teamwork, he will use the recon aircraft. If he don't want, then he doesn't have to. Just like a DD, who could use smoke, could cap, or spot or just try to do max damage. Well, the Hakuryu already uses the C6N - that is a spotter plane. But in this game the Haku uses it for Torpedobombers. Also it's not "just manual control" it's way more... with some mechanics. It's also about the gameplay of a CV giving more support and less "dumbed down" like some would say. A consumable wouldn't do it in this case. The idea comes from Steel Ocean. The CVs there have spotter planes. Also I like supporting, so having a plane for supporting would be fun and it would be way more rewarding. If someone "only" spots with the squad, it doesn't feel rewarding.
  11. Pikkozoikum

    Suggestion: Reconnaissance aircraft for CV

    Then I have a lot arugments for that: If you think teamwork doesn't work in randoms, then don't use the reconnaissance aircraft In Clan battles is a lot teamwork I think, teamwork works in randoms, people just don't notice it. If a battle ship helps but misses, then it seems, that the bb doesn#t do anything for 1 minute. If enemies are grouped and no strike is possible, why not using a recon aircraft, which also uses "Focus Fire" commands? People react to that. It's a benefit You rewards don't depend on that, it's a bonus - right now you don't get anything beside "spotting damage" Are people not reacting to comments like "That ship used DCP"? I do... when I get better dispersion to a target, that a recon aircraft annouces, then I will react. The opinion share a lot people in many different games that there is no teamwork, but actually people are often just mad, because they did a mistake, and teammates are not solving the made mistake. So it's actually not a lack of teamwork, more about single players, who just do mistakes. Players also have often a limited view, players don't the what others do over the full match, they just see single moments, and then they think "What he is doing?" They don't know it, because they didn't observed the players for 20 minutes. I consider myself not as a bad player, also I often try to teamplay - but I also get flamed, that I'm bad - that's just because people have this limited view. If you know League of Legends, it#s the same, people say, there is no teamplay. But often it's just that people have different strategies in mind, and can't communicate this strategy fast enough because of a certain situation, so people act different and they start to blame each other. I think there is a lot more teamplay than people really think Of course there a bad players, but that's a different story, if one player has a brain leg, doesn't mean, that the whole team doesn't work together. Also we have to keep in mind, what does mean teamwork? It's not that all the teammates are responsible for the action of another player.
  12. Pikkozoikum

    Suggestion: Reconnaissance aircraft for CV

    This is not an issue of my idea about a recon aircraft, that is an issue of teamplay ;) But to make it easier (I will edit my first post with this idea): Always when a recon aircraft targets an Enemy, there will be a graphic indicator and also a chat message like "The reconnaissance aircraft revealead a weak target on D4. Focus fire!" It could also give bonus exp for firing at a focus target Also I think that dds shouldn't be countered by CVs, DDs should be more the counter to CVs, while CVs counter BBs They would need the P key, otherwise the AA shoots too early and the DPS won't be enough to kill the plane. Squishy doesn't mean one shot of the cont. DPS ;) The HP value is in my first post. Well, you mention ,that people are too stupid for P-key usage, but then you expect, that they notice the spotting difference of my idea and the current meta? ;) Also there were a lot people complaining about a lack of support and dumbed down. If it's dumbed down, wouldn't be some complexcity solve that? Actually, my reconnaissance aircraft idea would solve the alternative line. The Strike CVs would have: Attack aircrafts Torpedo bombers Dive bombers Single reconnaissance aircrafts The Support CVs would be still have strike potential, but more focused on the spotting mechanic So Support CVs would have: Reconnaissance aircrafts in squads with HE-bombs Torpedo bombers AP-dive bombers (USN) / HE-dive bombers (IJN) weak attack planes (Kaga sytle) Strike CVs and Support CVs wouldn't be a huge difference like they would get 4 totally new aircraft types, but why should they? The second branch of cruisers are often not that much of a difference as well, it's mostly about some different values like mm shells, fire rate and such stuff, but the gameplays is more or less the same.
  13. Pikkozoikum

    Suggestion: Reconnaissance aircraft for CV

    I had the idea, that the CV gets 50% of the damage dealt by team mates to his own damage counter, but only when he use the recon aircraft and while he observes a target with the "observation run"
  14. Pikkozoikum

    Suggestion: Reconnaissance aircraft for CV

    Well, I think the Strike-job is the major part of a CV, but spotting should work different in my opinion Well, there is a specific role for this plane type. If you wouldn't use it, you would have lower base exp than the average. 1. This would be a major profit for competitive play, where teamplay is more relevant then in random plays, where people play ego-sytle. 2. I added this in a later post, I will edit my first post: The CV should gain 50% of the damage dealt to the target of the teammates. So if a cruisers with 40k HP get sunk, and the CV was observing the target, he would get 20k damage to his damage counter. 3. The special use comes to when only spotting is possible and nothing else. If you have 5 minutes of large AA blobs. For me it's boring if I just cruise around, until a target shows up, I want something more entertaining, while I only scout. So scout planes would perfectly fit into this role. 4. The spotter plane has 7.5 km concealment, with a stealth build it would be 6 km. So cruisers and bbs would be spotable. Only dds would counter the spotter planes, which I think is a cool idea - instead of being a victim, the dds could be sent out to counter those planes away. The role of a dd would be way more fun. What if there will be a Chat message, when a recon aircraft observes a target: "The reconnaissance aircraft revealed a weak target. Focus fire!" and also an in-game indicator, of course. If team mates are too stupid for team play or something, Wargaming could also consider to give more base exp, if a observed target gets focused - there are always solutions. The CV player don't loses anything, if there are only two groups of enemies, which have a few CLs - a CV has to wait until they split off - so why not having a mechanic, that allows the CV to do something, while they're grouped, beside just being passive and cycling around like vultures? Well, I thought I mentioned that The recon aircraft gets countered by DDs: The aircraft is squishy with a low health pool. The DD stay stealth, until the Plane is close enough, then he shots the plane down - that would give a dd a new feature to cover a team from enemy spotting. I guess not that it's too complicated, actually it would be really simple. Guess only reading my bad written post is complicated :P But beside that, people complained a lot about "dumbed down" CV rework 1. DDs are the counter 2. The concealment is good, so the plane can stealth spot captial ships 3. It improves teamplay: The explained "oberservation run" would advice teammates to focus a target, while teammantes also get a dispersion buff (20% max dispersion reduced) + A consuamable, that increases the detection to air of enemy ships against the spotter plane (Crewman: Spotter) The spotter plane is not meant to spot dds. They are meant to be counters to the spotter. Spotter planes should be used, if there is nothing to do than spotting, while it also should improve the gameplay, when the CV is striking. BTW, 314 battles in the new CV and ~200 while beta tests. Guess that are enough games to have an idea of the CV... Beside that, this "wild idea" comes from Steel Ocean. CVs had Fighters, TBs, DBs and Spotter planes. Only the Spotter plane could scout effectively. Yes, that's why I added additonally part, how it could look like for the support CVs. They would have larger squads like 3 or 6 planes of spotters, they could also have small bombs - they could also desinged to be hybrids between spotting and striking. There is a lot space for the Support CVs.
  15. Pikkozoikum


    Ich nutze die 6 km torps und meistens für isolierte Ziele oder allgemeine schwache Flak-Bereiche, ansonsten eben mit Heal durch, da bekommt man einige Abwürfe raus und treffen gerne mal für 10-14k mit beiden Torps Und immer Boost bereit haben