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    Highest average damage for a dd? ^^
  2. Ranked mit 2er Divi auf Tier 5....

    2er Divisionen find ich sehr gut, aber bitte nicht T5. T6 war doch recht gut, und T8 war auch nicht verkehrt, warum nicht das :-|
  3. Yūbari, yay or nay?

    That's saying it exactly. and only 2 gun turrets with high accuracy
  4. I just want to know

    It's not that kind of rng, that you just roll a dice... it's with sigma, so there is a distribution of results. I don't know the probabilties, but there will be some kind of. And bad players are not bad because of their aiming, mostly they're bad because of decision making and tactics

    The drawback of every dd? ;) Yes, would agree with that, a mix of smaller turning circle + gun range would be nice

    The ship is legendary enough
  7. People like to play new stuff. If you don't like that, come back in 2 weeks? xD
  8. CV Rework Discussion

    There are kinda different altitudes, every plane type flies at different altitudes and the attack run is also on different altitude, so the aa is already shooting on different altitudes. It could also implemented like the submarines with different stages
  9. CV Rework Discussion

    There are few things, they just have to change like manual control of CV, but I would consider the altitude of the planes as not really important. Would be nice though. But I would also like, if the cv player would have to land somehow manually
  10. CV Rework Discussion

    Somehow I would like if the wings of the squad doesn't return automatically and that the cv player has to move them back manually. After returning he presses "F" and a landing squence of one plane starts, the player has to land this plane with some helping indicators ( cvs used signals and visuals for landing help, if a plane is on correct course) A good landing could reduce the reloading time a lot, a bad lading would reduce it not that much and a fail landing means to do a new landing sequence. The other planes will land automatically after landing the first one. I know many wouldn't like it, but I like good animations and a nice atmosphere. Just a personal desire
  11. That ship is totally fine like it is. The Torpedos are pretty good for long range torping, while you stay with your mates, prodvingin them smokes and contesting caps. The Asashio rarely need the smoke for herself, since she is small and has good concealment. This ship is my number 1 karma farmer
  12. Cheating [edited]1000+ players on T1

    He just started with the game :-/
  13. Ise the BBV in Blitz

    Oyodo was my favorite ship beside the japanese submarines in Steel Ocean. Wish they would implement a light cruiser line or at least Oyodo as prem
  14. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    I'm pretty sure, that they don't do the rework for the console. RTS games were possible on a Super Nintendo. So to implement it, wouldn't be any issue. Having not the skills, well as you say, it's an assumption. I wouldn't judge about that, games like that are not 3 lines codes. Maybe it's too huge and too much work to re-code or at least a rework is not much more work