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  1. Pikkozoikum

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

    take the aux mod I :P
  2. Pikkozoikum

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

    Guess the mod is a bit overrated. Not all ships will be equipped with that, also it makes ships like Shima more viable
  3. Pikkozoikum

    Kremlin AA nerf

  4. Pikkozoikum

    MIdway legendary upgrade

    Didn't they said, that they want add the mods to the research buru and then add new legend mods for the missing ships etc?
  5. Pikkozoikum

    MIdway legendary upgrade

    As long as I know, you will get the mod, when it's available again
  6. Pikkozoikum

    Isoroku yamamoto

    BB is best, those have the most profite from all the perks, but you can take him on almost every ship
  7. Pikkozoikum

    Hayate - WG responds to the community feedback

    Sauce is here
  8. Ä, Ö and Ü is ae, oe and ue. So in german ae doesnt stand for the nordic letter, ae stands for Ä. We use ae, if a keyboard or programm can deal with german letters ^^ I guess that nordic latter is same pronounced or similar than the german Ä
  9. So there is also a letter for UE, OE?
  10. But the name is Ägir, and if a german can't use the Ä letter, he would use Ae, so it would be Aegir :D
  11. That's not a german letter
  12. Pikkozoikum

    How to spend 1,000,000 fxp; Need some advice.

    Hayate IJN T10 DD will come for Fexp at some point. Though not sure how good that dd will be.
  13. Pikkozoikum

    Shinano or Yashima

    Hehe yes, imo a bad design decision :D (not taking correct planes)
  14. Pikkozoikum

    Kii Kobayashi

    good guns? Since when :D
  15. Pikkozoikum

    The Asashio; Not a Hack ship.

    Random battles? Played her in Clan brawl 4vs4. But only 2 matches :D One Clan said, after I hit their BB hard "And we were joking, if we would see an Asashio" xD and also this: