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  1. honestly dude , you are one the worst people in game , you know i cant post the screen shot of what this dude was
    doing to me and other becouse of Wargaming privatcy policy , and you dont know whats going on , there is a mod that
    get the stats from the website and implement it to the game , so all thease 1337 players can see what they are up against ,
    but the same mod is being used to flame lower ratings players and you say its not there , open you damm eyes !

    why are you so much against a chat filter , could it be that you might be one of thouse not so nice persons ?

    and when i say i had the person on the black list and this person still could trash talk me and my kids then its so ,
    but you denied it like it is nothing , what kinda person are you ??

    mabee you should stop saying no to that chat filter and help to get it , so every on gets a better game experince ,
    but i take it you one of thouse persons that only want top of the line players to play the game and thats just very wrong
    mentality to have !