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  1. Moskva & Angling

    I have citadelled her with Montana at about 12km, but it's the same as shooting GKs citadel - pray for RNG, won't happen normally anyway
  2. Secondaries - I will just leave this standing

    He desn't show us the fire damage he did. That should have been counted in
  3. turning pink !!

    I always delete old replays when the new patch arrives, so wouldn't have it anymore. Interesting to know tho, had missed that change
  4. September Clan Battles Tournament

    Yay for the black wall of text that is unreadable if you use the Dark Theme Anyway, seems interesting, will pass it along
  5. turning pink !!

    Interesting, especially since I have hit an ally with a long range torpedo (or might have been 2 ) without turning pink
  6. turning pink !!

    Technically I could do that in Co-op with some clan-mate Will post the results here if I do it
  7. Will get a free musashi within a week

    It's just a worse Yamato (especially now after the turret traverse buff Yamato got, but was the case already before it) which will have the exact same MM in 75 to 90% of the games you play. And in those few times when you are top tier 460mm is so much overkill that you probably are actually worse off than having something like the normal IJN 410s Personally I got the Musashi just bcuz I could and as a "port decoration". I've played 1 game in it, and got detonated in that same by a CVs drop which Musashi is beyond hopeless at stopping. Don't intend to play her more, at least not in the foreseeable future
  8. Disconnection Problems

    Not quite disconnected, but often game gets... "stuttery", while ping and FPS stay just as they were, almost as if I'm losing connection, but never lose it completely. Issue comes and goes since the last patch, but I'm not sure if that's my PC or something on WGs side
  9. Secondaries - I will just leave this standing

    You being clueless as to what "penetration" means after nearly 5k games played is not "bad game design", it's just you being clueless 152s - 24mm pen Enough for BB & CA superstructure Enough for DDs Might be enough for t7 CA hulls 100s - 16mm pen Enough for DD superstructure You hit anything else = you shatter. As simple as that As for main batteries - git gud, learn to aim. It's not bad game design that you can't figure out what amo is used against angled armour which you can't overmatch, or that you can't be bothered to look around to find a broadside target instead of the angled one
  10. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    The answer is really simple: I think WG couldn't have ed up this season more if they tried to. B teams = sealclubbing doubled. Now you didn't have just the 1st 1...2 weeks sealclubbed in lower ranks, you double that. You thought teams have layered out as the best clans rushed ahead and you can now play against "your own level"? Why would those "top clans" play for +10 / -35 points, if they can spend their time stomping you again and again till both of their teams are similar rating + top leagues a little bit more? Why would they risk their "rank" with testing tactics, having fun, training new recruits, or just farming Stalingrad flags for those who don't play in the "main rating" if they can do exactly that just without the slightest risk to their rating? The long queue times already show you that so so many clans have probably quit this season, simply given up on it. Going through the Gold, now sitting in the lower Typhoon - MM didn't change even a little bit, it's the same exact clans that we were fighting against that we are still fighing against. And this season being 6 sessions or so shorter than previous seasons doesn't help either. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, best part about B teams is the point gain: Lets say team A is Gold 2, and they are about the skill level of a mid-Gold team Lets say team B is Hurricane, but they play their "Bravo" rating which is Gold 3 They queue up, and get matched up vs each other B team wipes the floor with A team, clearly outclassing them as it is Hurricane vs mid-Gold Team A loses MORE THAN AVERAGE (lets say 25...27) points bcuz they fought against a "weaker Gold 3 team" Please tell me how that is not complete and absolute bulls**t
  11. Port. Right side of your screen. Right above your ships. The exact same filter as you have on live server to enable / disable "fancy" camos
  12. Alsace nerf=pointless

    While Alsaces nerf can be justified... Jean Bart having the exact same guns with so so much better performance on them is ridiculous to say the least Identical dispersion 32s reload (28.2s with reload mod) vs 26s reload (13s wit the boost, 22.9s with reload mod then 11.4s with boost) 1.6 sigma vs 2.0 sigma (this actually is a pretty noticeable difference - I'd guess some 8-ish % more shells landed on target from the same number fired (note that difference between 1.5 and 2.1 sigma is about 10% more landed))
  13. turning pink !!

    haven't seen that in any patchnotes, and at least for a few patches after its introduction it did work like it. So I'd say it's still here (would be a bit hard to test, wouldn't it? )
  14. Can't win

    1st step you're doing wrong - you are blaming the team, while the only constant in all those games is you. YOU are the one screwing up most of them, not your team
  15. Invisi-fire