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  1. Well, but that's the thing - in Ranked battleships tend to be bow on towards you much more. HE Fuso doesn't work in randoms, I can guarantee you that, but Ranked has completely different playstyle
  2. "HE Fuso? But it's a battleship, it fires AP!" Yes yes, just watch the video. Maybe it will make sense. Good luck in your ranked ladders!
  3. Citadel hits, skillful carrier drops and other fun moments. Enjoy!
  4. Well, not exactly. The point is - only the "playing BBs correctly" part is nerefd. If you actually go ahead and tank the damage like you should - you get less reward for it. If you sit at your max range like a typical potato - your rewards aren't going to change because you aren't tanking anyway (a.k.a. this change doesn't affect you). Lets face it - games are flooded with incompetent BBs camping as far back as they can. I see no reason to nerf those few who actually still try to do their job when playing one That's what I have a problem with.
  5. I'll admit that makes sense. But typing it out would remove the need for the 50 sec video. Anyway, for others checking this - it's about everyones role income type being buffed (and WG saying that all 4 classes get it buffed or aren't changed), while BBs actually get their "potential dmg" reward nerfed with nothing else compensating for the loss. Hence my That's pretty much it.
  6. You don't have to retrain captains to use them on premium ships, not the other way around. If you have a dedicated captain for a premium ship it will be playable without a penalty on that one ship and any other premium ship of the nation, just like any other captain can. Also, there's no real reason why he should be Missouri specific unless you go some very specific build that you don't use on other ships. Missouri is a premium, so even if you use Seagal on, lets say, Iowa - you can still play him in the Missouri without a penalty. Unless the nation has only premium ships (like Italy at the moment as an example) there rarely is a real reason to have a captain who's trained exactly for the premium ship instead of some in-line ship.
  7. Some things just don't fit together, and this seems to be one of them Might be just nitpicking, but decreasing reward for correct play while leaving the wrong playstyle basically untouched - that's just doesn't seem like the correct way to go
  8. if it says it's till 30th the mission will actually end on 29th. missions and events reset at 7 AM CEST
  9. As I stated in the "edit" you still can do it in all other ships, it's just a visual bug showing only cruisers as "available / possible" ships for the mission
  10. Be first to spot 2 German ships. No class restrictions. Tiers 5 through 10. And yet you can do that mission ONLY in Cruisers. No DDs, no BBs, no CVs. Take notice of this while completing the campaign Edit: This seems to be the case on multiple missions. And while it doesn't show those ships as "available" for the mission you actually can still complete the task with them. So just a visual failiure
  11. Edited. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to naming and shaming
  12. 1st of all - yes, it might be an old one, just I personally never noticed this before 6.4 Anyway, here's a short video where I explain what it looks like, how to reproduce it & how to... fight it if you ever manage to run into it
  13. Scharn has smallest BB guns, Atlanta has DD guns with gun arc slinged around Mars and then there's Graf Spee... Yeah, Spee is clearly the best tier 6 ship Kappa This MM is what I would call great
  14. Red just the titles of his 3 points. With no further information I'm willing to bet he's below 50% WR battleship player? Did I win?
  15. Pretty sure it will reset at 15:00 CET as that's when it started and that's when it ends. No tin-foil hats needed here