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  1. wilkatis_LV

    T9 Clan battle season please

    Oh and I wonder why that is then Could it maybe have something to do with the fact that CVs replaced BBs spot in the CBs? You truly are short-sighted Except that their presence is EXACTLY what limited ship choices. The choice between broken cancer & BBs instantly eliminated BBs. The only DD that was semi-viable was Halland, and even then barely. Even most cruisers were made irrelevant because of the CVs. Lets say it's 8v8 with "both" allowed. Your team lineup in that case: Haku 6...7 Venezias / Stalins 0...1 Kremlin Wow, such difference, much wow Uhhh, no. They picked CVs because they're broken & have exactly 0 counterplay. Oh, we did. For years. Of course, you wouldn't know, would you? WG took a big steaming on that and gave us this reeeeeework instead. At this point the only reasonable solution is complete removal Any spotting CVs do is accidental side effect of their attacking. There's no time to just go and "spot" in between continuous ing on actual ships WG have said repeatedly that they are fine with how CVs are now and there are no "fixes" coming. The reeework is done. The failure that we have is the finished product. And we seriously don't need that cancer in the game
  2. wilkatis_LV

    Moskva built

    Just general tank should be fine. Survivabilty Expert? No no no, that’s not a good choice, not at all
  3. wilkatis_LV

    for about Moskva Camouflage

    This really is still going on? Here’s what you people sound like:
  4. wilkatis_LV

    Using the new mission page takes more time

    Seems like this will be an unpopular opinion: you just need to get used to it. Obviously haven’t used it much yet, but personally I like what I see there. Much easier to find the mission you want to find (especially if you have a ton missions in that category), and then the display of requirements is obvious enough once you click on it. Also no need to go to a different & slow window to check the directives
  5. wilkatis_LV

    T9 Clan battle season please

    And as you were already told - that extremely limited selection is directly due to the inclusion of [edited]. Look at any of the previous seasons for a comparison. High diversity, most ships being viable - that’s how you can describe those.
  6. wilkatis_LV

    T9 Clan battle season please

    Render range = horizon. Radar doesn't bend around the curvature of the Earth. If ship is below your horizon you aren't going to see it. We're talking surface ships not aircraft after all. Oh, now we're picking and choosing which parts of realism we want, and which we don't? Funny thing is that we've already done that with choosing radar to see through islands. Do you even play this game? There is barely any time between the set of "strike strike strike" and next set of "strike strike strike". Those few seconds of darkness are irrelevant when you spend like 90% of your time spotted AND attacked by the CV Pretending AA exists, yeah, this guy 100% doesn't play this game. Have they done something? Yes. Is it good? No. Now no matter how braindead you are it's nearly impossible to fail while playing CVs. And that is DIRECTLY thanks to inclusion of the [edited]. While not popular Daring and Zao were viable choices previously. And that makes it the BEST solution.
  7. wilkatis_LV

    We must do something now...UNACCEPTABLE

    1) 2) Ground is more than solid enough to arm the shells fuse, your shells just detonate on that piece of rock
  8. wilkatis_LV

    0.9.5 - Unique Upgrades

    YY finally looks interesting. Combine with main gun reload in 6th to have a potent radar-gunboat Montanas UU's even more useless than it was. That 2/3 pickrate is seriously depressing, but I doubt it will change much. Those who picked it before likely already lacked any reasoning behind that choice other than "I have it, might aswell use it" GK & Rep changes don't seem to be particularly impactful DM - I just hope this is enough. Throttledodging needs to go, regardless of which ship it is Don't really care about the rest, but.. Shimakaze - you really think this will change anything?
  9. wilkatis_LV

    T9 Clan battle season please

    Allright, lets add some realism here. Radar can no longer see through islands Radar has the same range as your ships render range Radar has no cooldown Radar has no limited duration It's a toggle on / off ability Basically all BBs & cruisers have it (well, at least tiers starting around 4 or 5 and upwards), likely most DDs too (at least at high tiers) - all who historically had it / could have had it You sure you want that? The fact that they are in game is not the problem. It's HOW they are. Also go look at russian tech tree with that historical accuracy of yours. It is, very much so
  10. wilkatis_LV

    PR inconsistencies

    PR is inconsistent across everything. My "last 7 days": 1822 PR Now click on "Details": 20 * 1661 + 6 * 2188 + 2 * 3371 + 1095 + 2602 + 2320 = 59 107 59 107 / 31 = 1906.7 Last time I checked 1822 =/= 1907 Something to do with how they calculate that stuff.
  11. wilkatis_LV

    Problems with WoWs Stats and Numbers!?!

    Probably some WG API change or something Altho, I think it was working like an hour ago
  12. wilkatis_LV

    Is this normal these days?

  13. wilkatis_LV

    Anyway to disable dockyard?

    Literally just ignore it?
  14. wilkatis_LV

    torps from nowhere

    Tnx for providing a timestamp, I sure want to go through up to 20min of gameplay to see what unspotted DD torped you Around 17:00 you can see torps passing the Alaska. That was your hint that there is a DD ahead of you, if it wasn't already obvious from presumably playing this map before You called out Donskoi as the ship with torps, but Roon has them too You go in a perfectly straight line & don't use your hydro despite the obvious fact that there is a DD ahead of you Even after a single set lands on you you don't use your hydro to see if 2nd is coming Z and Fletcher are spotted elsewhere so obviously the only remaining option is the Ostergotland. Speed of torps and width of the drop also fits Also you DCP'd a single fire that was about to run out. Why would you even do that? And going by your map usage & the large drop of speed before you took those torps - are you sailing by using autopilot instead of WASD? Don't do that, like really
  15. wilkatis_LV

    How will California be available?

    Who said she will be available? Obviously there's no info on that yet. Wait for it to appear in dev-blogs, if it ever will