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  1. wilkatis_LV

    Atlanta (VII) - shooting range 15,5 kms???

    Basically OP has realized his own mistake (possibly by checking the replay) but just so he wouldn't look "dumb" by admitting it he goes down the typical "must be a cheat" route with "no replays" added to it Well wasn't that predictable
  2. wilkatis_LV

    Is it possible to reduce game file size?

    No, you can't. At least I have never heard of any such ability Either way, if your laptop is either old enough or "weak" enough (as in - a notebook) to have that little memory capacity, chances are it can't play WoWS at anything better than PowerPoint levels of FPS at minimal graphics
  3. wilkatis_LV


    T4 CVs are pretty bad, even by t4 ship standards
  4. wilkatis_LV

    Potential FPS Fix

    With that colour choice?
  5. wilkatis_LV

    Spending my coal on something

    There is a monetary bonus for Salem that is usually overlooked - she has 1/2 of normal t10 service cost. Add in the -50% from permacamo and you have 1/4 of normal service cost per game Afaik it’s practically impossible to lose money on it, and t10s earn half decently on their own
  6. wilkatis_LV

    Potential FPS Fix

    @iEarlGrey @MrConway It is so lovely that it’s not just random posts from random people who don’t normally visit forums that can’t be read. Who wants to see what WG staff are posting anyway? I swear, if this continues I’ll start posting everything in moderator red soon.
  7. wilkatis_LV

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    And, of course, that's exactly the kind of player WG always listens to
  8. wilkatis_LV

    Weird ship movement

    Rubber bandy visuals? That's lag If I'm not mistaken WoWS shows you the average ping for the last X seconds (5?) not the actual ping So 40-40-100-40-40 would be shown as 52 despite actually producing a lagspike
  9. wilkatis_LV


    Well, at 11 in a row you'd have a better than 50% chance for the 11th to be the last unique. That, of course, would include any duplicates you already got after getting the 15th unique At 22 you have better than 75% chance, at 36 it's better than 90%, at 72 it's better than 99% and at 118 it's practically 100% chance. So, knowing the RNG of this game... 118
  10. wilkatis_LV

    WINRATE upgrade

    What, you want to make your WR look even worse? No. YOu can see who tends to survive longer in lost battles. The last few ships left alive normally can farm massive ammounts of damage & thus end up on the top of score screen because the winning team sets caution aside and goes yolo just to get that extra bit more before the game ends. This is why so many record breaking high damage games are losses. This way you easily can be the useless reason for the loss, and still end up high on score screen And it's a terrible system promoting being a useless and playing with a "we lose, I save a star" mindset instead of "we need to win" It's not a good system in any way
  11. wilkatis_LV

    Rewards for Cross Server CBs?

  12. wilkatis_LV

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    Or maybe you simply don't actually have nothing to answer there as I'm right, hmmmmmmmmm?
  13. wilkatis_LV

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    Didn't see you having a problem with Hoods fuse getting nerfed Clearly can't be "everyone" when s like you start crying the second WG attempts to balance something OP. Funny how you wouldn't have a problem balancing underperforming gold / silver ships or overperforming silver ships, it's just the broken premiums you s instantly have a fit about it Except, of course, when the skilled player is f-ed because the garbage potato is playing something completely broken like a GC at which point skill goes right out the window If you buy only ships listed as OP you're useless to WG as you don't bring in any money anyway. And yes, we would. There is nothing wrong with the ship being balanced with other ships within its class & tier, not THE BEST SHIPS 2 TIERS ABOVE IT Not having a gimmick doesn't mean it's not broken. The combination of everything it has is far too much And "not common" is very weak excuse. Just 1 of them in the match already completely ruins it. Correction - for it to not be strong you have to be EXCEPTIONALLY TRASH. The ship easily performs far above anything the player could have achieved in any other ship Just look at your own t5 BBs: You are between trash and average in all of them.. except for Novorossiysk which magically outperforms them all by a MASSIVE margin Lets add in t6, and sort by dmg: Look at that, your GC is still outperforming practically all of them Lets add in t7: Your broken toy still outperforms practically all of them! Are you that blind?! Which is another ship crying for a nerf. Or rather, another 3 identical ships T5 BB. Outperforms every single t5 BB. Outperforms every single t6 BB. Outperforms every single t7 silver BB. Is equal with the best t7 premium BBs. No no, not OP, please buff, clearly there are people who still manage to lose while playing a GC every once in a blue moon Which are so small they are practically irrelevant when compared to all the god damn strengths it has Whoa, not only you have 0 clue how balance works, you can't even tell which number is higher Last time I checked 6919 is significantly larger than 4801 Even is we look at randoms only: Still no. I mean really And then - why would it matter that someone has more posts than battles? Well, apparently you don't buy anything that's not p2w so no, you don't pay anything. After all, you wouldn't buy a "mediocre ship", would you?
  14. wilkatis_LV

    WG. How to teach players about ship, game and consumables mechanics

    I'm not sure if this is quite relevant to the topic or no, but the 2 best ones I've seen have been to do with PA DWTs 1st was not too long after the PA lines release. Someone in chat said (and he was serious about it) that if you unlock the DD the "can't hit him" message disappears, that clearly means you can hit him now, right? 2nd - last weekend had a YY on my team who clearly tried to torp a Shimakaze. Told him it doesn't work that way, his answer was that "he torped there just in case a cruiser was next him" (at least 2 of 3 cruisers left were unspotted, those are the only 4 survivors). Fair enough, super unlikely but why not. Like 2min later, all 3 crusiers spotted and well away from the Shima - he torps the Shima again I really didn't know if I should laugh or cry at that moment
  15. wilkatis_LV

    Charles Martell

    Not quite my style, but I can see that working aswell, yeah