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  1. Stop giving BBs your flat side if you don't like getting smacked Which other class can 1shot others? If we exclude detonations - anything that has torps so that would be all DDs, all CVs aaand almost all cruisers. I guess that leaves just the US CAs as the one class from whom you wouldn't expect onehits and like tier 1 & 2 cruisers of all nations?. And then again, cruisers can still 1hit DDs. so that leaves just the tier 1s without the onehit potential. So if you really want games where onehits aren't a thing - be my guest, go back to tier 1, that's the only escape. Altho I'm pretty sure Black Swan acts sort of as a BB of those tiers citadelling everything as the only tier 1 with AP, so quite possibly you can't hide even there. Tough luck Also: Oh let me guess, you play only cruisers *one quick stats check later* Oh well wasn't that obvious. I farm potatoes like you, those flat sides are such nice targets to hit
  2. As I'm not testing the GZ I'll just not comment on it... But when I red the title for the 1st time I managed to miss the "t" in the Stukas so I opened this expecting something rather funny not just a question about stats
  3. Exactly what I was going to say. While the 1st squad is rearming the 2nd can land, and then while the 2nd is rearming the 1st one is already taking off. To be fair before opening this I expected to see something about Saipan and how fast his 3-plane TB squads rearm Not everything you don't understand is a hack or a cheat, in fact most of the things aren't. It's just you not knowing any better
  4. Sorry, I use barely any mods, have no idea about good visual ones
  5. Premium time is a good thing, and I think they had like a 90 day prem time discounted now? As for ships - if you want some look at the low tier ones for now, as you simply haven't reached the higher tiers yourself. It's a good rule of thumb to never go for a higher tier premium than the highest line (silver) ship of that class that you've played
  6. Yes, the permanent premium camo (on ships from tier 6 up) which tends to be rather expensive is a "buy once use whenever you want" for that ship, you never have to resupply it, even if you swap it out for some other (usually special) camo Those cheaper premium camos (they cost like 50g and 125g unless they are on a discount) are "buy once use once" meaning that you will have to resupply (re-buy) them each time. If you de-mount it (for example by swapping to another camo) it will go into your inventory till you put that on a ship As for coulurs... They are supposed to be historical-ish, so unless it's a special camo like valentines day it's not really going to have flashy colours on it. Then again you can use mods for that
  7. 0.6.14

    Scored 4 stars twice before the CV was introduced (so that was the max possible) and 5 stars in the one attempt after just to see where the Raptor is at. It's quite fun and enjoyable as long as you have a more or less coordinated team, playing with 6 randoms it's pure RNG roll if they will be any kind of competent or will you lose in the first few minutes. Also CVs feel a little useless, while they could help deal with the BBs faster they most definitely can't do their usual task - the Raptor is protected by a Cleveland right next to him, so it wouldn't be a good call for a CV to try and go for it.. 3 BBs (2x KGV or Scharnhorst to deal with Omaha and 2x Atlantas + 1 who can tank hits from the 1st SW attack), 3 Cruisers and 1 torpedo-capable DD is probably the best setup you can go for, at least from what I've seen
  8. important

    of course it's going to be hard to gun him down in a 1v1 when your ship has far less health and armour than he does, but then again 1v1-ing any BB as a cruiser wouldn't be exactly easy, would it? That comes with no surprises But if we get back to the point - even a HE spamming cruiser can load AP and go for the superstructure, which especially in the case of Conq is rather massive. Remember that he'll struggle to repair the AP dmg often resorting to inefficient heals just to get some health buffer back And as for other BBs... I don't know, I've seen them doing that all the time since RN BBs were released (or rather since Flamus videos literally yelling about RN BB HE) Ships like Nagato and Amagi I could sort-of understand - they have a pretty good HE round anyway, and it's good to use that in certain situations, but running into Yamatos, Kurfursts, Montanas, Iowas, Bismarcks (almost said Derpitzs but lets be fair, never expect anything good from that ship ) and so on spamming HE... sometimes it's just ridiculous I can 1v1 a Conq in for example the Amagi comfortably, as long as he's using the HE. RN BBs finally have a meaningful choice of "which amo do I go for" unlike every other BB line which is literally "AP always, don't bother with HE " and suddenly. They are far from OP, as I've said many times - it's you poking them where they are at their strongest that's the problem. They don't care about your HE and fires, but if you go with AP or torps they get wrecked. Any torpedo ship in theory has a "low skill high reward" mechanic - just spam your torps at the white marker and eventually you'll blow stuff up. Just drop them towards a smokescreen and farm kills without ever having a clue if there was someone or not. Every ship with high arcs has a "low skill high reward" in-built. park behind an island and spam at anything that comes close - they can't hit you but you can hit them so who cares. And I could continue this. The RN BB concealment isn't that much better than any other BB of their tiers, as long as they both run the same concealment build (which for some reason people forget to do when comparing them). There is always a cruiser or DD line with slightly better concealment than others, does that make those lines OP aswell? Or what you want to see is 12v12 identical ships with no differences in their stats, differing at best with some cosmetic stuff?
  9. Gallant, Duca, Hood, DeGrasse, Blyskawica - United Mega Bundle Revolution, Ohotnik - Soviet Mega bundle Enterprise, Alabama, Indianapolis - USS Mega Bundle Mutsu, Kii, Kaga - IJN Mega Bundle All of them - Armada bundle You can still get them if you want They are literally offering you to buy premium ships at a discount (wondering if anyone's actually buying the 400eur pack lol) if you want to, stop crying about it like a spoiled brat
  10. As long as they are in WG modpack (Aslains too is confirmed to be 100% legit) you apparently can use them. That includes all of the ones you've mentioned and the "X" aswell
  11. important

    RN BBs is literally "learn 2 play" issue. If you understand how to deal with them - you won't have a problem. If you don't - well, anyone can beat you if you don't have a clue how to deal with that. I'm happy to see more and more people realizing that you deal with Nelson, Lion and Conq by firing AP not HE at them, took them long enough.
  12. 0.6.14

    Pretty sure that what you don't realize here is that you have to register another account specially for the PTS, not log-in with your live-server acc. It's not like it's pointed out in every PTS post on the main page, not obvious at all...
  13. Ishizuchis fine, and that would also fit your current level. It's a good idea not to buy a ship that's higher than your line (silver) ships of that type. As Scharnhorst is tier 7 - I wouldn't recommend it to you till you have grinded some BB line till that same tier. Gameplay styles (and to some extent the skill of players) change a lot as you go up the tiers, and suddenly jumping higher than you have made it so far will just inevitably lead to bad experience and a lot of defeats.
  14. This. Like, why is even a thing, if I wished him to be in my division I'd ask him to join. I understand the idea of "clanmates can join in port without invitation" but the randoms just have to go
  15. I can understand you missing the 1st one - those ranks in forums depend on your posts. As you post more you'll get higher ranks But that 2nd... almost 2k PvE and over 2k PvP battles and doesn't even realize those are Ranked Battles ratings... Also as mentioned before - "enter" key is a thing, you don't need 500 spaces between sentences