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  1. Static, type 7 I believe. The one with those extra angled lines. Static is just too familiar, and I almost never use less than max zoom (except for close range and when checking for smoke as it shows up when you're not fully zoomed) And those angled lines serve 2 purposes - 1st it's easier to judge the "vertical lead" you need to give to an angled target and 2nd - when you use spotter plane it actually allows you to aim
  2. Updates (at least up until now) have always been on thursday mornings. And don't believe what they say in the news posts, they usually tend to be full of misinformation
  3. And you of course have infinite supply of +300% and +777% flags and +200% camos? I'm well aware of how free xp works, and just because you got a lot of it in ONE game doesn't mean you'll be able to keep it up long enough to earn 375k lmao Even if you managed to get 15k each battle you played that would still take you 25 games. Good luck at that lol
  4. 1500 base xp would give you 75 fxp. +50% premium, +300% and +777% flags and +200% camo -> 1070 fxp in that game. And generally you can get up to 3 games per hour (as if you die quickly enough to get 4 full games you wont get enough xp out of them). So as long as you have those New Year camos, premium acc, and enough of those flags AND average 1500 BASE xp -> at that rate you would earn enough for a Missouri in about 234 hours of gameplay (around 701 games with 701 of each flag and 701 of those camos). Yeah, that's going to take a while even if you somehow have enough of those consumables. Just to get that maths further: 234h = 9 days 18 hours If you play 10 hours a day: 24 days If you play 8 hours a day: 30 days If you play 6 hours a day: 39 days If you play 4 hours a day: 59 days If you play 2 hours a day: 117 days Also that last part of your comment
  5. In the port defense mission every DD your team has is a liability, cruiser in its place would have been better. On other missions you usually want (or even straight up need) a DD, but not in that one. Altho in Aegis (the easiest one where you have to rescue those captured Liberty ships) DDs don't do much either. And just because some random potato screws up doesn't change the fact that Cleveland is the best ship for pretty much all operations.
  6. Well, no. Just because you bought a premium ship which allows you to make credits faster doesn't mean your line ships should get more expensive, does it? Same for free xp. 750k still takes a long time Also on that "Nelson in one weekend" - yeah, right. I'll assume by weekend you mean 3 days. Lets assume you played for 24 hours each day, so a total of 72 hours played nonstop. That would mean you needed average of 5208 fxp per hour, and assuming average of 3 games in hour you'd need to score average of 1736 fxp per game. And that's when you play 72 hours nonstop. Yeah, no.
  7. Those are some next level DD tactics lmao radio the enemy so he's too busy to pay attention
  8. Not going to deny that it has happened Just that it's a BB, they really don't need any excuse to sail from one border to the opposite one without ever touching their steering controls
  9. I'm going to call this - WG will be excited about the idea, they will want to go through, then all the CCs will be angry and ask why are they doing this as DDs shouldn't have radar, then whole community will (once again) explode in massive riots, and the radar will (probably) be removed with no compensation
  10. Yeah, a BB sailed in straight line without turning because he was "typing" Writing a book maybe lmao
  11. Steps how to successfully do this op: 1. Don't play DDs, they are the most useless class in this one 2. A at least semi-competent CV (and by CV I mean Ryujo) really helps 3. You want like 1...2 BBs that can actually tank for you instead of just hiding behind everyone (1 can do it, but he's not going to survive. 2 can split the fire for better effect) 4. Pretty sure that the more Clevelands you can get the better your chances are 5. You'll still need some luck as it's the hardest operation out there, altho not as hard as it used to be when I got my 5 stars Also just playing in a 7 player division drastically increases your chances lol
  12. At 8...9km RN BBs have probably the best accuracy of all BBs, it starts dropping off soon after that. Also there is no need for 10 hits - 2 citadels + some extra like a penetration would easily shave off those 24k health, and as he fired short fuse AP in your stern there was no way he's going to overpen you. Basically against a BB you are more vulnerable when you are angled, as while you decrease the chance of a hit every hit you take is quite likely to be a penetration and / or citadel instead of all those broadside overpens. Don't go broadside to everyone tho, that's still dumb. As for the fact that you are in newly set smoke - this takes a bit more breaking down. When you disappear they still have target lock on you for something like 5 seconds. Then add in that the shells had to fly some 5...7 more seconds (as Dukes AP lose velocity with ridiculous speed (tempo? not sure what word would fit here, you get the point)). Also, even if he didn't manage to get those shells before you got de-spotted and his target lock already ran out, he might have Shift+X your position while he was skill locked on you, in which case his guns wouldn't lose aim on that exact position allowing him to hit you if you didn't move. See? It can be explained.
  13. With a time machine and some ability to follow the events that are happening in game
  14. Problem with epicenter isn't how it works, problem is with the players failing to understand what game they are playing. This would just screw up those few players on one team who tried to win while their team was heading to the closest map boarder to check if they can finally sail over it while the enemy team had at least 1 extra ship that went for the middle. And as @Commander_Cornflakes already said - MM allows you to have +/-1 DD, would be really fun to see that you have 2 DDs while enemies have 3. Might aswell give up and let the game finish quicker in that case
  15. Well, people crying about how bad the ship is bcuz they have no clue how to play it fits this, doesn't it? KGV is great, the AP on it just superior to anything I've seen.