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  1. wilkatis_LV

    WTF is this new time play for EU CW ?

    Clan commanders / deputy commanders select timeframe in which you play. Tell them not to screw up like this
  2. wilkatis_LV

    AA ratings

    Those ratings are 100% irrelevant either way. Best you can do with them is compare 2 identical ships (for example Kagero to Kagero, but not Kagero to Assashio) to see if they run the same "build", and even then the game might fail to load some / all of the data about one / both of them
  3. wilkatis_LV

    Okt. Revolutsya

    Just don't fall into the trap of spamming HE at everything. HE is your long-range-anti-BB amo of choice (and, if you can be bothered to swap for that - amo for shooting DDs aswell) AP is very effective at close & medium ranges - both against BBs and Cruisers. And, ofc, 305s overmatch 21mm, which is important as the "standard" plating for t4 & t5 BBs is 19mm.
  4. wilkatis_LV

    Okt. Revolutsya

    Best t5 that's not a Giulio. Of course, with Giulio being closer to a t7 BB than a t5 BB that's not exactly surprising She's "quick" for a dreadnought, but don't expect a 30kts Kongo out of her Maybe pre-rework, as no AA is awesome since it. Insta-wipe bugs aside (btw, could that bug increase in frequency pls?) you're a moderate threat to t4 CVs and a free drop for the t6 ones Yes. CVs screw you regardless of what ship you are, so that may aswell be ignored. And now with the Russian battleship line about to be introduced into the game - Revolution could serve as a useful crew trainer aswell.
  5. wilkatis_LV

    Bug Report - since the bugs thread is locked

    Whoa WG, wtf is up with hiding bugs / bug reports from the public?
  6. wilkatis_LV

    Saipan - flugzeug reload......

    ENGLISH speaking forums
  7. wilkatis_LV

    EU CB playing time changed. WHY???

    Ha, my post / comment on the CB announcement has turned out to be a good prediction It’s the exact same time as last season, just a matter of “which timezone it’s shown as” and “we switch to summer time between the announcement and CB starting”
  8. wilkatis_LV

    Exeter Mission

    And the problem is...? You got a free premium ship for simply playing the game
  9. wilkatis_LV

    Whats wrong with the weather system?

    “Strikes” happen. It’s super unlikly to get Ocean, couple months ago I had like 5 of them in a row while playing t8. Was it Matt Parker who said something along the lines of “people really underestimate how many and how long strikes constantly happen in a random distribution”? Oh, absolutely 100%
  10. wilkatis_LV

    Whats wrong with the weather system?

    It’s just RNG - that’s how your matches rolled. Nothing particularly special And you can’t get rid of it, weather tends to add nice changes to otherwise very “typical” match, well, at leas uf tou’re not a pitato in a BB 20km behind your team
  11. wilkatis_LV

    CV Reward Punishment

    The above example shows how someone can be basically be AFK the whole game for all the good they did, have their automated AA shoot down a couple planes and still end up without a massive loss because reasons
  12. wilkatis_LV

    CV Reward Punishment

    Half of which is dealt to BBs You lost money because you literally did nothing that game 28.56% on Moskva, 28.82% on Buffalo, 21.1% on GK and 1.94% on Hipper You did a sum total of 80.4% of 1 ships HP as dmg If it wasn't for the kills (2*15%) and planes (80%) you'd be scraping the bottom of your teamlist in XP. Also look who's #1 on your team. What a surprise, a CV
  13. wilkatis_LV

    Why are the British CV's excluded from Naval Battles

    Individual economy multipliers and possibly different target selection. To whom you do the damage matters a lot
  14. wilkatis_LV

    Why are the British CV's excluded from Naval Battles

    They are "early access" ships, not premiums. They don't get any credits multipliers or anything like that, they simply have research-based progression disabled & are allowed to freely use any captains of the nation without re-training. And yes, just like previous early access lines they will become normal silver ships with the release of the line
  15. wilkatis_LV

    Why are the British CV's excluded from Naval Battles

    RN CVs aren't released yet, you should be able to use them when 0.8.2 hits