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  1. Ranked season 9 review for tier 8 ships

    Thing is, WoWS numbers will show you only the data for players they track - a.k.a. players whos stats pages are being opened on their side. So those are not the actual stats, as close or as far as they might be You have to remember that a competent CV player will not play Lex unless that's his only tier 8 CV, and even then it would be questionable. Lex is doing so badly not only bcuz it's a bad ship, but also bcuz you can easily guess that 99% of players who pick her are well below average potatoes And the super high WR Enterprise and GZ are barely played at all Richellieu is leading only bcuz mongs can't figure out how to tap the "1" key to load HE when it's needed. Yes, even (or rather - especially) in BBs. No point wasting AP on its bow I'm surprised neither Bismark, nor Derpitz made it into bottom 3 despite being hugely popular among potatoes Bottom 3: Monarch is just terrible, there is no reason to pick it over the Amagi, which has as good if not better HE while not having everything else as garbage as Monarch has it. RN sAP is nice, but everyone is playing bow-on anyway so it doesn't help much Gascogne - I wonder how many games were played with it, probably rather few. (looked it up on the WoWS Numbers, surprise to noone that it's the least played BB with a pick rate of 0.5% - overall above only Enterprises 0.4% and GZs 0.3%) And in those games I'd assume it tended to be played as a 20+km "fire support" if you know what I mean Kii - should be as good as Amagi is, except that people tend to give far too much broadside relying on the thicker (but much less effective) armour, and end up being punished quite hard for it. No magical bulges to absorb HE and trap AP, as well as no turtleback for those close range hits There's no surprise about Kutuzov and Atago - those 2 have always been good picks. Eugen - I guess you'd have to be pretty dedicated to play it, and it got buffed, so who knows. Meanwhile NewOrleans clearly shows how crap people are at abusing the advantage that the radar gives. Hell, most of them don't even seem to know they can use it I'm surprised LOLyang has this low WR. Same for the Kidd How Herakaze managed to be bottom 3 - I simply can't understand. Potatoes being potatoes, I guess. And anyone playing the Ognevoi (or its t10 relative - Grozovoi) deserves a good old beating for such a stupid ship choice, it should be reportable as intentional attempt to lose the game
  2. Did you have like a 8 month long break from the game? Because "lately" we finally see potatoes starting to fire AP again, not just HE exclusively like it was after the release of RN BBs This. Someone spamming nothing but HE is so much less dangerous than someone who knows when to use AP

    How can 1 noob be this wrong? Amazing. Well over half of my games played are BBs, and fire is not a problem. Sightly annoying sometimes, yes, but that's the worst it could get. In other words
  4. Unsatisfied

    Thing is, you just reached Account Level 12, so you left the "newbie protection" MM you had up till now. Also you are a new player, obviously don't know all too much about the game - of course loses will happen while you learn.
  5. 2351*1323 Resolution

    I'm playing on 1080p so my UI is fine, never used them There have been threads about this tho, and maybe someone who uses one of them will come her and give them to you I'm sure that there should be something in those same - WoWS official modpack (or whatever it's named now) and Aslains modpack
  6. Burning ships and repair.

    You don't get credited simply bcuz you don't start one While it's active you have effectively 100% fire resistance You used to get that flash (set a fire but it instantly goes out), but that got patched ages ago
  7. @Aotearas any chance you were in a training room / training battle when you quit the game to desktop (without going to port before quitting)? That's the only thing I've seen resetting the battle mode to Co-Op
  8. detected out of see area

    If you have a replay we probably could tell you exactly what happened in that exact situation. Other than that - what Commander_Cornflakes said
  9. Detection ranges when smoke firing...

    Same as with the circles on minimap, if you are outside of the smoke it will not show your smoke detection range while that still affects you
  10. Detection ranges when smoke firing...

    But they are not entirely correct either. The circle will always be exactly that - a circle, meanwhile if there is a smokescreen in some direction your detection radius in that direction is shorter than in other directions resulting in a circle with a cut in it
  11. 2351*1323 Resolution

    There are mods to help scale that UI
  12. Burning ships and repair.

    Can't happen For the graphic to appear you need to set that fire, which is impossible while dmg-con is active (also that graphic appears like 1...2 seconds after the fire has started as the fire "ramps up"). It's 100% fire reduction - chance of you setting a fire is 0% no matter what's your ships fire chance. Same idea as Detonation Flag - you can't detonate with it mounted as the chance becomes 0. There is no animation "you would have detonated now if you didn't have the flag"
  13. Detection ranges when smoke firing...

    There's no formula given to us, at least none that I know of You can see it in port under the Concealment tab, or if you hold H while in battle And it doesn't matter if you are in smoke or behind it, if the LoS goes through it the spotting distance will be reduced When this was still on PTS I made a short video showing / explaining it, the quality is absolute garbage but oh well The stupid thing that comes with that, of course, is the ability for stealthy ships (like RN CLs) to sit in their own smokescreen and spot targets for themselves who are outside of the smokescreen (especially BBs and some CAs with terrible concealment values like Moskva).
  14. Burning ships and repair.

    That used to be the case, but was removed some (long-ish) time ago. Now while dama-con is active you simply can't start them
  15. Fix T10 matchmaking.

    I'm wondering how is potatoes being potatoes a MM issue?