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  1. Nerfed Jap carriers

    Only on your team, never the enemy
  2. MAX Dispersion value

    Max Dispersion - Horizontal dispersion at max range. Changes linearly, but the tip of the cone is behind not on your ship. Think of a big V on the water Min H. Dispersion - presumably width of the cone at the point where your ship is (not 0 bcuz as stated before - tip of the cone is behind you). Was going to test these values, but WG decided not to give us free module mounting / demounting for CB. Since it's taken from some site it can be inaccurate (could it be this one -> https://wowsft.com/ that you used? Dispersion numbers they give often don't line up with what you have shown in-game) Min V. Dispersion - presumably width of vertical dispersion at max range. Afaik unlike H. dispersion, which increases, your V. dispersion actually becomes tighter over distance, but this change is not linear. Again - this number could be completely wrong That module does improve H. dispersion, but does it affect V. dispersion aswell? Who knows, your guess is as good as mine
  3. Nerfed Jap carriers

    He has a Taiho. t7 is bad enough, this one plays tier 9
  4. Nerfed Jap carriers

    No, you were not. Your best are Zuiho / Ryujo with slightly over 1 k/b You are losing planes bcuz 1) you are attacking cruisers (they have DefAA) and 2) you are ignoring AA ships and thus flying too close to them / leaving your planes in their AA for no reason. All of which are directly related to simple lack of skill Take a look here: https://wows-numbers.com/player/508194752,LiquidTwist/ Red = bad. That should paint the picture for you
  5. "Lock on" bug?

    Yesterday the whole day I'd go out of my way to manually unlock - lock every single target I was going to shoot at. I don't even remember the last time my accuracy was that good. Confirmation bias? Just one spot of lucky RNG? This being actual thing? Who knows
  6. Nerfed Jap carriers

    Funny thing is that IJN CVs, unlike US ones, haven't been changed for the longest time. At least not that I could recall As for our problem - sounds like you simply got strafed. Manual attacks are a thing for tier 6+ CVs. As El2... (god damnit dude, couldn't you have a simpler name? ) you can do them by holding Alt button. Reasons why this "didn't" happen previously are the following: You were playing against potato CVs. Plenty of them have no idea how to / about Alt attacks You yourself are a pretty bad player, which inevitably points towards lack of attention & understanding of what's going on -> that, of course, leads to you not even knowing this happens to you until it happens in the exact spot you were looking at. Tbh - took you long enough If you like CVs & want to play them more I suggest looking up Farazelleth on YouTube (and Twitch), there's a lot you could learn from him
  7. Speaking of Kamikaze... well known to be rather OP, out of her 6 torp salvo needs to land at least 5 to onehit a GC. Which other tier 5 ship can stand up to that? Iron Duke - 4 Bretagne - 3 Konig - 4 Kongo - 4 NY / Texas - 4 Oh look, none of them. Colour me surprised Everything else you wrote is more or less nonsense, especially the other BBs part And as for: How about you actually look at the data I provided? GC isn't some limited ship like Flint or Black, it's available to EVERYONE. There are exactly 0 reasons to "suspect" number of unicums playing this ship to be far far greater than the number of potatoes. And yet it's a tier 5 which you can't compare to tier 5, tier 6 or even most tier 7 ships bcuz it just straight up outperforms them.
  8. Anything that isn't dmg - don't even bother. WG thinks dmg is the only metric that is important, according to them only dealing dmg wins games. Everything else is secondary at best That's bcuz stuff like potential dmg (tanking) and spotting dmg give you so laughably low rewards, that they might aswell be removed and you wouldn't feel it. Dmg is the only one that counts bcuz it's pretty much the only one really rewarded. Capping (mostly solo-capping) does give decent rewards aswell, but that is pretty much the only exception.
  9. It's the % of ships max HP that matters. doing 20k to a tier 10 DD is worth far more than doing 90k to a tier 10 BB Also tier matters - the higher enemies tier, the more you earn for it. Tier 8 ship doing X% to tier 10 ship will earn more than that tier 10 ship doing the same X% to the tier 8 ship When you turn your dmg into % you've done 134.5% to Montana, 111.1% to Richellieu, 28.1% to Derpitz and 21.8% to Cleve. That's a sum of 295.5%, then add 2x kills (plus 2*15%) for 325.5% - which, while being pretty damn good, isn't actually that spectacular. As an example (while keeping the tiers the same) doing 24k to Shimamazes + 24.31k to Kageros & getting 2 kills on them (so that would be 48.3k dmg + 2 kills) would have granted you the same exact score BB farming is easy, but you are wasting your and your teams time by doing it. Conq is a great example of this exact thing. You're much better off ignoring BBs who are not posing a reasonable threat and shooting the cruisers & DDs instead.
  10. Radar Ships Chart.

    Seeing how it lists all the ships & radars I think you're wrong
  11. in game INFO MISSING

    Going by those numbers you got exactly 1/2 of what you were still missing
  12. And about this - was pretty sure that it's incorrect, but had to make sure about this one, so now again - what a surprise - you're 100% wrong. 1st of all - 1 quick google search returns plenty of pics of reflections in port: And then a quick look at a video where I knew the person recording it will have Graphics up high shows us that there are reflections in-battle: So, as usual, you are wrong about literally everything, it's your graphics settings turned down so low that you don't see those reflections. Either that or you see the reflection, but don't have the mental capacity to figure out that it's a reflection, which, given your recent posting history, I wouldn't be surprised about
  13. Congratulations, you managed to find another non-issue that you are completely wrong about. Well, at least mostly. Bounces ARE visible, even if for just a fraction of a second. Good enough to see when they impact water or another part of that same ship afterwards. Since a single AP shell can not damage 2 ships showing the tracer after the bounce would be very misleading as you'd fill the game with fake ghost shells inevitably leading to confused crying from potatoes like you Also this is NOT a simulation
  14. Conq is nothing more than annoying. It's annoying to play against, annoying to deal with. Is it strong? Meh, distinctly average would be more accurate. Is it op? Far from it. You could have at least played the Kamikaze card here
  15. General Feedback

    I'm pretty sure that is a clan. 1) Get people in your clan or 2) Change your clan to some that has the players for it You doing neither of those is, again, your choice not anyone elses fault. And again - that is their choice. They are given the opportunity, they choose the let it pass. Exactly like I've been saying all this time Yes, that is a thing you can do. Or you can join them, play that battle, and then stay. That also is a possibility. Would ADRIA accept someone like that? No. But there are plenty of lower rated clans that would. And since this "play 1 CB" requirement has no ties to any rank - you don't need a top rated clan for it, you just need a clan. As simple as that