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    English m8, english Also I'm pretty sure Google got something wrong: "With regard to the issue of birth and parenting, CORE really sees itself as a mediator." Or if you meant to say that... I have no idea what you wanted to say
  2. wilkatis_LV

    Stalingrad OP

    Kongos. Amagi (especially Ashitaka). Graf Spee. Kronstadt. Alaska. Scharnhorst. Prinz Eitel Friedrich. Hood and Stalingrad are far from being the only battlecruisers in the game. Some are classed as "closer" to BBs, some as "closer" to CAs. As long as CBs aren't separated out as their own class this won't change. It's a decent ship, but most of its power comes from who plays her. You don't have to be a potato to get wrecked by unicum players I'm telling you, just wait till WG gives away all that Steel during Christmas, I can't wait for the 1st "Stalingrad too weak" / "buff Stalingrad" / "was Stalingrad ninja nerfed" thread, and it sure as hell will come when potatoes start getting it. Massively larger target than Moskva (in fact, nearly the size of a GK) Worse natural angling (sloping) of armour than on Moskva The 50mm belt sits way lower (or is it the same height, just that Stalingrad herself is way higher above that? In that case it would be effectively lower, not simply lower. Still lower tho) exposing a lot of 25mm area on the bow What BBs role? T3 BBs? 305s are far from BB caliber at t10. 380s of Bourgogne are already kind of laughably small, with the "normal" caliber being around 420mm. But we don't play on the Ocean. Most of the more open maps - like Hotspot and Mountain Range - were removed this season, it's all about islands literally everywhere now. With a significantly slower reload. Here's a fun comparison of it -> FireChance * RoF (per min) * Guns = potential Fires per min Well, at least she's like way better at setting fires than a Mino Worse than Moskva, a bit better than HIV / Zao / Wooster. Above the average, definitely, but nothing special really Oh please, that massive citadel - when shown broadside that is - is one of the easiest to hit in the whole game. Only while angled Stalingrad can take AP hits and hope to survive *arming threshold not arming time. 2 different things Yeah, this one I never understood - why her 305s arm AP at the same armour as 203s do. Both - Moskva and HIV - need to pass through more armour. Also not like it matters vs DDs as 305 > 280 And it moves like a brick, and it is deleted the second she's mispositioned, and she can be absolutely HE spammed to death, and her HE is rather weak for dealing with anything that's not a DD... All this and so much more has been mentioned again and again and again and you all just skip it like "naaaah, that's not a thing m8". Not even funny anymore Hello Sir, my name is Henri the 4th. I carry 240mm guns. As it happens they overmatch Mino letting me delete it regardless of angle. Quite frankly I'm insulted you think only Stalingrad can do it. I was first! Fair one. But having only 1 DD on the opposite team (2 maybe) reduces this risk. How about vigilance as captain skill? Zao. Bloody 12km torps. I as a BB player generally am not too afraid of DDs torping me. Zaos however... a very different story. And Vigilance really doesn't help much when you turn about as quickly as a dead fish. Also what will you sacrifice for it? BoS which got your fires a bit closer to what cruiser have? SI which gave you extra heal and radar? FP which means you are warm in just 3 places at the same time not all 4? Concealment because no matter what it's worse than everyone already? Yes she does have Def AA. Useless for increasing AA dps, but at elast gives you a whole minute of scatter before going on cooldown for 3 (!!!). But here's the thing about AP bombs - they don't care about the scatter, you jsut click on the target and scattered drop is nearly as tight as a normal non-scattered drop. With the size of Stalingrad I'm not even sure if you can manage to miss any of those bombs unless she's hard tunring 15s = 5% extra HP lost which would be about 3.6k in this case. Per fire, of course And yes, fires are manageable and need to be set... up till the point where 3 or more cruisers start HE spamming the everloving out of you, then even if you dmg-con all 3 fires as son as your immunity (5s lol) runs out you'll have all 3 back. Focused Stalingrad is just as dead as any other ship And fires don't get saturated She's outspotted by exactly EVERY ship in the game. Not even one has it worse (assuming full CE build, ofc) Like a Battleship which is it. The Moskva also turns like a brick and that's manageable. Actually that's like a CV. Only GK is "close" with 1050 (same as Moskva btw) vs Stalins 1130, all other t10 BBs are around 900 (+/- 80). Like a Battlecrusier should be. The moskva is bigger than BB's too. Moskva's bigger than Conq. No others. And Conq really is a small BB. Meanwhile Stalingrad is nearly the size of a GK, which, if memory serves me right, is the biggest BB in the game. 3.2km (ha, turns out my 2.2km I mentioned previously was wrong) of "safe space" is more than enough. You can keep her spotted while never being in any danger of getting radared, which is more or less the same as not having a radar Except that it's not a BB. And with reload mod + AR working at 100% she still has worse reload than the slowest reloading t10 cruisers base reload. And seeing how she'd be on 1hp there... good luck surviving long enough to actually "enjoy" that reload. Realistically as soon as you drop below 16s (with reload mod + AR) you've lsot so much of your combat capabilities you're about to die. And that's ignoring the fact that quite a lot of Stalingrads run range not reload But look at that fire chance. Re-check the table (pic) I gave you somewhere above Well then, you should have no problem as - thanks to Steel - she can be obtained by everyone! Problem solved, aye? 1) Fits some kind of tactic 2) Morale breaking ship for players like you because you always overreact 3) Those guns 4) Morale breaking ship for players like you because you always overreact 5) They actually don't always bring them 6) Morale breaking ship for players like you because you always overreact Some clans have unicum players, some don't. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!!!!
  3. wilkatis_LV


    Uhh, yes and no. The general simple way to look at it is - yes. Patch 0.7.11 plays replays from Patch 0.7.11 But there tend to be exceptions For example, a minipatch - like - will still generally play replays from 0.7.11, just that they might (might, but don't have to be) be a little buggier in some aspects. Generally fine tho Sometimes you can get an older replay working in the new patches aswell - for example when Jingles uploaded my Charles Baguette game I had played it in patch 0.7.7 (before french got their Reload Boosters), but Jingles recorded it on patch 0.7.8. Replay worked perfectly fine, just that it showed a RB on my CM (which I didn't actually have while playing - hence why I never used it) and I was firing with 1s seemingly left on the reload (as in 7.7 CM has 10s reload, but in 7.8 it was nerfed to 11s). So small bugs like that in case it works. If it doesn't you probably won't even be able to launch it, it will just crash while loading / right after loading It's not quite in the filename but... Right-click the replay -> Open With -> Notepad There right away you'll see... "clientVersionFromXml": "0, 7, 11, 1194326" ...the exact precise version of the client (^ that one is what we have right now) So you kind-of can find it
  4. wilkatis_LV

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

    Normally good mods would leave a note of "cleared the thread" or something like that. Sadly enough it hasn't happened here Could the mod please identify himself? (even if in just a PM) I'd like to know why those 2 posts were edited out. I have a guess for the 2nd one, but 1st? Not the slightest clue. So please, be so kind and enlighten me
  5. wilkatis_LV

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    Ever thought that all the players in the top clans can play CB in their A rating as they've earned their place to be in the clan already? A potato wouldn't be accepted in them. And yes. a single clan leaves those low ratings quickly. But when you have the whole Gold, Typhoon and Hurricane going through Bronze & Silver once with their A rating, and then ANOTHER time with their B rating, it's not just a single clan playing a few games, it's a large portion of playerbase going right at sealclubbing And as those who are clubbed all the time start giving up on CB other clans of their level start losing their ability to be matched against clans of their level and get clubbed even more. Just look at the last season and how that one died out
  6. wilkatis_LV

    Stalingrad OP

    Oh look, another one No it's not. It's just generally sailed by very good players Every time you play against OMNI, TTT, WGP2W and other high level clans they are very difficult to defeat. Your point here being...? Even the closest BB to her has 10k more HP than any others. And that one itself is 10k behind the next closest one Also 25mm plating - she's not a t6 / t7 BB, so no, she's not a BB. What she is, however, is a battlecruiser - class which isn't separated out in this game. And - surprisingly (not really) enough - CBs fall somewhere between CAs and BBs. Just like Stalingrad does. As in shot a full salvo at them? Guess every shingle ship in the game is a BB then, because that can fit for literally anything Alternatively you could just git gud Swarms of potatoes, I'm sure Because Stalingrad exists since Beta instead of the last few months, right? Also here's some clear evidence of experience based on number of games played: I wonder why is there so much red and orange, and yet so little light blue and violet? According to you these players should be the best of the best
  7. wilkatis_LV

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

    Yeah, all modules you mount on rentals will be demounted for free and put into your inventory. After that you can just put them on other ships, you lose nothing
  8. wilkatis_LV


    I think those are the names those maps had while they were in development, you can find the list (with both names) here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Maps Haven, Hotspot and Strait - in that same order
  9. wilkatis_LV

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    Called this out last season when they introduced it, then during the season, then pretty sure I did it again after the season. Did it before this season aswell. WGs response? We like how it works. And surprisingly enough there are players standing by them agreeing that it's great. Somehow As I have said before - some "lower skill" members in high level clans getting their potential "fun" ruined vs doubling the sealclubbing in lower levels, how exactly is the 1st of those getting more weight in that argument?
  10. wilkatis_LV

    Game Mechanics

    Seeing how for Khaba and Harugumo literally NOTHING has changed, how exactly that change got you killed? Yeah, that's not the change killing you
  11. wilkatis_LV

    MM and crash

    And this is what you call confirmation bias. Unless, of course, you actually have something to back up your claim with? Even at the worst tiers - t8 and t5 - you meet the +2 "just" around 50% of games (basing that on MM recorded from all my games over the last year - and yes, I do have something to back that up with. I can give you all those screenshots if you want to go through them) with being top tier at a rate of about 25...30%. Is that number of bottom tier games far too much? Yeah. But it's far from being "always only bottom tier" And you can fix that by playing something like t7 where you are top tier nearly as often as t10 ships are.
  12. wilkatis_LV

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

  13. wilkatis_LV

    Winning Camo Design Contest - Błyskawica

    SoonTM I haven't seen any dates posted anywhere, so even if WG staff knows them they probably can't tell them to you. Follow the news portal to know when it's coming Going by the previous "design a camo" contest only the 1st one gets introduced Seeing how this isn't the first case of WG doing this I don't see why would the stop. It's a nice community event.
  14. wilkatis_LV

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

  15. wilkatis_LV

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    Team battles =/= Clan Battles They are a very old thing, 1st test of CB concept you could say. CB doesn't get shown quite like other game modes