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  1. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    My thoughts so far: Graphics very nice, bit bigger icons for the planes would be nice in game, for my old eyes, effects look really nice. Really like the new way a CV plays, well done, not to hard to learn the basics,to master them is harder...as it should be. No fighters sqn and 1 sqn at a time; good choice imho, a skilled player vs lesser ones could dominated matches with his CV and delete just about any ship without to much trouble. Now with the 1sqn config you can still hurt ships, but the cross drop is gone so the target has a bit more chance( if not every torp hit is a flooding that is), as long as there are no CV divisions....pls never allow that. AA needs some work, i don't like the new AA shift sides with the delay, in a hectic battle you don't want to spend so much time with that, the priority click and forget (for that moment ) is faster and easier to manage for me. Or if you want to hold on to this way, make the switch without delay and time limit it, so after, for instance 40 seconds, it goes back to 100% balanced. CV ship controls, that one needs work,the old 1 key and you can switch easy and fast between ship and plane control, worked better for me. The different Torpedoes/bombs, between nations gives me something to learn and sort out in game-play, i like it. As with all ships take your time and learn. I hope you can find the right balance with the AA rework because the way the CV ( i should say planes) play now, i really like it and it's a good choice i think. So far i think it's a positive change in general. Just my 2 cents. spelling mistakes are for free and you may keep them
  2. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    Discount on Experience Conversion ???

    The normal conversion rate for free XP is 1 D= 25free XP , this is taken from the ships free XP, 1 d = 35xp would be the "normal " discount/ special. Now, you need to be a total windowlicker to go the Elite captains XP route, so WG should do fine . Still calling this thing a discount is hard...very hard, so yeah if you would do it like you suggest, converting elite captains XP (the game goes standard to Ship XP btw) then yes it's a big big discount. Bottom line, you will get a very bad deal, i call it getting tricked/screwed, to each his own.
  3. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    Discount on Experience Conversion ???

    It's not a discount, it will cost you double, Elite XP and doubloons. WG calling it an discount, while it will cost you more in comparison, is sooooo wrong. But...alice in accounting don't give a F...
  4. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    And what problems did you and your clan have during the Clan wars you mentioned ? Again, there are enough countersmoke options as is.
  5. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    IMHO; WG is "fixing" a non existing problem to satisfy complaining ranked players. smoke nerf, new map circles so you don't have to know your ships stats, keep lowering the bar WG, we don't have enough lazy ragemuppets in the game as it is. There are enough countermeasures already in game to attack smoked-up targets, it only takes a bit of practice( fire into smoke using spotter-plane or common sense) and knowing your ships features(radar range/ hydro) , torp that smoke and get results 75% of the time, all it takes is....practice and an understanding of existing mechanics/ ships .. If a player is to lazy to get to know the game and ships...that's his/her problem, but with all these epic idea's that most of the regular player do NOT want or even need , you are making it even more BB focused and camping will be king...even more. As for the Premium ships you are nerfing with this..full refund for the player who wants it, you are changing the specs of a product you sold for hard cash and basically giving your customer the finger with the smooth transition bit. What it comes down to is, the paying customer has bought a different product then he/she has after the nerf. Would he/she buy it again with the new specs? ..no?...full refund. Just had to get it of my chest, i know as well as anybody WG is like Janice in accounting...she don't give a F*ck.
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    server lag post, pls ignore ..........
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    patch incomming....
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    implementing patch.................
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  11. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    why is WG lying again

    i will be the last one to defend WG, but if you don't know what the difference is between free XP and elite ship XP....after 8000+ battles.........................it's a wind up...isn't it? please do read the link provided by Sigimundus, and remember to breathe in....and out....in....out
  12. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    EU server down

    every patch is an adventure
  13. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    EU server down

    Kicked to log-in screen multiple times, both teams had same issue.
  14. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Thanks for you reaction I agree Be respectful... I know it's a business no problem with that. It would be nice if WG would be Respectful towards it's EU players, instead of trying to milk them for every Euro/Pound. In my eyes this whole debacle is about making quick cash from the EU players and treat them like mindless cashcows, and think no one will notice. I have paid a bit of money over the years in WOT and now WOWS, it was my choice to do so, no problem with that. But if WG keeps seeing us as idiots who will pay anyway......nope, no more, not 1 cent until they show some Respect towards the EU players, who get the short end time after time. Just needed to vent it Have a Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you.
  15. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    stronk patch

    Vieuwpoint in harbor...from inside ship. 1X so far Start battle...game goes to bussy and thats it. First it takes ages for the patch to install no it just broke the game, can't play. Then when your back in port , from bussy not played etc. , and want to leave the game...it crashes. Yeah not the best patch, now is it? btw any ata on the frame-jump /rubberband problem, just been there from beta...........................