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  1. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    how many € you spent on mega santa gifts?

    Let me see, Since 2012/2013 hundreds or even in the thousand+ Euro's on WOT and later on WoWs After the latest big FU to the players, lame spin...err excuses, Twitter posts by iEarlgrey (again today...), managers on stream beeing arrogant, dismissive numpty's (everything is epic, players want this, love us) , other WG personel on stream with the same attitude.. 0 € i for one will never ever give another cent to WG or WG related companys. Well done WG.
  2. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    Damn..i have a job and a family......and a life. No matter how you turn/polish/spin ur story WG, it feels and looks like a big Finger (no not the thumbs up, the middle one) spend ur cash spend ur cash....nope,not now not ever again (just bought a Massa,i know) You are doing a WoT with WoWs, thanks for the years of fun, in WoT and Wows, but i am done putting a load of effort/time/money into this game.
  3. Grumpy_Salted_Potato

    The Raid for the Filth Begins!

    Any news on the port slots? i sold ships even bought a slot, but it's a bit silly to spend Doubloons for eventship slots.....