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  1. Nicely written as usual mate
  2. Hanszeehock

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My first battle today, nice of the red team to help me get the Aigle missions in one battle !
  3. Hanszeehock

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Everything went right in this battle
  4. Hanszeehock

    Can't connect to server

  5. Hanszeehock

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Hedgehog1963, was on my team, his only comment in chat was that I was shite
  6. Hanszeehock

    WG What's your problem with me?

    At least if we see Leo on the enemy team we now know to target him There have been many threads on this forum in the past about XVM type mods etc and the overwhelming opinion seems to be against them. Even using such a mod/program to target weaker players is wrong in my opinion. Just do the right thing and uninstall it Leo
  7. Hanszeehock

    So, Hood owners. Your opinions please?

    To be honest, if they did make premiums deliberately OP to sell more of them I would fully understand. After all they are a commercial enterprise that needs to make money. However, in the interests of balance I should point out they can also be extremely generous, for example with the Graf Spee. I could not believe they basically gave the ship away for free when it would have sold like hot cakes. Of course, many premiums are not considered OP, for example Prinz Eugen. Hood herself was actually buffed during the course of the production test, and the changes were made as a result of statistical evidence. However, as I have said, I do not think Hood is even remotely OP, but time and stats will tell.
  8. Hanszeehock

    So, Hood owners. Your opinions please?

    You would make a good salesman for WG because players love to buy OP premiums. Although from my experience I consider Hood to be balanced. But this is pointless, because everyone knows that now Hood has been released, she will never be nerfed, but in a few months and after meaningful statistical evidence from all the servers, she might get a buff.
  9. Hanszeehock

    So, Hood owners. Your opinions please?

    You are missing the point. 5k is not 'plenty' compared to 2m. Confirmation bias is strong with you.
  10. Hanszeehock

    So, Hood owners. Your opinions please?

    The sample size for Hood compared to the other two is far too low to make an objective judgement.
  11. Nothing wrong with playing one ship. But over 5k battles in an OP low tier ship ?
  12. I just find it incredible that any single player would have 5,620 battles in the Gremmy. That ship has been known as an OP Tier V seal clubber since day one. Pathetic is the only word that comes to mind.
  13. Hanszeehock

    Time for a good ol Edited

    I got it wrong before ? I could have made a very long post about why no premium is P2W. But from some of the silly posts on here I would be wasting my time. Imagine all those unhappy people who buy the Hood and still have crappy win rates. But we have been through this before, remember the Texas ? People complaining about her AA at T5. Soon forgotten about just like this will be. There are many premium ships with excellent AA but it certainly doesn't make them OP or P2W.
  14. Hanszeehock

    Time for a good ol Edited

    No it's not. A crap player will still be a crap player regardless of how strong the ship they are using is.
  15. Hanszeehock

    British are best

    +1 OMG I agree with Anu