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  1. Yep, pure and total disgust, this is exactly what i feel especially now that ranked ended and i had to enter Random...the frustration and disgust every couple of games is unprecedented..even with CVs it was kind of bearable cause they appear much more rare than subs in a game...but now every match or every 2 matches you have a g@d d@mn broken sub destroying THE ENTIRE MATCH...its preposterous...there are TONS of curse words i would gladly throw each and every time of the day at whoever decided to do this and mess my gaming hobby...
  2. Well you can always DO something about it and not just complain which is futile with the "scientists" behind WG dev and management team. I for once stopped paying anything for the game and am inclined to convince everyone in my clans and other clans i know to stop giving money. It seems its the only language they understand..so many experienced people's opinions, various CCs also, got overrided because a stubborn developer or a suit wanted to sit behind a STUPID idea...they are based on the fact that this is a hobby and noone who had invested so much time and maybe money will leave it so easily, but they are exploiting this in the worst way possible...legal punishment will make its appearance and not long after the repercusions cannot be turned back...all this because of a few stubborn heads...so classic...
  3. Having subs implemented they way it is now Is the definition of stupidity, leaving them as it is on live server is INSULTING TO EACH AND EVERYONE who dedicates a few hours of his life to have fun but instead gets HUMILIATED, loses precious FUN time by engaging with a total BULL$HIT version of the game as there is no actual engagement but rather constant anxiety, GRIEFING over time lost, creating TOXICITY for something we actually loved and enjoyed...you have done it with CVs, you KEEP doing it despite the complaints and now you are doing it again with subs..and you expect to get paid for you brilliant ideas...keep up the good work "scientists"...disgust is the only feeling i get by engaging with the game lately..good job.
  4. So they finally managed to destroy the competing nature of the game, now wherever subs are in a match especially at higher tiers, you usually see a blob of frightened T10s at the spawn points waiting for the sub to sink them slowly while the rest of the enemy fleet constantly shoots from distance. This is insulting to human intelligence, insulting to the point it makes me not only to NEVER EVER give ANY MONEY to this company, but convice EACH AND EVERYONE i know of ingame to do the same. Its preposterous and unethical of them to MANIPULATE US into using our PERSONAL TIME for beta testing sumbarines while taking away the ONLY REASON WE ACTUALLY PLAY THIS GAME, F U N....at some point there has to be a legal punishment for this kind of behaviour...
  5. matia251

    Make Karma Great Again!

    Steer your vent towards the ones who are responsible. Venting for anyone's gaming behaviour when over 90% of occasions is not their fault is absurd . Wargaming blatantly keeps insulting human intelligence by forcing players with so vast difference in skill/experience to play IN THE SAME MAP...this DOES NOT HAPPEN ANYWHERE ON EARTH but here..of course i am talking about Ranked while it could also apply to high tier Randoms too. They are doing NOTHING to introduce a learning curve, NOTHING to prevent totally clueless players acquiring T10 and Superships, NOTHING to prevent toxic gaming enviroment by introducing the sheer stupidity of broken CVs and Subs and yet they want to be paid for their efforts. As enthusiastic as i was to pay for this game and reward those behind it when i started playing they managed to turn me 180 degrees and now i dont wanna reward any effort, i dont wanna spend ANYTHING on this game cause Wargaming managed to turn the fun and engaging content into constant frustration within a toxic gaming enviroment. Their behaviour towards anyone who spends more than a few years in this game is appalling, insulting and degrading. This is supposed to be a "hobby" and its the only reason i still engage daily with but i wanna spend NOTHING MORE than my precious time. And for a millionth time, let me refer to WG CEO's own words advertising the nature of the game which went something like this "....when i wanna have fun I grab a guy who’s about at my level and enjoy the game".....sure mr Victor...though everyone else at wargaming actually ignores that and places my 35k battles experience with a bunch of sub 1000 battles totally clueless players in a T10 or even a supership..in the same team...to enjoy the FRIGGIN GAME....disgusting....
  6. matia251

    Petro needs to go

    Great..after almost 2 years...meanwhile this ship persistenly insulted human intelligence, created toxicity and stress but i guess it gave new players a chance to play a T10 cruiser without being annihilated in the first 5 minutes of the game....guess what WG...dont give T10s to new players, make them acquire experience first, like every f...ing thing in this universe....
  7. matia251

    Update 0.11.2 - Bug reports

    Ok, it seems somewhere hidden was the fact that from this update Graphics Cards that does not support shader model 5 make the game inoperable. "Crashes when launching the game on unsupported graphics cards Starting with Update 0.11.2, the game will not work with graphics cards that don’t support Shader Model 5.0. We officially stopped supporting these types of graphics cards 2 years ago, but until now the client could still be launched, albeit with serious visual artifacts." Old Minimum Requiremens GeForce GT 440/GT 630, IntelHD 4000, AMD Radeon HD 4000 Pixel Shader 4.0 New Minimum Requirements NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 440/GT 630 Intel® HD 4000 AMD Radeon™ R7 240 Pixel Shader 5.0 So that solves the issue i guess on most occasions
  8. matia251

    Update 0.11.2 - Bug reports

    @YabbaCoe Same thing happening to a clanmates installation after the update, loading stucks and you have to reset the PC. I deleted preferences and user_preferences xmls and still stucks at loading only now a window pops up with a critical error. I noticed also that it doesnt re-creates those 2 files i deleted, i guess they must be re-created when u pass the loading screen. Then i uninstalled the game, reinstalled and same thing again, stucks at loading with a window critical error pop up, also both xml files are not pre-existing in a new installation.
  9. Well let me rephrase it then, Random is 12v12 practice grounds for noobs and currently Ranked is 7v7 practice grounds for T10 noobs, but as i said its far better than Random only due to the fact that 7vs7 is sometimes manageable and you can have a good game much more often despite win or loss of course. But anyways...its still despicable the fact that experienced players are forced to play alongside babies in terms of game experience and perception of BASIC rules, noone in the world would agree to this in any kind of game/sport or whatever...but here the stupidity keeps growing bigger and bigger....sometimes i even wish to had the power to punish WG for forcing us this abomination down our throats..and for those who will definetely say "well noone forces you to play so just dont play" i would give them the finger first and then tell them that all this time and money spent all those years entitles me to demand something more from the company that i helped grow, quiting is not an option. As the general chief of WG said in an interview, "this is not just a game but a hobby that lasts many many years" so i cant just quit one of my favorite hobbys because some lunatic suit or developer or designer is let to destroy the essense of this game. At some point they will get the boot, i ll still be here, i dont think they can make it worse than it is now anyways :)
  10. Of your thousands upon thousands of really annoying posts with mostly, MOSTLY, pointless arguments in this forum this one might be the only that speaks at least half the truth. The other half of the truth is that Ranked wasnt always random with less players. Maybe you were an ignorant noob back then and didnt realize it. It was in fact quite a few clicks better with the majority of battles being really entertaining for the average/experienced players. Now it finally become an abomination, an insult to human intelligence and sadly, despite of what it has become, its the only way to avoid the sheer, abysmal stupidity of Random which essentially is practice grounds for noobs by default as said many times by the devs. I really stopped paying for WoWs a long long time ago because of the decadent Ranked and WGs crappy treatment of players who helped them grow over the years...when you force me, the DEDICATED PLAYER/IDIOT who has tens of thousands of battles, to play the game i love alongside players with the experience of a 5 year old with a T10 you are insulting me, disrespect me and my time..at least you ll no more get money from me...sad and pathetic company tactics..just sad
  11. matia251

    North Carolina KOTS Camouflage missions

    Thanks a lot!!!
  12. matia251

    North Carolina KOTS Camouflage missions

    Well i got Blyscawica with the premium container on 11th of October so i guess it was finished on the same day or 1 day before that . btw there is a problem with my account that may indicate a problem, when i get a supercontainer from the daily luck containers there is no golden supercontainer dice animation, its the same white plain dice but then i get a supercontainer. Maybe smthin is broken and things get lost from time to time?
  13. matia251

    North Carolina KOTS Camouflage missions

    Well i read at another forum post that some people delinked and linked again their twitch account and they got some rewards which were stuck in between. I did that and got a couple of missions and containers but not this mission for the camo, not yet.
  14. matia251

    North Carolina KOTS Camouflage missions

    Well i havent got the mission and i have completed the KOTS collection AND have at least 1 KOTS container reward in my twitch. Any help to solve this?
  15. matia251

    When do you "learn your trade" in WoWs

    You need Ship/battle experience first and foremost, then general map/battle perception which grows with experience and lastly you need the will to grow so you can better yourself. By experience i dont mean having 20k battles with 2-3 ships only, but having it spread out through many ships and ALL ship classes so you ultimately know the capabilities of almost EVERY SHIP you are facing in each battle. In general having a few thousand battles is enough to get you going for the medium-high tiers, for T10 though you need a lot more battles to consider yourself in a good spot. As a fellow said even at 30k battles you still learning, perfecting your play takes quite a while. For sure WR is a better indication of a player's value than number of battles but since WR is the only indicator it gets manipulated by many, at least it used to be, so dont get so much crazy about it. It also has to do with how you are having fun with the game. Many players just get in and yolo for the heck of it or because they are bored or they are grinding for stuff or for testing a ship and their capabilities to the extreme. From my experience i think around 20% or even more of my battles in random are like that, not caring if i win or lose at all. Ranked is a different story and a good learning ground for pushing yourself to the limit. The only REAL problem with the game is that you are playing against mostly new players with no clue to the basics and there is no skill based matchmaking. Since your perception of how good you are relies on your opponents strength and your oppenents are not strong AT ALL especially in random battles you realize that you will need A LOT of battles to actually understand your level OR join an active clan and play at the higher leagues where most of your opponents will be strong enough to test your level of skill. In any case enjoy, have fun, yolo when you feel like it cause you will learn a LOT from it and try not to camp, it destroys the game but gets you high WR...