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  1. matia251

    How to dodge rocket planes?

    Clearly noone has ever tried the only method to avoid rockets, its quite simple. You lay in your bed and start dreaming that you evade rockets, then all of a sudden you realize it can be done, only within a dream..i would personally ban for flaming those that claim they can evade them with a dd..you dont dodge rockets..you just being attacked from an inexperienced player..
  2. matia251

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    Exactly, this is SHIP matchmaking not PLAYER matchmaking...its just ABSURD....who needs ship matchmaking after all...its totally absurd.
  3. matia251

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    The algorithm takes into account anything BUT experience or statistics so its not the Matchmaker's fault that usually teams are inbalanced. The solution would be to expand the "Matchmaker for Newcomers" so its active in all tiers based on a fixed amount of required battles depending on the tier. I guess this is not viable if they want to not have people waiting for more than a few seconds for a game to start BUT this is the main problem of the entire game's matchmaking. Any sane human would not call that Matchmaking cause it doesnt use anything useful to match players that actually "matches" them correctly. You cant possibly consider that the definition of a "match" is putting same tier ships against each other, wow this must be the most absurd execution of "matchmaking" ever. You wanna match players against them you match them based on EXPERIENCE, NUMBER OF BATTLES and maybe statistics, its how MATCH MAKING WORKS IN THIS UNIVERSE. Then if you have the luxury you can try to match the ship's tier or type. Come forward WG and say that you CANT do it cause joining a battle will take too long, this is understandable but dont try to pass this absurdity as Match Making...seriously its human adults you have as customers not 5 year old kids.
  4. matia251

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    Can you try to have a game with a T4-T5 now that you have some experience? What you will observe is what i am observing at high tiers battles, most players dont know how to play at an efficient level but at T4-T5 you expect this cause most people just started, at higher tiers you expect the opposite but its not the opposite, its the same level of ignorance. This "anomaly" was at normal levels all these years but the last 6 months or so this has changed significantly, to the point that the feel of progress that you would have by playing with high tier ships is just missing. You think that you are playing a disoriented team game with most teammates running around without purpose or strategy resembling the random tremblings of a headless chicken...this is just disheartening
  5. matia251

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    Ehm maybe you got confused, i wasnt talking about Ocean map, i think its perfectly clear that i m refering to this thread's scope of existence, that TX gameplay is WORST THAN EVER. My whole post refers to this HUGE problem and you are again trying to sidestep it by marketing it as a feature and THIS IS THE PROBLEM...right there. Its not a feature to constantly have teammates that take over 50%-60% of the team at TX games who lack totally at basic knowledge of how to play with their "end of game" TX ship. The problem is not that teammates "act a little stupid", it sounds so cute and irrelevant if you put it that way but DEFINETELY IS NOT like this. They SHOULDNT have got a TX ship with such low experience in the game, they should still be at lower tier till they are able to compete in the higher more demanding level like we ALL DID all these years. They are not "some", they are THE MAJORITY in EACH AND EVERY GAME. You are doing the same thing i was begging in my post to avoid, you are undermining the problem, trying to shove it under the carpet and look the other way. The existence of this thread and so many others that got LOCKED has the same issue, its in the title of this thread, TX battles are WORSE than T4 battles with underage kids as captains, honestly how can you still try to bury it? I made a proposal so at least we can start to get to a solution....ACKNOWLEDGE IT.. come forward and ACKNOWLEDGE IT...its insulting if you dont...its insulting if you refer to it as a "feature" of random battles....some people act stupid cause its fun..i do it too a few times..we all do it cause its a game....now though its MOST people ACT ignorant cause they just DONT KNOW how to play their end game TX ship...and that is INSULTING THE INTELLIGENCE OF EVERYONE that tries to have fun by just playing this game in his/her TX ship. I hope its crystal clear now. I get that, we all get that, we dont live in a different universe. Thats why i am asking them to ACKNOWLEDGE this situation cause they still consider it as non-existent, as a "feature" as Mr. Conway said. If they still think its a sweet little feature how can we deal with it? Its a problem, problems get acknowledge first, get analyzed and then get solved. We are not even at the 1st step cause they dont consider it a problem...sometimes i wonder if we indeed live in the same universe...
  6. matia251

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    So right now you are focused on pleasing the majority of the playerbase which by coincidence are mostly new players? So can't you on behalf of WG, AT LEAST acknowledge this horrible situation for starters? Do you have ANY idea how the "veterans"who actually helped this game to grow are now pushed away by this situation? Do you happen to have any idea of how does it feel to get your intelligence constanly insulted by just taking part in the majority of high tiered games? Is this some kind of punishment we have to endure because we made the mistake of climbing up the ladder of experience? The least you MUST do is ACKNOWLEDGE this, dont keep hiding it under the carpet, its infuriating for everyone. You cant keep mocking people by whistling happy and looking at the other side. Come forward and say "yes we know TX experience is reduced to dust, we are SORRY its our fault, we will do something about it" and then you can ask for ideas and implementations.
  7. matia251

    Chill with the ban time please

    Well that is the main problem, calling out names at someone in chat is punishable by ban but when this person is insulting my intelligence and my whole effort in a game by just being ignorant or totally inexperienced well HOW AM I PROTECTED AGAINST THIS? Why do i have to be matched with completely inexperienced players at HIGH TIER MATCHES where the level of experience required should have been high enough to avoid this conflict? Wargaming are the sole responsible for this toxicity and you capitalize on this, this is irresponsible the least but as we all know since there is no law against this you will just keep doing it. Would you go and play basketball with 5 year olds as teammates? On a daily basis just because you love basketball? Well i would do it once or twice or maybe even if someone ASKED ME to so i could maybe train them BUT i wouldnt do it out of fun. I am playing this game to have FUN not to have to endure this TORTURE from having to deal with someone who just started this game and was given freely a T10 without effort or any basic training. I DO NOT WANT THIS, this is an insult to human intelligence. My superiority towards someone with 500 battles is inevitable if i have 25000 battles, i do not feel like i belong in the same tier with him/her and i DEFINETELY do NOT want to spend my precious FUN time with multiple instances of a person like this in a 12 vs 12 battle. THAT IS WHY THERE ARE TIERS FOR GOD's SAKE.....But WG somehow decided to destroy this tiered approach and they just hand out high tier ships to everyone despite if they actually deserve to have them.
  8. I got banned today for 25 days, till 18/5, its a repeated violation so i guess every time the amount of time is increased. But 25 days? What is this? A disciplinary action that gets initiated mostly from the same clueless players that destroy the game? And what am i supposed to do when everyday my intelligence is insulted constantly for having to spend gaming time with an overwhelming amount of new, inexperienced players with T10's that DESTROY the essence of gameplay? How am i protected from this abomination of game play that is developing steadily for the last months? How can all we that have invested so much time in this game steam off from the constant "raping" of the essence of this game which we love and supported for so long? Do everyone at WG expects that thousands of players will just SHUT UP and bend their head while the game WE helped evolve is getting constantly reduced to a mindless sailing arcade simulator? Why dont you WG do something do address this situation? If you cant do something then at least remove the ability of a new player to be able to report someone who has 25000 battles more than him. I m insulted daily and nothing is done, i object and "scream" my objection by using the chat and then i get SHUT UP..just great guys..fkin great..
  9. Dear developers, community managers etc.. will you do something to address the complete destruction of high tier games? Will you put a stop to the constant insult of intelligence of all seasoned players who supported the game all these years with their time and money? Will you address this problem officialy? Will you DO something about it? Will you stop putting seasoned players, against or with, totally inexperienced players EACH AND EVERY GAME? Stop insulting us, you are making us take part in a tragic, comedic situation we shouldnt be a part of. I am not expressing anyone's opinion, not even my own...i am just pointing out the facts, its happening EVERY DAY, EVERY HOUR for OVER 6 months. Address this problem, stop ignoring your dedicated playerbase. We are in a rapid fall and currently we stand 1cm from ground impact. Come forth and address this, stop us from getting constantly disgusted by the game we loved.
  10. matia251

    What a joke Wows has become

    I would prefer to hear opinions of those who actually have Colbert, than this constant clueless whining. Colbert for those who dont know is THE definition of glass cannon and it doesnt have literally nothing to counter its weakness. Speed boost is for laughs, completely inadequate. Should have been double at least. Armor is non existent, almost every cruiser can hit the citadel even when angled. The problem is not Colbert but the huge influx of new players who doesnt have a clue how to play this game and they already have T10s in their possesion. Random matches are full of them and balance in every game is so fragile that most games end up with an overwhelming win of 1 team vs the other. And this exactly is the point where Wows has become a JOKE. Wargaming doesnt want to spend time and money to educate the new players or make the advance from T1 to T10 more informative regarding the roles of each ship in a battle. The insult to the intelligence of the experienced players is abysmal, you force us to spend our precious time by taking part in random battles with T10s where the majority of the 24 players are CLUELESS and T10 matches become T4 matches. There is nothing more frustrating than looking around you and seeing camping or fleeing T10 ships. A huge insult like this to everyone leads to diminishing income for you dear wargaming.
  11. matia251

    Chat banned by angry Smolensk

    My behaviour towards Smolensk meaning? That i sunk it? I shouldnt? WG is trolling us every day by allowing clueless players fighting in the same or opposing team with T10 that hey shouldnt even get their hands on? Would you like to play chess with a 3 year old? Its the same thing only here we dont get to do nothing about it, only swallow our pride and reduce our intelligence to fit in...
  12. So literally a few minutes ago i am in my Grozovoi and i sink a Smolensk, first a face to face with many cits and after he smokes i shoot a few random HE in the smoke and take him out. First response in chat from smolensk: REPORT...then i type: lol . Then he types: REPORT GROZO. Then i try to type smthin, dont even remember, and when i press enter i see : Banned till 10/1, reason "Banned by complaints".....Surely i had some reports from previous matches for either calling out my clueless teammates to go back to sleep or by getting randomly reported but getting the final nail in the coffin from a clueless noob who somehow got a T10, the worse T10 possible, hurts double. So now we cant even sink this buggy ship without getting reported....i hope all the toxicity you create constantly between players somehow gets back to you dear WG, dear @Crysantos , dear @MrConway, dear everyone. We invest our time and money to reach the high tiers and enjoy playing but all we get is constant frustration in almost every game either because we have to play in the same team with clueless teammates for whom WG is the ONLY one responsible or we have to endure the ignorance, selfishness and general bad playing behaviour of people who shouldnt be allowed to be in this high tier category. I feel pity and sadness and certainly no will to spend money with this abomination you have created.
  13. matia251

    Conqueror or Smolensk bug? (False alarm :P)

    They are very, very few compared to the hordes of oblivious to the game in general, T10 captains. More than 30% of high tier games are an ABOMINATION, a direct insult to our intelligence. WG seems to not care at all, so better enjoy it. I personally can endure this only by cursing every few matches, the few days i am not chat banned that is. Then Shift+F12 takes control. Its impossible to ignore the rape of sanity every couple of battles.
  14. matia251

    Conqueror or Smolensk bug? (False alarm :P)

    Well it may be a few hundred, does it matter?. The point is they are way too few plus there is no actual guidance for a new player to learn enough in order to at least not mess it up in high tier battles where experience should be a prerequisite. In the majority of T10 battles, half the fleet is behind an island and either DD will be with them or will go for the cap unsupported, and many many other facepalming behaviours that are justified in early tiers but not at higher tiers.
  15. matia251

    Conqueror or Smolensk bug? (False alarm :P)

    Well grinding certainly takes a toll in quality but the percentage of ppl affected is miniscule compared to the humongous percentage of inexperienced players with high tier ships that is infesting the game the last months. It may be good for the game to have new players coming in but giving them the ability to get a T10 with so few battles, under 100 usually, its a crime. And thats the one and only reason why high tier battles are worse than T5 most of the time. Its a direct insult to everyone who has invested time and money to this game to get as many T10 as possible and become "experienced" in them, only to find out that most the high tier battles are literally infested with players who have less than 100-200 battles. And we are supposed to give a damn for the team when actually there is no team, only a bunch of newcomers who dont know what to do or where to go. Pressing left click to shoot is now the only requirement for someone to have a T10...enjoy till it lasts.