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  1. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    [ALL] ModStation

    It sorted it self out for some reason the next day. Unsure what did it.
  2. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    [ALL] ModStation

    For some reason I cant open modstation. Its in the bar below, but nothing on screen. Tried re installing several times.
  3. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    In memory of SnailOfDoom, a request.

  4. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    The new Myogi - Actually fun?!

    Gets my approval stamp :-v
  5. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    So I tried to report player using hack/illegal mode but you can not report him ofc..

    This is pretty simple. Compared to that guy, you sucked. Sorry. Sound harsh but you met a guy who is way better than you then. Learn from it and get better....
  6. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    It's funny how my DD win/loss has increased a lot after the release of the new radar cruisers Only thing I want is an equal amount of radars on both teams at least. 90% of the time I can avoid or bait out the radars. Other then that, I have enjoyed my DD games
  7. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    "but you have to admit it is slightly OP" No, its not even slightly OP. Maybe in therms of AA. But not even close to OP when it comes to anything else.
  8. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    WG, stop releasing broken ships

    Its not broken.... It's like the Atlanta. Very strong if played correctly, but punishes you heavily for one slight mistake. An average cruiser player will have a rough time innit. Think of it like a radar Minotaur with HE. I played a shitton of battles innit and in many situations, the Mino is stronger due to concealment, maneuverability, RN heal, torps and smoke if you choose that. So, is the Minotaur broken? Or is it easy to punish a Minotaur? The AA is somewhat OP. That I can agree on.
  9. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Battleship AP on DD's nerf to early?

    Can someone bring the Skybuck award into this thread already? The weekend warriors is on the forums as well :-v
  10. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Izumo, Good, Bad, Buff, Nerf

    I went for full tank build. FP especially. Izumo likes to burn.... :P Secondaries are sub-par and not worth it since you have to sacrifice tankbuild
  11. My stats are above average yeah. But compared to my other T9 and T10s in terms of win/loss, its the second worst at 56%. The worst one is the FdG.
  12. Thanks for all of the memes! Good way to enjoy my morning coffee! Oh, when it comes to Yamato, its by far my worst performing T9-T10 battleship, thats on me, not the ship. Yamato its one of those ships that rewards correct plays heavily and punishes the bad plays heavily. In other words, get gud OP.
  13. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Izumo, Good, Bad, Buff, Nerf

    I did the stupid mistake of listening to others instead of trying it for myself. Wasted a lot of doubloons. Bought it after playing like crap in the Yamato and really regretted wasting doubloons on skipping the entire ship. The Izumo learns you how to Yamato aswell imo. Izumo has crap hull, especially against HE. But the guns.... Man, I love the guns.
  14. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    That FdG really helped your team,didn't he? GG though!
  15. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    wrong position every time

    You have barely passed 100 matches. It takes time to learn how to position correctly. You will hopefully learn as you go. A quick tip since your somewhat new. Dont rush up the tiers even though you have unlocked the next one. Just play the current tier until your 100% comfortable at that tier. If you do that, you avoid being overwhelmed later on :)