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  1. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    World of Warships is sailing to Greece!

    Congrats on the CC membership!
  2. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Stat padding

    Learning DDs can take a while depending on what nation you go up just so you know. But yes, in general playing DDs can control a match more than other classes imo, some might bring up CVs, but CVs cant cap, so... Personally think that the USN DD line is the best line to learn since its a really good allrounder with good guns and decent torps. (Long range torps come to play at T7 Mahan)
  3. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Stat padding

    You shouldnt be focusing on "statpadding" in the first place. But one thing you can do is to start playing in divisions with others, preferably on comms like TS or Discord. Hell, even the in-game div voice chat is not half bad. If you find yourself 1 or 2 nice tindermatches that you can div with, you will learn how to play faster. And ofc, having a div will also make it easier to get them wins. Replacing 2 random players with some one you are on coms with really helps. And as Profilus said above, 30sec spent in bino view is way too long fyi :P
  4. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    [ALL] ModStation

    It sorted it self out for some reason the next day. Unsure what did it.
  5. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    [ALL] ModStation

    For some reason I cant open modstation. Its in the bar below, but nothing on screen. Tried re installing several times.

    1. Company_101th


      dude i fricking love them 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Nikolai and Prinz acquired! im good with that Only need Gremy/Smith in my collection now Also got a bunch of doubloons and good amount of camo.