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  1. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Update 0.11.3 - Bug Reports

    @YabbaCoeI did without any difference sadly. Did a complete re-install now too see if that works.
  2. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Update 0.11.3 - Bug Reports

    Having constant crashes when games are finished and scoreboard is popping up. Getting the crashes with and without mods.
  3. CLyDeThaMonKeY


    Midrange for sure is the correct way to play it. Too close, you get citted from everywhere. Too far, most of your shots will miss. I play the Mutsu a fair beat and is one of my favourite boats in the game. Nothing is like dunking on angled BBs with the 410mm guns
  4. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    About that apology we all got......

    Thats a big yikes from me
  5. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Unsporting behavior of **** clan

    If you have a replay of this, send it to support. It's a bannable offence to rig games like that.
  6. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Friendly Fire

    Removing friendly fire dumbed the game down to help the potatoes torping from the second line. It's like playing Battlefield 3/4 metro with constant grenade spam. Constantly torp spam from people behind me. Old system worked 100%. No idea why they wanted to change that. Morons torping from behind got punished HARD. Not anymore. Takes a buttload of torps to go pink.
  7. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    PSA. Its official. The torpedo bug hasn't been fixed.

    This aged like old milk
  8. We have the in-game tool (right click on players name) for statshaming. Way more convenient. Me and we lot of others use it to improve our own stats.
  9. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    CHEATERS, come on it's just a game!

    Sadly its easier to claim its hacks/cheats instead of just doing some research in the game you just started playing.
  10. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Clyde's YouTube Corner

    I forgot I made this here
  11. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Important message for the community

    Wait, so all of our statements was just full of crap? Just us making up crap to get attention? edit I left the program after 4 goddam years. I didn't want too, but after all of the crap WG has done the last 2-3 years it became an easy choice. The behaviour towards LWM was just the drop in the bucket that made a bunch of us decide to just friggin leave.
  12. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Important message for the community

    100% agree! The Prague guys have been awesome during my time in the program + Shonai. Still love the game and I play every day. Granted, I play less than before, but been playing since the beginning and have well over 20.000 battles. Its only natural that I play less at this point.
  13. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Important message for the community

    It's sad that it took over 20 of us CCs before stuff started to change. But hopefully they will make it too what it was or something better for new and upcoming content creators.
  14. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    CHEATERS, come on it's just a game!

    This gotta be troll bait, right? After 1000 battles one would've thought that you know how concealment works...
  15. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Very generous of WG indeed.........

    I would like to add that back in winter/early spring, CCs was told that there was no plans to put old OPs back into rotation. Either they lied to the CCs back then, or lying to everyone now. Who knows. One of the CCs that loved the OPs the most summarized it like this.