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  1. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    About disciplinary penalties!

    First of all, YOUR TORPS, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, as everyone else has said. DDs in the frontline has more than enough responsibility with spotting and avoiding stuff from the enemy team. The fact that you forcing the player in front to pay attention to the moron behind him as well, is an egoistic move. The moment you launch torps behind an allied player, you are blocking one of his escape routes and you might force him into a position he doesnt wanna be in. People blaming teammates for running into his torps should be forced to play coop for days, not a few matches. Accept the fact that you screwed over your teammate AND your team by taking half or all of his HP and say you are sorry for screwing over your entire team because of neglect. Dont be an a-hole.
  2. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Smolensk Not OP

    By the look at your Smolensk stats, OP, you seem to focus more on farming damage than trying to win games. Also, one of the biggest reasons why players complain about it, isnt because of the win rate, but they way it plays. Constant HE spam blotting out the sun combined with a high k/d ratio makes it a shitty ship to see on the enemy team. And someone in this thread said its easy to shut it down by killing the DDs. Yeah, no. That only works if the Smolensk targets goes dark and stops shooting for the rest of the match,
  3. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Indomitable in the shop

    Notifications doesnt work for some weird reason. Im assuming its Macavity you are seeing. He's a CC like me. No idea what he thinks about it. I only had 1 match innit in the current state. Rip fire RNG + bad team lol Also, I suck with todays CVs :-v And the games Macavity has + me is from the current state of it. It was nerfed since Flamus video. Stats wasnt recorded back then due to it was under testing.
  4. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    World of Warships is sailing to Greece!

    Congrats on the CC membership!
  5. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Stat padding

    Learning DDs can take a while depending on what nation you go up just so you know. But yes, in general playing DDs can control a match more than other classes imo, some might bring up CVs, but CVs cant cap, so... Personally think that the USN DD line is the best line to learn since its a really good allrounder with good guns and decent torps. (Long range torps come to play at T7 Mahan)
  6. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Stat padding

    You shouldnt be focusing on "statpadding" in the first place. But one thing you can do is to start playing in divisions with others, preferably on comms like TS or Discord. Hell, even the in-game div voice chat is not half bad. If you find yourself 1 or 2 nice tindermatches that you can div with, you will learn how to play faster. And ofc, having a div will also make it easier to get them wins. Replacing 2 random players with some one you are on coms with really helps. And as Profilus said above, 30sec spent in bino view is way too long fyi :P
  7. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Runner 357 kicked as a CC

    I never use the statsfunction provided by WoWs in-game... Or?
  8. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    [ALL] ModStation

    It sorted it self out for some reason the next day. Unsure what did it.
  9. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    [ALL] ModStation

    For some reason I cant open modstation. Its in the bar below, but nothing on screen. Tried re installing several times.
  10. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    In memory of SnailOfDoom, a request.

  11. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    The new Myogi - Actually fun?!

    Gets my approval stamp :-v
  12. This is pretty simple. Compared to that guy, you sucked. Sorry. Sound harsh but you met a guy who is way better than you then. Learn from it and get better....
  13. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    It's funny how my DD win/loss has increased a lot after the release of the new radar cruisers Only thing I want is an equal amount of radars on both teams at least. 90% of the time I can avoid or bait out the radars. Other then that, I have enjoyed my DD games
  14. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    "but you have to admit it is slightly OP" No, its not even slightly OP. Maybe in therms of AA. But not even close to OP when it comes to anything else.
  15. CLyDeThaMonKeY

    WG, stop releasing broken ships

    Its not broken.... It's like the Atlanta. Very strong if played correctly, but punishes you heavily for one slight mistake. An average cruiser player will have a rough time innit. Think of it like a radar Minotaur with HE. I played a shitton of battles innit and in many situations, the Mino is stronger due to concealment, maneuverability, RN heal, torps and smoke if you choose that. So, is the Minotaur broken? Or is it easy to punish a Minotaur? The AA is somewhat OP. That I can agree on.