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  1. Andylilmo

    Pan Asian DD and captains

    Heya Peeps. With the launch of the Pan Asian DD line will i be able to swap my LoYang captain into the new ships without any training costs. Regards
  2. Andylilmo

    T8 Cruisers

    Cheer for the replies, looks like i will keep going at all of them
  3. Andylilmo

    T8 Cruisers

    Heya Peeps I'm getting to T8 on most cruiser lines, researched Mogami and New Orleans and close to Edinburgh and Capayev, only at T4 on French line and only played German line to T4. I'm likely to continue British and Russian lines but was wondering if its worth continuing the Japanese and USA lines as i found both at T7 a grind. Regards
  4. Andylilmo

    Supercontainer, a dream

    I only go for Flags and camo containers and had 2 SC in a week but none for 3 weeks before them, the 2 were 50 Ocean Soul camo and 250 Victor Lima flags
  5. Andylilmo

    Cruiser Torps

    Dear Cruiser Captains please refrain from launching torps from the second line of attack when DD are trying to capture zones. Its a difficult enough job to cap with 4 DD each team atm, so having to avoid enemy gunfire and torps is bad enough but when you evade and run into friendly torps its a tinsy winsy bit much. Kind regards DD captains. (and yes DD do torp friendly as well before it starts)
  6. Andylilmo

    Containers - what will be your strategy?

    Heya Peeps I have wanted to build up a few Camo as I'm getting low and i don't like the Halloween mode so I'm not getting them from there. Unfortunately every time i click on "Flags and Camo" i get 10 flags fair enough and 500 free XP and no Camo, so why isn't that container called Flags and a random? Regards
  7. Andylilmo


    Heya All I was wondering if anyone else has noticed an increase in detonations recently or am i imagining it, i have had 4 in 2 days including 1 bomb from a CV in a Mutsuki, just had 1 torp on the bow of a Kongo and 2 in CA. I have also seen a perceived increase in general. I don't tend to use flags on my lower tiers and save them for ranked battles. Regards
  8. Andylilmo

    Some thoughts in the 1st year of this game.

    The only point i agree with is the 2 tier spread , its much more than the 2 tier difference in WOT.
  9. Andylilmo

    Farragut Hulls

    Thanks for the info, looks like its worth it for the AA and rudder shift
  10. Andylilmo

    Farragut Hulls

    Heya Peeps Was wondering if it is worth buying hull B or C on farragut, as i see it you are losing a main gun for more AA and 1 point more mobility and suvivability. Or are there better hidden benifits ? Regards
  11. Andylilmo


    Heya peeps Has anyone else noticed a large increase in the number of Citadels both given and received? I ask this as in the last few days my cruisers have been citadeled to death (including cleveland) and my BB are dishing out a lot more than i seem to recall them doing a few months ago. Regards
  12. Andylilmo


    First off its not another whine thread, I would like to thank WG for once and listening to its players and reducing the MM to a max of 2 tiers spread. this change has certainly improved playing BB for me. so hurray to WG.
  13. Andylilmo

    Torpedo Arming ranges

    Heya Peeps I was wondering is there supposed to be a minimum distance torps from a cruiser have to travel before they are armed like they are from planes ?? Im asking because i was just in a battle and was against an omaha in my furrytaco put a couple of salvo ( only 1 citadel) in him and manovered to dodge his torps and was to close to turn away as my guns would of taken a age to bear again so he then turns to bear his other side torps at me so i ran as close as possible hoping to load in time to get another salvo off and he launched torps at point blank and they sunk me, now i know at that range air launched torps wouldn't of armed so why is it different for ship launched? Regards
  14. Andylilmo

    Furutaka, feeling very let down

    TBH i havent noticed much of an improvement from the patch, the 10km torps help alot more but how to play it hasnt changed. Just had a another good game in it 4 citadels and a devestating strike on a kuma
  15. Andylilmo

    Are HE to powerfull on cruisers.

    But if the AP were not penetrating that means the HE did , bonkers