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  1. Yeah same here.
  2. Nothing happens...
  3. Mind they had db's as well in the form of the skua, also the famous stringbag torpedo bombers :D
  4. Got it and replied mate.
  5. Are you still looking for members, i'm looking for a clan,Grinding brit BB line , jap carrier line american carrier line, have tier 9 Brit,jap and russki cruisers.
  6. Have to expect it, its the RN bb release, alot of ppl have been waiting for them.
  7. I totally agree with you, that and only 1-2 bb as well.
  8. it'll never happen, would cause so much of an uproar from the bb players, cos lets face it, it would only really affect them, since their ships are the most heavily armoured, where as crusier's. dd's and cv's can be quite easily destroyed with bb's main guns without any aid at all.
  9. They could drop it down to tier 6, it might manage there, but 8 is a no no in its current state.
  10. Was looking forward to this ship, but after reading report's, Naw unless they buff it.
  11. I don't see why you can't play either side, it should be easy enough for them to to put brit players in one team to play bots, and germans in another to play bots. Say 5-10 players in ships against a bot fleet., it is pve mind.
  12. Surely we have enough low tier ships that could take part in it.
  13. 0.6.10

    Yeah tried it just not wanting to play..
  14. 0.6.10

    Yeah keep getting the crash page as well, tad annoyed as wanted to get to the lion.
  15. But you asked about the italian navy , not the brit one.