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  1. what about passive bb players tho, when are they going to do something about them, their a greater hindrance in a game.
  2. Cheers mate, got it, thanks.
  3. Mod pack not compatible with current version of the game.
  4. Wait and see there might be something tomorrow, we can but hope, I thought it was a good sale to be honest.
  5. Was an excellent sale have to say, just hoping the warspite is in the bumper sale tomorrow.
  6. This seems to be what bb's seem to be doing sitting back and just farming damage, not helping in defending a cap or helping out on a flank ready to be over run, just sit there and shoot, all their doing is playing for themselves and not really helping out the team, perhaps a way to get them to do something would be to reduce the xp they get for damage.
  7. The answer to bb's were carriers, but they nerfed them so....
  8. Lol seen this before in wot, no capping kill all, please god lets hope it does not happen here.
  9. Bought Saipan and Atlanta, and since i had the Atalanta got 9k gold for it. Hello Kaga, for 15 quid.
  10. Cheers will try that, and thanks :)
  11. Thanks, tried that but to no avail.
  12. Not to sure is there a key which lets you clear the pic, leaving you just the ship, without the clutter, I'm sure there was but for the sake of me can't find it now ?
  13. Yeah bought it, and wi the doubloons bought the kaga, pretty sweet deal have to say.
  14. Yup same here, I find the db's on the saipan are very good.
  15. I got the second package with the 30 days premium and signals, and the 30 missions, 22 quid so won't break the bank.