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  1. DreadArchangel

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Yes for sure, would add another dimension to the game and lets face it, it needs it badly, its just so boring right now.
  2. DreadArchangel

    What should WG focus on improveing first?

    They have to fix cv's first, you ever wonder why nobody wants to play them right now, because their a shambles.
  3. DreadArchangel

    CV Rework Discussion

    Also the thing about torps they were also very very expensive.
  4. DreadArchangel

    New French DDs event... Who s gonna bother with it?!

    Says it all about the cv rework dosn't it..... and naw fench dd's not worth the bother.
  5. DreadArchangel

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yeah but its a dd and as the dd player base is so fond of telling us , is that if there's a cv in play the can't play at all, well there's proof that they can all their doing is getting wg to nerf cv's into the ground with all their constant whining, and of course wg pander to them.. I have to agree with another post on this forum which is wg should offer cv players a full refund, because they have totally made a cluster-[edited]of the rework.
  6. DreadArchangel

    CV Rework Discussion

    Sooooooooo we've had the report of the latest ranked, and what a surprise its a dd that topped the table, and there i thought if there was a carrier about dd's couldn't play.
  7. DreadArchangel

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Have to say after all this time , I think they have made a cluster_fuck wi the cv rework, the idea of it was to get more ppl to play cv, to make it easier gameplay so newbies would have a better chance in it and to do away with elitism. Well they've failed big time i do think they should do the decent thing and offer a refund to those cv players that want it, its no fun playing them anymore and lets face it playing a game should be about having fun playing it, but sadly not the case for playing cv's their in a worse state now than what they were in before the rework.
  8. DreadArchangel

    crit error msg

    Anybody else getting one, everytime I try to log on it pops up saying WorldofWarships64.exe crashed Also saying No resource paths are loaded from command lines or path.xml Any ideas
  9. DreadArchangel


    Yeah i would like to see them in game in all parts of it, but would send a lot of players into rages, much like the dd players did wi cv's. You now can now not spot a dd from the air unless it opens fire on you, even tho its travling around 30kt's and leaving a big [edited]wake... go figure, wg do tend to pamper the dd player base for some reason ??? no other ship has the perks like the dd has great stealth, great alpha damage (torpedo's) just to name the top two.
  10. DreadArchangel

    Invisible dd's

    yeah so in a ranked game last night and the map was epicentre our own dd's did nothing but sit outside the rings while enemy dd's took them all. I had rocket planes scouting the centre of the epicentre where they were but to no availe since they never activated their aa till they had capped it. So wg have went from one extreme to another as long as the dd does not activate his aa he is totally invisible to aircraft scouting for them unless your lucky enough to fly right over them exactly where they are. Nice one WG.
  11. DreadArchangel

    Worst Ranked Season ever !!!

    Was in one last night where our conquerer decided to go to a back corner and done nothing all game, our dd's done nothing allowing the other teams dd to take the epicentre i could do nothing in the midway about it they never activated their aa making them invisable, I crisscrossed the centre so many times till they capped it and then they activated their aa, which then shot down my rocket planes promptly, not know where they were could not avoid them till to late, but yeah that was just onbe game to be honest the rest were not much better.
  12. DreadArchangel

    DD carries the game, CV gets the blame

    the reason why there is so many dd's in the game now a days is because they do not have to worry about cv's now, since they've been nerfed into the ground.
  13. DreadArchangel

    Server Down??

    Its weird that you can get into the game, but not actually get into a battle???
  14. DreadArchangel

    Server Down??

    In game but can not launch into a battle ???
  15. DreadArchangel

    Please keep carriers out of ranked

    Carriers coming to get ya :D