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  1. So basiclly your wanting an almost paper line in more ways than one.
  2. What is that X mark any way ??
  3. Yeah have to agree wi him, tired of the amount of games, where the coms are really toxic in game, its not a good atmosphere.
  4. This is a mickey mouse line its that simple, there are real navies, which should be out long before these things.

    Yeah its not working.
  6. What plonkers..
  7. Not working just got a 500 percent on my neptune and the amount is no where near it should have been.
  8. In a 10 pound parcel you usually get about 2-3 camo's, their well worth it.
  9. Got 5 stars second battle doing it.
  10. Yes and they had moved all the factories to the east out of harms way, so doubt if the fall of moscow would have changed anything, like you say its a massive country and better leaders have tried to conquer it before and failed.
  11. Once all the major navies are in , then they might look into the minor navies..
  12. Yeah I'm hanging onto tomorrow just in case they have myself.
  13. Thats a bit of a bummer, who would want to spend ec xp, would have to be daft. Unless its a balls up on the wg front, lets face it, not unheard of.
  14. Well it is World of Battleships, no wait..........
  15. Hi Is it just naval, no ground forces I hope.