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  1. DreadArchangel

    Carrier mm

    The way the carriers are set up right now, bar the tier 4 one, the mm should be equal to its tier not +2 -2, would make for better games,
  2. DreadArchangel

    Hotfix #3 - a consumer view - Shokaku (VIII)

    The carriers in general are not that much fun to play right now, to little damage for very little rewards. The second patch concerning the aa has worked, but the carrier gameplay is just meh.......
  3. DreadArchangel

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    To be honest not impressed wi the gameplay, the carriers bring, the rewards and damage are poor, I do not see this bringing in more players, quite the opposite in fact
  4. DreadArchangel

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Yeah , we all know about the bad mm is but might be better if you put up a more up to date one mate, thats all I know where ypour coming from tho.
  5. DreadArchangel

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Yeah thats an old pic of a game, there is no more tier 9 carriers Like the one shown ie the Essex...
  6. DreadArchangel

    Please give us a possibility to zoom in while flying

    I Have to say its a valid request as well, also how can ships spot planes before they can be spotted themselves, I mean we're talking pinpricks in the sky compared to massive ships.
  7. Sad to say but a few of my mates have sold off their cv's, saying its poinless and to a certain degree their right, its very rare now if you press the f key you get many back at all now, after you make a run at a target.
  8. DreadArchangel

    Only 2 torps on Shokaku ?

    Wait thats what BB's do is it not ?
  9. DreadArchangel

    CV Hotfix working as intended...

    Don't even joke about it, its bad enough at the lower tiers.
  10. DreadArchangel

    Larger pve teams

    Not seen that happen in a long while, what time are you playing at tho ?
  11. DreadArchangel

    Larger pve teams

    Is there any reason why wg can't or won't make the pve teams bigger instead of just 8 ships aside ?? The amount of people that play pve i think could support it
  12. DreadArchangel

    RN CVs very soon?

    They've been nerfed already, their torps travel at 35 kts,crazy. I think they got to watch what they do or they will make the cv unplayable for a lot of ppl, its not as if they do a lot of damage wi torps I mean the max damage you can do is 5.5k with the ranger torps, so you would need bout -33 to do same amount of damage of a jap torp, and lest face launching 2 a time just ain't going to do it, I know unicoms can do all sort of things wi their ships but for the majority of us its hard to get a decent score, so they will have to watch what their doing, or this could spell the end of the cv in wows.
  13. No he's not the problem its playing coop, the bot ships in coop are much better played than a lot of rl players in randoms, I know played both, in coop the bots always put up ttheir sector defence, which if your play tier 8 and upwards tears your planes out of the sky, where as randoms a lot of the players are concentrating on hiting other ships, and do not put their sector aa up, making them easier to hit.
  14. In coop its so much harder for cv's as the bots know how to use their aa, they know when to use it and also because of the speed of torps, slower than ship one's, quite good at dodging them, I've had a full squad of saipan tb disappear on a torp run on a queen elizabeth, it might be easier on pvp tho, because of the player base over there not being quite sure how to operate their aa.
  15. DreadArchangel

    About CVs gameplay

    You can't play tier 8 and uipwards in coop, you get hammered the bot ships always have their sector aa ready even if you try a feint, and yes they dodge torps as well they do not sail in a straight line as so many ppl think, its very likely easier to play in pvp where a lot of ppl do not know how to activate their aa.