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  1. Grinding - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    From the tier 6 upwards I find them rather good, decent speed andand later on their seconderies are excellent as is their aa.
  2. Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    Simple play co-op so much lsee stressful, and you get there in the end.
  3. Richelieu vs Alsace

    Cheers guys I was wondering about that.
  4. Richelieu vs Alsace

    Looking at both ships arty and can't understand why the Richelieu has better arty than the Alsace, both have the same gun, in fact the Alsace has 12 of them where as richelieu has 8,any idea's ?
  5. fun with flags

    Ah right, cheers guys, not expecting to win anything tho. but no harm in trying..
  6. fun with flags

    Okay how do we see results of who won what ??
  7. How many French BBs did you get?

    Got upto the Lyon, which is not to bad have to say.
  8. That is unless lower tier tank is using premium ammo in which case defeats higher tiers armour easily, seen it happen time after time, one of the reasons I never want to see premium ammo in wows.
  9. Very disappointed

    Just starting in the Lyon , she seems a bit more sluggish than the Normandie, but still decent turn of speed.
  10. Very disappointed

    Upto tier 6 the french bb's are horrible once you get to the normandie, it inproves, they all share the shotgun fire tho..
  11. New bonus codes

    Thanks guys much appreciated.
  12. Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    Aye, server unavailable.
  13. The Absolute State of COOP

    I think the missions should be available to both pvp or pve, both sets of players pay the same amount to play, and surely they should be treated the same, some like coop some like pvp, its the individuals choice and neither should be treated differently.
  14. Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas guys, hope you all have a good one.
  15. So if you don't play you get gifts, right...