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  1. LetsRockAndRoll

    Japanese cruiser torpedoes - Dire need of rebalance.

    Don't understand why they didn't buff Myoko's turret traverse at the same time as Mogami.
  2. LetsRockAndRoll

    BB AP pens on DDs

    I can't remember the number of battles I've lost because a BB was chasing a DD.
  3. LetsRockAndRoll

    Edited,dirty trick clan.

    A cheat thread. Great, out comes the pitchfork and in I dive. 5 pages of good humour and memes This forum has gone to the dogs!
  4. LetsRockAndRoll


    When did they change that? It's not like WG to miss a sales opportunity by making a ship unique™
  5. LetsRockAndRoll

    British battleships incoming

    There was a Conqueror on the enemy team earlier tonight. During the battle he took a savage hit for 50% of his hp, popped behind an island for 10 seconds, and came out almost as good as new! If the heal remains unchanged this ship will need to be focused until dead or it will bite you in the [edited]later. Bye the way, at present it has 29km gun range and 64% fire chance with HE. I think I know which ship all the border humping snipers will spending their free xp on.
  6. LetsRockAndRoll

    BB AP pens on DDs

    'cough' 5 heals, invisible spotter planes, hydro, radar, 10km+ secondaries 'cough' I think we all know who has the most tools.
  7. LetsRockAndRoll

    BB AP pens on DDs

    You forgot to mention 10.6km secondaries and the best one of all, radar.
  8. LetsRockAndRoll

    BB AP pens on DDs

    Prior to the great stealth firing nerf, in most cases a BB wouldn't be able to see you from 15km, let alone have time to aim well enough to blap you. This case also applies to a lot of cruisers. It's time to suck it up boys. If you aren't playing a BB, you are being overconfident.
  9. LetsRockAndRoll

    whats the balancing factor of HE spammers

    Offers pearls of wisdom to cruiser players. Hides his stats.
  10. LetsRockAndRoll

    Cruiser Survivability

    You successfully dodge the BB salvo, but wait, what is this? The stray citadel homing shell that rng says belongs to your [edited]. Play cruisers they said, cruisers are fun they said. Yea right.
  11. LetsRockAndRoll

    Most entertaining ships to play?

    No love for the Kiev guys? Take IFHE & DE, fit the spood beest module =
  12. LetsRockAndRoll

    More detonation flags

    Komrade, we had the customer survey. This survey categorically proved that everyone is fine with the detonation mechanic. NB: No, we won't tell you when we held the survey, or how many took part in the survey.
  13. LetsRockAndRoll

    Cruisers - a self fulfilling prophecy

    How do you know if all of a ships AA capability is destroyed? But seriously, do you actually think any top class CV player needs to know about your AA status? He will bait you into activating your defensive AA, wait for it to expire, and you are dead. Or even simpler. Keep you spotted while his division mates and the rest of the team sink you. Either way, he has little concern for the status of your AA.
  14. LetsRockAndRoll

    Cruisers - a self fulfilling prophecy

    Not at all. One of the 'charms' of this game is that there is always something new to see. Such as a SE Midway. As for your example. maybe one day when the stars and planets align.............