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  1. Counter the radar!

    Too many radars in this game its a problem... last 2 games i was almost perma spoted and every dd player knows that once you are spoted the entire enemy team starts firing at you, dd's are always primary targets and most of them are forced to play at a range of max 12 km(usually 7-10 km) were if there are around 5 ships with radar you are scrap metal im the first 2-3 min of the game.....in the end the only dd's worth to play are those with long range torps
  2. Bcuz radar + smoke = balans

    Well Grozovoi needs a buff....but this? really? now its like some Z-52(that german hydro) on steroids....but anyway at this time the huge number of crusers with radar are killing the dd's , it's bordeline insanity to play from tier 7 up with dd''s
  3. Ranked Season Ship Selection

    Tier X i think that Z 52/grozovoi is the best choice for dd, and maybe Moskva ( for radar) ...for tier 8 Tirpitz altough burns like hell and harekaze and maybe Prinz Eugen (because of hydro :) ) if it gets repair
  4. Don't give torpedos to [edited] (my team mates)

    Hey look... a ship...fire torpedoess.....i wonder why that ship is green?...ups .....this is how some idiots fire torps...all is well,just like in wot when your arty wants a easy kill and crushes your tank as well