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  1. BadGene616

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Someone stole an hour. I want it back. CW is so much less stressful when you're drunk it seems. Gratz you pony loving reprobates.
  2. BadGene616

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Harsh, dude KK has left, I don't care why, he's a loss to the clan and I wish him all the best in future. CW is stressy, it's too effing close to ranked, and PVPers worth their crap want to win. I didn't lol, son I was disappoint. KK - all the best dude
  3. If it puts one player off the BB line then I'm ok with it ;-)
  4. I actually love Izumo for four reasons: Insane penetration levels. Amazing shell velocity. Amazing frontal armour. Tiny superstructure. What she does is ready citadels from the whole back quarter, Izumo punishes people who rush in with bad positional play. And those who try and kite. And those who think they should always be using that third gun. It needs a slow grinding push where you don't overextend and never let yourself get flanked without cover. Although weirdly I did get detonated in it two games in a row on the first damage taken, once by yama shell and once by torp. That's airways frustrating. Op git gud and learn the strengths of the ship. Yama will feel like a shotgun when you finish the grind as the shell velocity of Izumo is so good. There is not a single BB in the game that warrants a buff.
  5. BadGene616

    Noobs will kill this game!

    New player influx... Essential. Game mechanics dumbed down to the point of idiocy; One ship class so dominant the others become irrelevant or worse, food for them to cater to them; Maps becoming more and more of the same, just a different palette; New content being less about core gameplay mechanics and the application of skill and just being cosmetic tweaks or gimmicks; All these things make me increasingly frustrated and disinterested in the game. It started when dispersion for BB sub 10km was buffed. It got worse when try traverse was buffed for BB. The artificial forcing of skills into a wider but shallower pool meant high tiers captains no longer became something you worked for, agonised over the right selection of skills for the ship to min/max it's capabilities. It went to crap when turtleback bbs were introduced... Then buffed. This game needs some really substantial and fundamental rethinking to its core gameplay mechanics: Bbs should be strong in one direction and vulnerable in the other. Errors should be punished, out of position in your Tirpitz? You're going to really feel it. Rng is being overused as a balancing mechanic. It's frustrating and insulting to players who work to develop skill in the game of basic aiming etc. Cruisers need their role back... RN bbs spamming fire reduced their relevance. Bbs with 11.x concealment is ridiculous. And not based purely on radar or other gimmicks that encourage you to get closer to be more effective food for BB. 2018 should be the year of getting the basics right again, regardless of it means wholesale needs. The longer term health of the game is reliant on it. And educating new players properly as to what those basics are.
  6. BadGene616

    Is there any smoke haxes out there?

    Back to ops post... No Replay = didn't happen. Everyone has seen some weird crap that killed them with a wtf moment afterwards. 99 of 100 a quick look at the replay will show you what you missed in the heat of the moment. Three pages of discussion on this crap later...
  7. BadGene616

    Regarding clan advertisement ingame …

    I can't believe no one has spammed this thread with recruitment offers ;-)
  8. BadGene616

    Low Victory rate? Here's a reason

    When I first started wot I bought the Lowe early on. "No I am a sniper!!" I'd thrash play it to make cash to progress faster. Thankfully I moved to Wows during the beta and I've hardly looked back. The only stat that matters really is wr. This implies that you have played well enough to win consistently and by any means. Low damage in a cruiser might just mean that you've spent the game ruining DD day, rather than spamming fire at BB. Low kill rate and reasonable damage might just mean you've been in division with Loran_Battle... *Cough killstealer* :-) But ultimately all those other numbers add up and paint a picture. This game isn't helped by a few glaring things. When I started (this should be a whole other thread): - I used to think the stuff on top of the deck was the citadel... I'd actively aim for it in a BB. - I used to go for the cap nearest to me - I'd try and defend a flank solo rather than abandoning it and running in a place where I could actually do something to help my team - I'd have a tactic for the map which I'd always use, rather than reading the enemy team, the situation. - I'd try to go where I could fight a corridor rather than position myself where I could support far more of the map. - I'd play cruisers and bbs in a similar way and expect the same results. - I'd assume I could win any one on one and then be shocked when my opponent got support and I'd get wrecked, fast. Position, situational awareness, knowing the stats and capabilities of the ship you are in and the ships you face. Know yourself, know the enemy. Play in division with someone better than you and ask them why they are doing what they are doing. And use right mouse to look around, and shift to zoom so your reticule is consistent. And ffs go back to lower tier, T3, t4 etc. Your mistakes will cost you and your team far less. Give yourself space to learn. You are making mistakes. Anyone can press the right mouse button and hit things. Learning when and where to do it is the key. I'm amazed at the lack of sarcasm in this thread so far. This is a very real issue and everyone is telling you the same thing.
  9. BadGene616

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    You CLEARLY were not in teh battle I FCed! I was singing I called a charge to the cap We won gloriously. Pppppppfffttt making out like we're pro...
  10. Causation/correlation failure. T6 premium player doing well will often be a good player with a strong Captain playing lower tiers for fun. There's little attraction to playing a silver ship you have already ground out unless you really like it.
  11. BadGene616

    1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    Leo, really great analysis. There's an obvious reason for the high damage on bbs. It's spreading fire over multiple targets to trigger DCP then dot that sticks. Reminds me of playing the pre-pre-pre-nerf Cleveland or pre-nerf Zao :-)
  12. BadGene616

    1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    I should have been more precise in my original message. The WEIGHTED average (ie, wr by games played) of all T10 BBs should trend to just under 50%. It's basic stats. However, it's giving monumental insight into how WG "Balances" BBs. And the current issues with the game.
  13. BadGene616

    1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    Omg it's enough to make me want to beat my head against a wall. WR is meaningless for having t10 bbs. Why? Because they are tier and class matched. Wr should therefore balance as draws are so rare. Instead we see wr for all bbs listed as significantly above 50%. How does that work out?!?! Unless these data are from a selected set. In which case... Selection bias. I'm not saying the ship is op, or not. But I am saying that the statistical evidence proposed stinks.
  14. BadGene616

    This is going to sound ungreatful WG, but

    If 22/12 from your name is your birthday are you just bitter about presents in general cause you always get combined birthday and Christmas presents and secretly think you're hard done by? Are you? Awwww... Poor little ingrate. The point is you get free stuff, and then you can use the cammo should you wish, but that's up to you.
  15. Torpedo damage is also reduced by the target's ability to negate it. So bulges and damage control etc. Some ships are much more vulnerable to torps. But yeah, 100% what they said above about saturation in this instance.