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  1. Sorry WG is doing you a favour! Making you spend time in the REAL world not with on screen pixels Just trotting out the WG line from the Xmas debacle. Been gone from the game since February and seen nothing that inspires me to return. But if RN BB's are going to pander to the BBabies simply make my absence permanant.
  2. wongman66

    The ways EU community has been treated differently

    I would also add lack or inappropriate moderation of this forum contributing to the "wild west" feel of the place and allowing the community to descend ever downwards. I have exiled myself form this game as sick to death of the arrogance of WG and typical of the EU office, what do I see that RogDog has closed the RL/RPF not game breaking thread cause it was a spamming topic cause it was breaking rules because topic was being spammed. Oh good grief where the f**k were you the last few weeks when there were plenty of topics about RPF leading up to and immediately after 6.0 was released? Just fail after fail after fail.
  3. wongman66

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Since I uninstalled this game, decided to look a little furhter and here I present Mr Markus Schill for those with a l#LinkedIn account, moved from the tragedy that was EU Customer Relkations top GM, no wonder under his tenure the continuing farce of WG EU continues : https://www.linkedin.com/in/markus-schill-36a2943?authType=NAME_SEARCH&authToken=dkK9 General Manager Europe Wargaming.net July 2015 – Present (1 year 7 months)Boulogne-Billancourt Area, France Founding Member Games Europe CX Guild March 2015 – Present (1 year 11 months)EuropeA select group of European CX executives from the leading games and associated companies that work to collectively improve player experience for the betterment of the games industry across the region. Oh my God how LOL!!!! Director, Customer Relations Europe Wargaming.net March 2013 – July 2015 (2 years 5 months)Boulogne-Billancourt Area, FranceProviding strategic direction to the player facing side of the European Operation of Wargaming including Community Management, eSports, Customer Service and Content Management. Director of CS Operations Europe Wargaming.net February 2012 – March 2013 (1 year 2 months)Boulogne-Billancourt Area, FranceEstablish, lead and oversee the Customer Service team at Wargaming.net's European Headquarter near Paris, France. Group Manager, Regional Planning and Support (Workforce Management & CS Live Operations) Blizzard Entertainment May 2005 – February 2012 (6 years 10 months)Cork, Ireland & Velizy, FranceBeginning in 2005, when World of Warcraft was just launched in Europe I grew my professional Customer Service career at Blizzard Entertainment in both France (2+ years) and Ireland (4+ years). At Blizzard I started out leading and managing the performance of Customer Service teams and from 2009 on build up, established and led the European Workforce Management and Customer Service Live Operations groups responsible for staff planning, incident management, operational readiness and contact center management for two contact centers in France and Ireland. Managing Partner iLoom media services Mediengesellschaft mbH November 2000 – April 2005 (4 years 6 months)Kassel, GermanyManaging Partner, responsible for sales, HR, product development, communication, public relations and finances Projectmanager Center of NewWork Kassel e.V. June 2000 – December 2000 (7 months)
  4. Signed. Even though I have uninstalled all WG products now. Total boycott. How about introducing something similar to WoT? Bet the devs KNOW HOW BAD an idea that would be so WTF apply it to WoWs? There has been times when you are the last man standing in a mobile tank and can outwit and outfight 2/3 heavies? That is no different scenario when the last DD vs 2/3 BBs. I remember doing that in the pre-nerfed Hellcat against 3 T8 HTs. Fire and relocate, repeat and rinse. OK doing it in a TD now is nigh on impossible with the nerf to spotting and loss of penetration over distance but high tier MTs can still do it.
  5. wongman66

    Listen to your player Base!

    All WG products now uninstalled. Just done with them. Played 5 games in DDs this evening and all the "fun" just gone. Equipped my DDs with RPF. Either constantly spotted or could easily avoid ambushes or enemy could avoid your ambush. The WTF moment when you get caught out in an ambush is gone or laugh like a maniac pulling off one an opponent - just gone. Might stick around these forums to see if WG "might" change their ways....better chance of winning the lottery. Enjoy the high seas fellow captains....this one is going to the beach.
  6. wongman66

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Had a run on seeing formuties. Last night it was GrOpah then next game was Donhoolio and just now Verdius, unfortunately losses on all 3.
  7. wongman66

    Patch 0.6.0 Patch Notes - RPF is still a thing

    I did the PTS survey on the 13th and was totally against having it in game plus provided feedback. They just slap us in the face with a limp sausage by "graciously" extending PTS without modifying or re-thinking RPF. [edited] Though the idea of seal clubbing low tiers has some appeal, like MTM I will be out of here too. 11 pages and climbing and the usual cowardice from WG is evident.
  8. wongman66

    New weapons poll

    Premium ammo....for credits. If you have ever played WoT, nuff said.
  9. wongman66

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Gojuadaroi and his fellow reds owned me and TobyJug last night. As usual lack of a cohesive support or BBs moving to the front to engage.
  10. wongman66

    Elimination thread 3: Tier VII *Winner!*

    Shiratsuyu: 15Mahan: 7Leningrad: 24Blyskawica: 34Myoko: 8-3=5 just aaargh cannot get it to workFlint: 23Fiji: 20Belfast: 35Scharnhorst: 44+1=45 having much fun getting XP & credits for the various missions going on nowHiryu (2/2/2): 20Saipan (Torpedo Bombers): 11
  11. Got the Graf Spee last night. Hope to start Convoy missions to day and maybe get to the Budy. As currently not spending any cash for this, going to use left over gold in WoT to get week of premium.
  12. wongman66

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Just had Nechrom on my team and creamgravy on the other side. Our performances are not or the highlight reels. Cream took out his Trashcan by mistake and insta blotted within 2 minutes. I (Scharnhorst) did not much better trying to follow Nechrom in his Bismarck. Mid-game thought he had an Aoba & Omaha as easy meat, then a Gaede turned up followed by a Derpitz. Though at the time he was around 1/4 health. Pity it was not more of an epic struggle.
  13. wongman66

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    Your last sentence absolutely sticks in my craw. WG YOU ARE SO ABSOLUTELY EFFING ARROGANT!! RPF has received plenty of negative feedback from various sources since it 1st appeared yet you are too arrogant to even modify or rethink it for the 2nd PTS. Happy to modify 4/5 of the others which attracted far less attention but oh no...RPF WG knows best, "plays know s**t", it needs no changes. Show us the evidence, show where the requirement comes from or even the assumptions you have based this on then maybe we would shut up but your arrogance prevents you from sharing or communicating. And sticking with WG's arrogance, your refusal to learn from bad decisions/mistakes that have hit your other titles WoT & WoWp is just being perpetuated here hence this continuing "bad blood" built up with your playerbase. Wanted to give you a chance but the continual failure of how WG approaches things has used up all my goodwill so will be off within a day or 2 once RPF is introduced (just ot see how "bad" it will get).
  14. wongman66

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    B4zza in his CV helped his team easily overcame my team a couple of nights back. Then last night RobS80 in his division easily overwhelmed TobyJug & I trying to fight it out on the front line in T7 DDs while all the BBabies camoed out in a corner. In some ways glad that RPF gives me an excuse to quit.
  15. wongman66

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    Thanks WG for the "fun" while it lasted. RPF is the final straw that breaks this camel's back. FFS they saw how they kept "breaking" various tank classes & game mechanics in WoT and only now through the sandbox they are re-discovering "better" ways or re-balancing things, yet they are REPEATING the same pattern here..... WG never ever learn.....that is the most disappointing thing.