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  1. Waterline discussion

    I actually have issues with the weather effects on that operation. It's probably something related to the graphics of my potato pc, but I can't see the funnel smoke of ships inside the weather bubble. It's really annoying to estimate their speed without that. To be honest, I'd rather not see it on tier X battles... in the current form at least. I'm looking forward to the night battles operation though.
  2. Waterline discussion

    I'd like to ask if our personal oil collected, which supposedly was going to be used as a personal resource sometime in the future, will be converted into Steel/Coal. Either way, I like the idea. @Sub_Octavian, do you think that will be the case or everyone will start from scratch?
  3. Clan Evolution

    You forgot something. When Oil was introduced, there was a really interesting line. Quoting: Even that would be a welcome addition.
  4. Ultimate frontier ruined

    I'd suggest to start using signals that provide some ingame effect and assigning skill points. What you're doing is effectively worsening the performance of your ships for absolutely NO reason. I could somewhat understand not using signals in co-op, but operations give a good amount of credits and experience.
  5. Bug reports

    Excluding the rudder and camera bugs, I've noticed something else as well. 1. Description Wrong ship tier-name spacing on the experience conversion tab. 2. Reproduction steps Open the Convert XP tab after playing some games in the Amagi. 3. Result Spacing is wrong for -at least- Amagi. Not sure about other ships. 4. Expected result There should be space between the tier and the name of the ship. Screenshot attached. It's pretty minor, but weird. Edit: The screenshot it's not working. Anyway, it shows up as "VIIIAMAGI" without spaces.
  6. New Year's Ship Horn

    News from the new public test: the horns are still here in the first iteration, but without santa's hohoho.
  7. New Year's Ship Horn

    Absolutely. As far as I saw, the majority of the players didn't read the patch notes as usual so they don't know how to use it anyway. :D As for the ones that know how to use it, it doesn't feel like they are abusing it even when they go through the full four seconds.
  8. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join the raffle as well, you never know! :)
  9. Uh. You're still talking about configurations, while I run the game on a notebook with a R7 M440. :( It's a bit annoying that I've got that 965be sitting in a box in my room because the motherboard is half-dead... but the vga died anyway, so it's not an issue I guess!
  10. wanted to be first: server down

    There, take your like. Please proceed to the nearest exit. :D
  11. Raptor Rescue Total [edited]!

    Raptor is amazing. The other day I tried to take the Anshan out for a spin. Lost immediately. Try to beat this (look at the playing time): What happened: Furutaka dropped torps before dying, and somebody pushed the Engineer ship into them. Since the first objective is to escort the Engineer ship to Raptor, the game failed immediately. :D
  12. Halloween Event

    It looks like there might be a chance to earn the "Steampunk" camouflages for the ships involved in the event. I got Jackal for Nassau on the second pumpkin after 20k free xp from the first one. Another player in chat wrote that he got the one for the Lexington, Nobilium. The other ships should be Wakatake, Kagero (Harekaze?), Chapayev and Tirpitz (Bismarck?)
  13. Bug Reports

    Confirmed. Had to close and restart the client two times because of this.
  14. Halloween Event

    exactly like in the first part. You need to win three games and then you'll get the ships unlocked.
  15. General Feedback

    I'm not too fond of the new "guns reloaded" sound on high caliber ships. It's unnecessarily noisy in my opinion. Also, in the games I played yesterday it looked like AP shells were dimmer and harder to see? I hope it was just me being tired.