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  1. As a proof of concept, I tried to replace the French voice with the Nachi one, taking the old lines from files I found on the NA forum. With the first try the ship/base selection (target X ship, protect X base), Wilco, Negative etc. all work correctly like they did in the past. There's some French voices that trigger sometimes, and I'm not sure why given that I replaced the french folder with the English one to start with. I'm now 100% sure that someone will spend the time needed to build an updated ARP mod for the people who want it :) Edit: nevermind, it's easier than I thought. I found other files on the NA server, and they're already updated with the new file structure. You can make a duplicate of the Nachi voice, and it won't take much time to add the remaining commands by duplicating some of the lines already in the files. It won't be perfect, but hey... better than nothing.
  2. I guess that they did that to avoid half baked solutions (lines for only half of the commands). For what we know they probably recorded the voice lines about seven months ago, while the new commands are probably stuff that they started thinking about in the last three months. It's still possible to restore them anyway, it's just a matter of re-building the folder. I think there's already a mod on the NA forum, go and check.
  3. Yeah, those. It's just a matter of getting the old banks and re-build the folder. Though I think it can be fixed only by overriding another language folder, I'd be surprised if just adding the folders with the correct structure and putting in them the old files worked...
  4. Just checked, the folder structure is different and it looks like they removed the extra data from the sound bank. If anyone has got the old banks file it's possible to build a mod.
  5. I actually proposed that yesterday evening. I dragged him around until the first wave of torpedo boats, but the rest of my scrub clan mates didn't help :°
  6. No need to sit still in the beginning, especially if nobody in your team smoked up the convoy. As long as you keep a relatively slow speed (less than 10 knots if I remember well) you will get the soldiers onboard all the same.
  7. Unlucky, but Myoko shouldn't struggle that much even bottom tier. She's a very solid ship and definitely able to hold her ground even in a tier IX game. You just need to adjust your role a bit and focus on burning down battleships. Are you rushing through the tiers?
  8. Negative. As I thought it was a teaser for the next collection, of which he will be the legendary commander if we complete it. Source: Facebook NA page. They posted this image with the caption "A new collection is on the way"
  9. Hmmm.. Isoroku Yamamoto teaser as the next legendary commander at the end of the video?
  10. 0.6.8

    Battle time also coincides. Not sure if it's the map area or something else that triggers it, but It's good to have confirmation :)
  11. 0.6.8

    Description: I've encountered a graphical bug over and over again on my machine during the new Dunkirk event. During one of the waves the graphics turn somewhat yellow only while zooming in and after a certain amount of zoom. Reproduction steps: Start a dunkirk pve battle. Play until the specified wave. Result: During the third (or second? not sure, should be easy to check given the ingame time of the screenshots) wave the graphics turn yellow while zooming in. After the wave ends everything goes back to normal. Expected result: Normal ingame graphics. Screenshots: The first one shows the beginning of the wave, before the ships even popped up. The glitch starts there. Then I've took a screenshot zooming out until the glitch disappears, then zoomed in again to shoot at the torpedo boat, showing the somewhat inverted-yellow graphics.
  12. Oh well, at least this time it's not those useless scrubs.
  13. Uhm. That's true, it's a different tab. You might be right! :) let's hope there's more goodies for us.
  14. Not sure we're getting hard mode since it wasn't there in the last public test. Maybe it will cycle back to newport but without rewards for those that already got it done a month ago?
  15. You get the rewards only the first time you complete the objectives afaik. Jingles is not the best source if you want accurate information...