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  1. Extra bonus to explan my line. The Kagero on our team was stopping the B cap, hiding behind an island even though there was only a DD in the B cap with him and the closest enemy ship was at about 15km. I told him that I'd support him to get B, and got close to the cap. Then the second DD in the enemy team got spotted on the other side of the map, revealing that the one contesting the B cap was a.. Hatsuharu. Kagero at that moment decided that it couldn't deal with that even with me close, and left the cap allowing the Hatsu to cap. He took an honorable 10th place in the post game stats.
  2. Yep. It's the only way to contact everyone I think, since there's people that don't like forums. With a google group we can just spam send an email to everyone at the same time to notify you stuff like codes (like yesterday's package), raffles or organize events, thing that failed a couple of times in the past. Just send me or Loran a PM with your google mail address (you probably have one for your phone, come on) and we'll send you the invitation to the group.
  3. Everyone is entitled to his opinion. Mine is that as long as the ship is able to deal her share of damage (and DD definitely are, I got 135k damage yesterday on the completely stock tier V German one cycling through destroyers just to check how badly the damage would drop) then the ship is not a liability. Players that fail to deal an adequate amount of damage are. I agree that a cruiser can easily deal the same amount of damage, but it doesn't automatically mean that a DD is something that can't be used.
  4. There's still a HUGE share of the player population that believes that repair cost it's tied to how much damage you took. And it's been ages since the patch that introduced the flat fee. Until virtually everyone learns about the fixed fee, another change to the system won't really be useful I think. Also, the new clan bonuses will help to contain repair costs at high tiers. Also, there's not always a "scripted" way to win a game. For example: the other day my division fought a team that moved erratically. First they ALL went on one side of the map, saw that the bulk of my team was there, turned tail and moved all together to the other side. I went from having 3-4 ships to deal with on my Tirpitz -got out of position badly, didn't think the enemy would go all the way to the opposite side from mine- to having to deal with the bulk of their team. I didn't play for objectives (there weren't none, standard battle) my tanking was limited and my defense was only a couple of resets on my cap before I could get in to stop a dd and one Edinburgh from getting it. My performance still helped carry the game (150k+ damage) but if the system took into account stuff like position on the map (that gets suggested a lot of time) etcetera my reward would have been a lot less. Another one: I saw a Bismarck win the game for his team two days ago. By border hugging, slipping into concealment and never shooting again. He spent a huge portion of his game sailing close to the edge of the map, but he did sink a couple of ships that tried to hunt him down, and ultimately it made his team won the game. If anything, I'd like WG to increase a the xp/credit gain for some actions (spotting for destroyers and cruisers in particular). Blanket lowering the income of the players (or the opposite, annulling service costs) it's not the way to go. It won't fix the situation, since I doubt that 40% tier X players care a bit about the money they lose on high tier games.
  5. I don't agree with this statement. I took out the Gnevny for a single game yesterday to get the daily double on PVE instead of random because I'm not a destroyer player and I'm not very good in them. Result below. Destroyers that don't have good guns definitely struggle more but they can get 70-80k damage without any issue provided they don't suicide. They can be really useful to engage and destroy ships that get too close to the cap, especially the destroyers, or by ambushing ships that try to get in the cap by sailing around the island in G7 with torps. As usual: blame the players, not the class. I saw a Cleveland die on the first wave yesterday. From Tenryuu torps. It doesn't matter what ship you bring into the game as long as you play following the objectives and can carry your own weight. It's not optimal, but it's perfectly doable.
  6. I'm assuming the mechanic might be the same. They will probably work on all of them
  7. Yesterday night. I asked a Yamato almost full hp NOT to bow in but instead shoot with all his guns on a 12k hp Bismarck because we needed a kill FAST. He didn't. Bismarck slipped into concealment not to be seen again. Lost the game by points. Second game in a row in the Tirpitz lost at 160k+ damage. Bottom tier. I got reported twice because apparently asking people to use their ships correctly without insults or anything is forbidden. My fault for trying to use the chat I guess.
  8. Heh. Nothing can beat Windows ME when it comes to being completely awful.
  9. Np. I'll make sure to tell the other Scrubs to gently rub your ship every game in division :D
  10. Hmm, that's not close enough then. Then maybe you get a lowered amount of team damage before your teamkiller status triggers again..
  11. If that torp accident happened recently, the system probably flagged you as a repeat offender Mort. Stay pink you scrub. :D
  12. Well, trying out pre-release software it's always at your own risk... :)
  13. You scared me with the first lines cro. Anyway, a quick google research for "flat maintenance cost world of warships" returned this: no clue why the table it's not on the wiki though.
  14. Using exp camos it's not an issue, I've got plenty. Also, I don't have many tier IX ships because I'm a F2P player and I'm taking my time. I do have one tier IX grind pretty close to completion, I could finish it in about 30 games without issues I think.