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  1. Bug reports

    Excluding the rudder and camera bugs, I've noticed something else as well. 1. Description Wrong ship tier-name spacing on the experience conversion tab. 2. Reproduction steps Open the Convert XP tab after playing some games in the Amagi. 3. Result Spacing is wrong for -at least- Amagi. Not sure about other ships. 4. Expected result There should be space between the tier and the name of the ship. Screenshot attached. It's pretty minor, but weird. Edit: The screenshot it's not working. Anyway, it shows up as "VIIIAMAGI" without spaces.
  2. New Year's Ship Horn

    News from the new public test: the horns are still here in the first iteration, but without santa's hohoho.
  3. New Year's Ship Horn

    Absolutely. As far as I saw, the majority of the players didn't read the patch notes as usual so they don't know how to use it anyway. :D As for the ones that know how to use it, it doesn't feel like they are abusing it even when they go through the full four seconds.
  4. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join the raffle as well, you never know! :)
  5. Uh. You're still talking about configurations, while I run the game on a notebook with a R7 M440. :( It's a bit annoying that I've got that 965be sitting in a box in my room because the motherboard is half-dead... but the vga died anyway, so it's not an issue I guess!
  6. wanted to be first: server down

    There, take your like. Please proceed to the nearest exit. :D
  7. Raptor Rescue Total [edited]!

    Raptor is amazing. The other day I tried to take the Anshan out for a spin. Lost immediately. Try to beat this (look at the playing time): What happened: Furutaka dropped torps before dying, and somebody pushed the Engineer ship into them. Since the first objective is to escort the Engineer ship to Raptor, the game failed immediately. :D
  8. Halloween Event

    It looks like there might be a chance to earn the "Steampunk" camouflages for the ships involved in the event. I got Jackal for Nassau on the second pumpkin after 20k free xp from the first one. Another player in chat wrote that he got the one for the Lexington, Nobilium. The other ships should be Wakatake, Kagero (Harekaze?), Chapayev and Tirpitz (Bismarck?)
  9. Bug Reports

    Confirmed. Had to close and restart the client two times because of this.
  10. Halloween Event

    exactly like in the first part. You need to win three games and then you'll get the ships unlocked.
  11. General Feedback

    I'm not too fond of the new "guns reloaded" sound on high caliber ships. It's unnecessarily noisy in my opinion. Also, in the games I played yesterday it looked like AP shells were dimmer and harder to see? I hope it was just me being tired.
  12. concept: Handicap mode

    Last time I checked, I wasn't playing a golf game. What makes a player bad is easy to synthesize: lack of knowledge about the game mechanics, the role of different ship classes, and finally positioning and map awareness. What we need is a complete set of tutorials for players that log in for the first time. World of Warplanes had a nice tutorial system that gave rewards for completing it unless I'm wrong. We need something like that, since players will play it for the rewards if they're clearly shown. A very good one for completing all the scenarios could be a tier II premium ship. I'd go with a cruiser. That would allow WG to showcase all the game mechanics like spotting, smoke, angling, damage saturation, damage over time, concealment cooldown, ship roles and even map awareness to new players, drastically increasing their understanding of the game while making more or less sure that the players will go through it because of the free ship. That very premium ship would also give them the chance to show the benefits of premium ships for commander retraining to the new players, maybe slightly increasing premium ship sales as well. This wouldn't fix the issue with players rushing through the tiers (or straight ahead buying high tier premium ships) but it would certainly improve the situation. Look at how many threads you see every month or hack accusations ingame just because of damage saturation for example.
  13. That's what I'm worried about as well. I would like to get my hands on Musashi, since I'm too noob for ranked.
  14. I guess that -from wg's point of view- this whole thing makes sense. You're forgetting that what we have here (or on other discussion platforms) is just a small portion of the player base. Most of the time forumites are above average players who know the game mechanics well and can perform. The vast majority of the player base it's not made of good players, and wg is thinking about them. A good cv can make it so that everyone on the enemy team is permaspotted unless it's sitting in smoke? not good. Better remove it. There's not many of them anyway, nobody will notice. Battleships are too strong and can scare cruiser players from making moves? let's just add one as a token, just because. No way we can remove them as well. We have too many of those, people would complain. At this point, a cruiser only mode might have been more interesting. The idea of renting out tier X ships to players that don't have them easily confirms this hypothesis. This is not going to be a competitive mode but something open to everyone. Something to give the chance to clan members to play with each other in a different environment. And to be honest I think it's fine, unless they decide to give out huge rewards. As long as it's just oil, who cares? play it if you want, enjoy it if you can. Edit: I forgot! the 7x7 format also shows that they're thinking about casual clans. It's far easier to assemble a 7 player team than a 9 player one. As much as we might dislike the format, the ship restrictions, even the number of ships per side... it doesn't really matter, does it? or were you really expecting a full blown competitive mode for clans when they're still "new"? And to clarify, I don't really like this whole thing as well. But since it's a chance for us to play with more friends, our clan(s) will try to form a couple of teams. Who knows, even with the restrictions it might be more enjoyable to play than tier X random. At least we will be sure that we don't have 39% winrate - 20k average damage tier X battleships on our side while we're playing with cruisers.
  15. Oh dear, they truly exist...

    Extra bonus to explan my line. The Kagero on our team was stopping the B cap, hiding behind an island even though there was only a DD in the B cap with him and the closest enemy ship was at about 15km. I told him that I'd support him to get B, and got close to the cap. Then the second DD in the enemy team got spotted on the other side of the map, revealing that the one contesting the B cap was a.. Hatsuharu. Kagero at that moment decided that it couldn't deal with that even with me close, and left the cap allowing the Hatsu to cap. He took an honorable 10th place in the post game stats.