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  1. Live85

    Unique upgrades - additional info.

    This. Pushing forward the end date of the current set of missions, while appreciated, doesn't fix the core issue. Putting something that is absolutely necessary in competitive for some ships behind a line regrind is the same exact thing why we as a community complained about the NTC mere months ago. It gives an unfair advantage to the people who have an insane amount of time to grind or who simply have enough free exp to skip the whole thing. The only difference is that this time is not the ship directly buffed, but the module that you put on it. Just don't, please. I already reduced my activity ingame a lot because I'm burned out from the endless grindy events, I'd like not to have to give up completely on the game after all these years.
  2. Live85

    Ship Drops from standard French Destroyer Containers

    Final update for me: opened almost all the freely available containers, 0 ships for me. Meh.
  3. Live85

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Shamelessly copy-pasting part of my message on the NTC thread here, where there were a lot of very interesting suggestions. Stuff like special ship effects (tracers, fireworks on kraken/first blood etc.). Sister ships if they share the same model, or even better: the ability to set up alternate versions of an owned ship. If I could create for example a "virtual" clone of a ship set with different upgrades but could only use one at a time, it would work great for competitive. At the same time, I would have to dump more silver into ship upgrades (which could cost a LOT more on this clone, to at the same time use it as a silver sink.) Again, to work as a sink it could require the new currency from regrinding plus a hefty amount of silver. And I'm sure I'm missing a lot more interesting suggestions.
  4. One extra thing, for new ideas: I think that you can take another look at this thread. There were a lot of very interesting suggestions like special ship effects (fireworks, tracers). Sister ships if they share the same model, or the ability to set up alternate versions of an owned ship. If I could create for example a "virtual" clone of a ship set with different upgrades but could only use one at a time, it would work great for competitive. At the same time, I would have to dump more silver into ship upgrades (which could cost a LOT more on this clone, to at the same time use it as a silver sink.) Again, to work as a sink it could require the new currency from regrinding plus a hefty amount of silver. And I'm sure I'm missing a lot more interesting suggestions.
  5. I'm glad you decided not to push away from the game a number of veterans, me included. Thank you.
  6. The issue here is not how big the leap is, but the fact that regrinding ships WILL give you some kind of boost on ships that's gated behind a huge regrind. Also, the fact that you're still tentatively putting this on the update that lands next month despite the backlash from your players it's amazing. If these upgrades you're talking about will be just "nice to have" I doubt that your veteran players will bother with going through regrinds. I hope the system will be not reliant on forgetting a whole line then, and maybe just playing enough games on a ship will be enough to unlock these upgrades. If the forget and regrind system is still on, I stand by my opinion I've posted earlier.
  7. Yamato would go up to 111780 hit points with the first upgrade only. Staligrad to 79695 hp and a -20% rudder shift time. The difference those upgrades make, as proposed and even at the first stage, would already be huge. Also, players would definitely jump on this for the possibility to put those upgrades on already OP ships or other ships that are borderline. I didn't use the Staligrad as an example for no reason.
  8. Sorry in advance for the mini wall of text. And sorry Crysantos, but what do you expect? people won't stop to look at the pebbles on the road if there's a truck going straight for them. The other news you announced are interesting, but the NTC is game breaking. So, let's start from the beginning. I consider myself to be a "veteran" player. I've been around since the BW's, took a break at the start of the game because I didn't like the balance, and came back some time later once the situation stabilized. Right now I've got a sizeable number of ships in port, and a decent number of them are tier X. At clan level, last season we came close to landing into hurricane so I can say a few lines even speaking of competitive. As proposed, NTC is a game breaker. In random, where there's already a disparity between players due to 19 point commanders/legendary ones, legendary modules and of course personal skill (and divisions) something like this cannot be balanced out by giving free consumables to everyone. While we don't know yet how much time it will take to see the first tier X+3 ships to appear, the moment they do the balance will be totally shot. Because games with tier VIII ships, maybe underperforming ones like the Hipper against tier X+3 ships WILL happen. And sorry, but knowing well how tier X ships perform due to CB, I don't need to wait to see how a Yamato - Bourgogne - Stalingrad will perform if you give them +15%/+10% Hp and -10%/-15% dispersion and rudder shift. These ships will become absolute monsters. And the same will apply to a number of other ships that you can upgrade with this system, because given the chance of course people will drop these upgrades on ships that are already borderline OP, or that have been straight out removed from sale. As far as competitive is concerned, something like this would be gamebreaking as well. Unless ALL of these effects are removed in CB, the field won't be level anymore. People were already complaining about the Stalingrad, what will happen if they have to face ships with +15% hp at the first stage? big clans will build teams around their players who have been through multiple grinds to have yet another advantage. And the edge it will give them is clearly not something you can fix with consumables, since most players will run full signal set and consumables in this mode anyway. Oh, and while players regrind the lines they won't have their tier X ships available to play in CB. Small clans that have already got issues with ship availability will have even more issues. Now, I'm going to look at this NTC from your point of view. I can see how this might improve player retention, giving veterans something to play for as a long term goal. I can see how it will improve the player population across the various tiers, since people will be regrinding the ships. But I don't agree with it. There is a number of ways you can implement solutions for these issues. Some examples? want players to play tier VI-VIII? make an event for that spread of tiers. Do you want to go further and have people regrind whole lines? you can do that differently. Grey out the ships, allowing the players to still use their hard earned ships in all modes except for random, and when the regrind is finished you unlock them again and give the player bonuses. Hopefully not straight buffs like these. Camos would be an easy choice, providing bonuses and a visual gratification to the players. These are just two examples off the top of my head, but there are countless ways to achieve results. Another easy one would be to simply STOP giving out the new ships every time a new line comes around. In the past we had to grind the new lines, and that would generate a lot of activity on the low tiers. Now a number of players are simply getting the tier VII-VIII ships BEFORE the tree is released and grinding from there. Again, let me reiterate that point: if the issue is player retention, you're doing it wrong. As far as I'm concerned, I've stopped playing random when 0.8.0 landed. I think I've played less than 10 games in random in this period of time. In my clan, I've seen a number of veteran players simply quit the game/stop logging in. And I can assure you that they didn't stop playing because they ran out of things to do. They've stopped due to your game decisions. The reason why I've stopped playing random games is because I don't want to spoil my mood while you hammer CV's into balance on the live server patch after patch. In the mean time I've been playing CB's, Ranked and the limited choice of PVE maps you left us. Oh, and I've been expecting the fix you promised about the detectability nerf. You know, this one for which the player population raged and complained: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/112191-detectability-penalty-change-in-080/ this, together with the CV rework on the live server, are a perfect example of why players are losing trust in your game decisions. You told us that this change will be reverted soon, but SIX patches later we don't have it yet, and there's no ETA either. I understand that you couldn't balance the CV's without the data feedback from the live server, but you could certainly do better than this. If this solution is also considering the huge pool of resources that veterans have available, again: there are other solutions. Currency sinks are necessary in a game, and I think you could do much better here as well. Right now, the main sinks we've got are shaped like ships. Unfortunately, this is producing a lot of inflation. Having to rebuy whole trees would certainly be a credit sink, but it won't nearly be enough. We have players sitting on BILLIONS of silver, and there isn't really anything to spend them on except than on premium consumables or the rare bundle of signals in case they run out of the thousands available in storage. Taking away the premium consumables will also mean less chances to spend silver. What are we supposed to do with that? again, an easy solution could be a visual one. Let players pick the camo with the benefits they prefer, and then overwrite it by force with a certain look using a huge amount of credits. Let's say for example 5 millions/month. Even that would barely put a ding into the veterans savings, but it would be a start. The events are getting stale. You've been pushing event after event without a single pause. Not only that, the requirements are getting worse and worse, culminating with this last event we're currently on. From what I can see inside my clan, a lot of players simply don't care anymore. This game, from what I know, has a higher than average player age. While this endless grind might be appealing to younger players, I'm fairly convinced it will backfire (if it's not backfiring already) at some point when it comes to the "older" player population. There's only so many containers you can sell to alleviate the endless event grinds before people give up. I don't think this is an healthy way to keep your player population engaged. You introduced a lot of concepts like Campaigns and then left them to die. Why not make new Campaigns, even with smaller rewards instead of legendary commanders, and make them permament so that players might have something to look forward to? to tie again with the population issue on the other tiers, Campaigns with limited scopes like tier IV-VII would be reasonably interesting as well. They would provide an incentive for the players to play those tiers while at the same time improving the player poulation at those tiers. For the rewards, you could use some of your coal ships as well, like the Charleston or the Yubari. Finally my personal consideration, though I've already more or less already wrote it: I've been giving this game a chance to sort out the CV rework without quitting like other players did. if the NTC comes around and I need to regrind my lines over and over again to avoid falling behind the other players due to the considerable boost given by these upgrades... I will most likely quit the game for good like I did with WoT. While I don't have anything against regrinding trees and I would probably enjoy some of the regrinds, the downsides are too heavy. Losing my favourite ship lines due to the regrind will mean that I cannot bring those ships into battle whenever I like. Not only that, if people can skip through the regrinds using free exp or even worse, buying resources or boosters from the shop, it will only irritate me even further. At that point, as a mostly F2P player, I will simply give up.
  9. Live85

    Regressions with the official sound mods in 0.8.3

    Yeah sorry, I pressed enter by mistake before the post was ready. :D
  10. Hello. I'm posting here as well. I'll be a bit specific, so that it might be useful for who's in charge of maintaining the official modifications in the game (Arpeggio, Azur Lane, Dasha etc.) In the last patch 0.8.3, the mod.xml file located under banks/OfficialMods/Arpeggio/ was modified so that all the consumable voice lines triggered in the containers VHelp / VHelp_End now point to the TISHINA.wem file. That means that all the consumable voice lines of the Arpeggio mod are not working despite the files being in the client, since their files are not set anymore. The CatFight_Return.wem lines files, which should be set in the mod.xml file under VHelp_End / HelpType / Fighter or under the VHelp_Interrupted container are totally missing as well. I'm assuming that there was some mistake when the mod.xml files got edited recently. Another issue I've noticed is that the voice lines for crit damage to the steering wheel module, triggered in the VUI_Defective_Modules container, don't seem to activate on any of the official sound mods available, including Arpeggio, Azur Lane, Dasha Perova, Ovechkin etcetera. So far in about 10 cases of the steering wheel getting damaged, I haven't heard the activation of the line even once trying the various official mods available in the client. TL:DR; all the consumable start/end and the fighter return voice lines don't work anymore on the Arpeggio mod because the files are not set properly. The voice line for the steering wheel getting incapacitated appears not to be working in ANY of the official mods. Thanks again!
  11. Live85

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Yep. Keeping well clear off the deck!